Wednesday, October 18, 2017

To White House Chief of Staff John Kelly: To NOT Resign AFTER Donald Trump USED the Death of Your War Hero Son to Smear President Obama will be Forever Deemed as a Father's DISRESPECT of a Son's Memory!

This week, Donald Trump USED 
Chief of (White House) Staff
General John Kelly's U.S. Marine
son who died in Afghanistan
 in 2010 as a "pawn" to attack and
demean President Obama.
General Kelly...has Trump told YOU
that Robert 'knew what he was
signing up for' ...... that he signed up
to die?
Because this is what Trump said to
Army Sgt. La David Johnson's 
widow, Meyasia, this past week as
she was riding to the airport to
receive her fallen husband.
What would Robert be doing about
this, General?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"Soulless Coward" Donald Trump THREATENS American Military Hero with Brain Cancer!

Yesterday, as U.S. Senator John McCain
accepted the prestigious
'National Constitution Center's Liberty Medal',
he condemned "the spurious 
half baked nationalism that 
exists in America today."
Today, America's delicate, fragile 
'incompetent stooge' PRESIDENT  seems to 
have taken McCain's words personally.
Politico reports that Trump has
threatened (via radio talk show)
McCain with a cryptic
warning, 'be some point I
fight back...and when I do it
won't be pretty.'
(Said the moral sewage who was 
attacking and disparaging a
Gold Star Family about 
one-year ago to date.)

Monday, October 16, 2017