Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Dirty Dick (Cheney) is at it Again! Disconnect!

It's true! The disgraced former VP Cheney has been projectile vomiting his latest rancid rhetoric toward President Obama and the Obama Administration again. This time, referencing the failed terrorist attempt on Christmas day on a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit, The Dick spewed to Politico: "We are at war and when President Obama pretends we're not, it makes us less safe". "Why doesn't he want to admit we're at war?".

Why do mainstream news outlets even report such remarks? The Dick has no credibility about anything. The Dick's words are tantamount to being lectured by Balloon Boy's parents about truth and honesty. Or, Tiger Woods' giving us a speech on fidelity.

The bottom line to what we see as any reason to Cheney's off-center, bizarre remarks is that Cheney is building some kind of defense against certain War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity that are just around the corner for him. Charges that will be brought against him by a World Court or even by the U.S. Courts.

Candidly, one focused reason we have the Free World's enormous terrorist issues we now experience and must fight can be laid at the feet of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and other PNAC Doctrine authors. To some degree the Howdy Doody President G.W. can also bare some responsibility for it all as well. The deeds of putting 'boots on the ground' in the Middle East is a center piece of PNAC. And in so doing we gave terrorist organizations around the world significant recruitment numbers.

In weeks to come this blog will further examine The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) in some detail.


Since Truth, Candor and Fact is not a political party, this blog has no political party affiliation. Accordingly, we comment on the great 'disconnects' seen on the political landscape any where we observe them. Unlike traditional political commentaries we are not nice in what we say and how we say it. Everything we do report, however, is rooted in truth and fact with validated research behind it. We are not 'politically correct' in what we report. We are politically 'accurate', if such exists. In any event, we always look for accuracy and report it when we find it.

As a very difficult year passes into history and 2010 begins, we will continue to report on these bases.

Happy New Year Everybody!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Immediate News! Rush Limbaugh in Hospital/Serious Condition!!!!!!

According to ABC News, UPI and other major news outlets, Rush Limbaugh while vacationing in Hawaii was taken to The Queens Hospital in Honolulu after suffering chest pains where he is listed in serious condition according to initial reports.

Well? What else could be expected? Weighing in at 300+ with a 5' 7" frame, smoking like a chimney, drinking booze like a sieve and addicted to vicodin and Oxycontin.... well?

From God's point of view, is this Devine Retribution? Maybe.

Whatever it is, Rush seems to be in bad shape. So be it. If it is Rush's time to go.....bye bye Rush. You and Oral Roberts can sing 'praises to HIM' from that 'better place' together.

Does this sound harsh? Insensitive? Irrational? Ugly?

It's intended to be. But none of this is nearly as harsh and insensitive as what 'our' Rush has been promoting for years toward his targets. Targets have included presidents and good people with honorable intentions. Most recently Rush called for the killing of millions of people by bombing countries and people he knows nothing about. SO? Rush dying is no big deal.

We do hope Rush gets better, however, because his ignorance and stupidity is so great to report upon. In the meanwhile, perhaps Rush's heroin, the dumb s--t from Alaska (not my words, but GW Bush's definition of 'what's her name') can fill in for him on his radio show.

Hey Rush! You may want to try medical marijuana for your ailments.

Just thoughts.

More to come.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Will Someone Please Staple-Gun Joe LIEberman's Mouth Shut? Disconnect

Joe LIEberman has opened his obstructive/distructive mouth once again. This time on Fox News. Where else? Now Joe is calling for a pre-emptive military strike on Yeman!

It seems that LIEberman has never met a war he didn't like. Of course Joe knows nothing about war and never fought in one himself. But he continues as 'Mr. Hawk' on Capitol Hill and wants our military to be fighting on three fronts, instead of the two loser wars he fully supported from their outset.

As an aside, the fading entertainer talk show host Rush LIMPbaugh is calling for a war with Iran. This all happening, we would be fighting 4, count them, 4 wars simultaneously with little or no allied help. For the record, LIMPbaugh never saw a military uniform either. What about Somalia and the other recalcitrant nations that really aren't nations at all; but, rather breeding grounds for disease including terrorism? Do our lily-liver 'hawks' want to invade those too?

