Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trump would not F**K the Statue of Liberty Because...

'Just look at her...she's a 4! Max!
Just a 4.
'But I may grab her pussy if 
no others are within
striking distance.'

Trump Supporter Swats Away News Mic at Pennsylvania Rally ~ (Photo)

 So much for Freedom of the Press and
Freedom of the Speech at 
Trump Rallies...
Last night in Pennsylvania a media 
mic was swatted out of the hand
of a news reporter to screams
of 'you lie' ....
Watch out America...

Thomas Jeffersons's Inconvenient Truth to Those Promoting Integrating "Religion and Government"~

The U.S. Constitution is a 
Great Document.
And the Bible is a Great Book.
Lets keep them separated as
our forefathers instructed.