Meanwhile, LIEberman continues his form without substance and realizes some 'spotlight' headlines in the process. At the same time our fine military men and women are getting killed and beat-up by third world people with less than third world technology to fight LIEberman's and others corporate wars.

And where is President Obama in all this?


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Former Political Whores Dashle and Hastert Promoted to Lobbyists---Disconnect

Former Democratic South Dakota U.S. Senator (1987-2005), Tom Dashle has stopped working as 'street trade' in government and moved up the ladder to a highly paid lobbyist post.

Over on the Republican side, former Illinois congressman (1987-2007) and Speaker of the House of Representatives (1999-2007), Dennis Hastert has done likewise.

Both men are Big Time power brokers and pimps to the legislators with which they worked in times past. Today, both men have the eyes and ears of our elected congress people.

Hastert, as Speaker of the House, was once third in the line of succession to the presidency. Dashle ran in both the 2004 and 2008 primaries for the presidency. In 2008, he withdrew and gave his support to Barack Obama. This year President Obama nominated Dashle to his Cabinet as Secretary of the department of Health and Human Services. But, Dashle did not make the cut when it became known he failed to pay some of his income taxes.

Both Dashle and Hastert are Big Names on Capitol Hill and command the highest pay for their services which are buying off our current elected officials for their corporations with the most dollars for the legislation they want.

Dennis Hastert and Tom Dashle are "A" lister pimps with fat check books from the biggest corporations in the world ready to pay our willing elected whores to do what they do.

Did you really think our elected congress people were there for US?

Tune in later for where our democracy has been and where it is taking us. Further research will be providing this information soon.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Washington D.C.'s Top Lobbyists Wish You A Merry Christmas!


Washington D.C.'s Top Lobbyists want to wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas!

They are sure having a Merry Christmas. Never has the lobbying business been so good.

Do you want to get the attention of any congressperson you voted for? A Senator? A Congressman? It's easy. Just pay an upfront fee and there you'll have it. Don't try to contact your elected official yourself because some staffer will just blow you off. But a lobbyist will help you. It's THE NEW AMERICAN WAY!

How do you find a Lobbyist? Try or It's quick and easy. You can also go directly to the firms of Baker, Donaldson & Bearman, Meyers and Associates and to D.C.'s Top Lobby firm, Fabiani & Co. Have your check book handy. They cost big bucks, but they get the job done.

Since Congress is vacationing until the first of the year, finding your pimp lobbyist and your congressional whore would be difficult. But they will all be available soon. So stay tuned.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sarah Palin validates Her Dumbest of Them All Darwin Award for 2009

On December 9, this blog gave Sarah Palin the Dumbest of Them All Darwin Award for 2009. Today, on her Facebook page, Sarah validates this award.

A few days ago the neutral website gave Sarah their Biggest Liar of 2009 Award for her remarks about "death panels" being included in the health care reform legislation now before the U.S. Congress.

Today, Sarah posts: "I'm not the biggest Liar of the year", and then goes on to prove that she is the biggest liar of the year. Accordingly, Sarah raises the 'stupid bar' by drawing more attention to her lies and stupidity and gives two rather obscure blogs greater readership.

Thank you, Sarah for increasing our readership and I'm sure the people at thank you too.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

(Note: The 'Weekly' Dumbest of Them All Darwin Awards about the people and events that make thinking people question evolution will resume early next year.)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carl Bernstein-A Voice in the Wilderness Speaks Out-A Reconnect!

Today, on MSNBC's Morning Joe program, respected columnist and political pundit Carl Bernstein spoke candidly and clearly about today's American political system.

Bernstein said, "the U.S. Congress is corrupt, systemically broken....responsive only to money and special interests while ignoring public and national interests".

Bernstein's succinct statement says it all. The truth so many of us have been aware of and exposing for some time now.

2010 is an election year. Every member of the U.S. House of representatives is up for re-election and one-third of the U.S. Senate faces re-election. This coming year each voter/taxpayer has an opportunity to turn the Washington D.C. 'corrupt-disingenuous' status quo around. This opportunity does not mean replacing Democrats with Republicans and vice-versa. It means finding independent candidates who will truly represent the people who put them in office, not the special interests groups that pay for putting them in office.

Republican or Democrat, incumbent or 'sanctioned' party candidate hopeful makes little difference in these political races. Vote for the Republican and you vote for the 'right' shoe. Vote for the Democrat and you get the 'left' shoe. Bottom line is they're both shoes with special interests who put them in office. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. But can you name just one?

From 1994 to 2006, the Republican Party ruled congress. And just look at the mess they created. From 2007, to the present, the Democrat Party has ruled congress. And just look at the mess they are creating.

Is it not time for the people of this country to be represented by their politicians? WE THE PEOPLE have not been represented for a long time. Yet we pay the bills.

Can we find candidates who are not bought and sold by special interests before they become candidates for office? How about some independent candidate who does not have 'the money machine-political connectedness' of the incumbents and the wannabes who come up through the chairs? How about the small business owner down the street with some common sense, a sense of right and wrong, but with no money to run for office? How about the school teacher, the truck driver, anyone with a brain that is not bought by one party or another or a special interest organization?

Why have the congresses over the past 30 years resisted 'ethics' standards revisions? It seems there are caustic attitudes between Democrats and Republicans these days. But not when it comes to ethical standards AND practices. Whether a congressman is for or against a women's right to choose, a hawk or a dove, the congress people in both camps take money from their special interest groups and remain feeding at the public trough while serving their 'special interest money people' and don't serve the interests of WE THE PEOPLE. At the same time 'our' elected congress people are prostituted to the special interest groups by their pimps and through lobbyists.

Voting the bastards OUT is not enough. We also need some responsibility and integrity voted IN to make it all work, whether it be conservative or liberal. The great majority of congress right now, whether on the right or on the left is corrupt. Just research each congress persons voting record and compare it to how they got into office in the first place and this fact is without question.

The first decade of this century has been a disaster for our country and it's citizens. Can the 2010 election year begin to turn this trend around?

This small blog and others like it will be a bit more serious this coming year given the 2010 elections. We bloggers don't agree much with one another, but most of us agree that Carl Bernstein's strong voice in the wilderness about our corrupt political system is valid and we are doing what we can to vote the incumbent bastards out of office.

Do you agree?

(Coming soon: Why incumbent U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (Democrat-California), incumbent U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (Republican-South Carolina) and incumbent Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (Democrat-California 6th Congressional District) need to be voted out of office).


Sarah Palin's Christmas Gift List Exposed!

First, Sarah, we want to thank you for your Christmas card sent by your SARAHPAC money making machine. It's always refreshing to feel your heart felt sincerity. We know Todd, Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper-Sniper, Trig, Tripp and Efie Klinker share in your greetings.

Along with your beautiful card a partial list of your Christmas gifting was inadvertently attached. The appropriateness of your selections amaze us. Here it is:

-President Obama: A pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes.
-Michele Obama: 2 packs of Lucky Strike cigarettes and some watermelon seeds for next year's Whitehouse garden.
-Rush Limbaugh: A prescription from Canada for Oxycontin and a truck scale.
-Senator Byrd: A hemlock tea bag.
-Oklahoma U.S. Senator Tom Coburn: A new prayer book so he can pray harder for Senator Byrd's demise.
-Former VP Dick Cheney: A new water board and a get out of jail free card.
-Former Second Lady Lynne Cheney: A lifetime membership in the 700 Club and new pom-pom.
-Former President GW Bush: A fresh copy of My Pet Goat and a box of crayolas.
-Former First Lady Laura Bush: A pack of Virginia Slim Cigarettes.
-Former President HW Bush: A picture of a 'new' Barbara.
-Former first Lady Barbara Bush: A paid membership to the 'fat farm'.
-Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann: A free pass to the next holy-roller meeting in Wasila, a speaking in tongues translation book and a staple-gun to clamp her mouth shut.
-Former U.S. Senator Larry Craig: A signed copy of Going Rogue delivered by a congressional page boy with a picture of Sarah displaying a wink and a smile.
-U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer: A box of Botox.
-And, for the McCain for President Campaign chairman, Sarah is sending him a dildo; a re-gifting of what he sent her last year.

And for Sarah? The above people chipped in to give her a new front porch in Wasila so she can keep better tabs on Russia. With the money left over, Sarah will also get a new Daisy Bebe Gun so she can shoot squirrels and keep Putin in her sights.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Michele Bachmann-Political Whore turned Welfare Queen---Disconnect

Good Grief!

Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann! Who and what are you?

We already knew you are a political whore. But now, Welfare Queen? The incontrovertible evidence is before us. Can you explain it?

Lets look at your recent history, Michele.

You have been a vocal anti-government spokesperson for some time now. You've stoked up the 'tea baggers' and called health care reform 'socialism'. You've voted against any government legislation to help your fellow citizens calling such legislation 'handouts'. These include extending unemployment benefits to out of work citizens in the worst recession since the great depression, individual mortgage assistance programs, and even improving medical assistance to our veterans. You have said that voting for such 'socialistic programs' slaps at responsible people and gives to the irresponsible.

How responsible have you been, Michele, for taking over a quarter million dollars in farm subsidies over the past 10 years? We understand it's a rather small farm by any standard. But you took 50k in tax payer dollars in 2008, alone. How do we know you did this? You presented it in your own financial disclosure statements that you are required to do as a U.S. congresswoman. You took tax payer dollars, Michele. Handouts! A form of that 'socialism' you repudiate.

Michele, as a congresswoman you receive one of the grandest health insurance programs ever conceived for you and your family. And the taxpayers pay for it. All of it. Can you explain why you accept this form of 'socialism' and would deny the same health benefits to the people who pay for yours?

And then lets look at your BIG campaign contributors, Michele. In addition to your salary, 'expenses' and other perks you get from taxpayers as an elected official, lets look at your re-election campaign coffers and see where the money came from.....which organizations through their paid lobbyists made you their bitch!

A quick and dirty review provides your biggest contributors come from the insurance industry. Since you met the litmus test of ......well, you know who and what, millions of dollars have been pumped toward you from out of your State. Have you ever thought about representing the people who elected you, Michele?

And it is all legal, Michele, under today's political ethical standards. You must feel OK about that. But can you fathom your amorality? Your hypocrisy?

You are a political whore, Michele, which was taken for granted. Now you are also an 'exposed' Welfare Queen.

In addition to public documents validating what is said here, this article is also based on information from the excellent work done by, drilling beneath the headlines and their expert documentation.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Political Whores For Sale! Available to the Highest Bidders!

Yes! There's no secret about it. We have political whores for sale in our federal government. Does this come as any surprise to anyone who thinks? To anyone with even tacit knowledge of how our democratic-republic system works?

Political Whores For Sale! Didn't get the one you wanted? We have others. Lots of them. And they're easy to find. Just go to the 'meat rack' part of our U.S. Senator and U.S. Congressman biographies which is found under 'financial contributors'. Find the highest contributors and then look at what legislation the politician introduced and/or voted for and you have the fundamental information about the legal prostitution we have in our government.

Do you want one of these whores for yourself? Here's how to do it. But first you will need money. Lots of it. The process, however, is relatively simple.

1. Hire a lobbyist. Preferably a former U.S. Senator or Congressman or former high profile appointed public official who has a 'consulting' business. Also, there are many under the radar type lobbyists who also have the eyes of and attentions of our congress people.

2. The lobbyist will write the legislation you want written and shop it to a hungry politician. This can be costly, but well worth the money. An 'authoring whore' costs more than a 'voting whore'.

3. The politician will introduce your legislation to the house he or she represents by reading it as you (your lobbyist) wrote it and ask for a vote.

4. You will need some extra cash to pay the 'voting whores', but costs here are usually in the $10's of thousands instead of the millions needed for an 'authoring whore'.

And there you have it! Easy stuff and legal too. Yes, we have legal political prostitution in these United States. There are a few things you need to do to make it legal, however. Here they are:

A. You must place funds in your Whore's re-election coffers, his/her favorite charity, or your Whore's 'cause fund' (i.e. Sarah Palin's SarahPAC or Joe Lieberman's re-election campaign).

B. You can also get legally creative and put money into your Whore's children's or another relatives education fund along with certain leasing agreements through third party sources. But, basically the ideas in item 'A' above is cleaner and not many people look at where a whore gets their contributions anyway.

C. Some Whore's just want cold, hard cash. In recent years, however, this has not proved the most effective way to pay your whore.

There is one fly in this ointment, so to speak. But it's a small fly and easily avoided. The Voting Public. The voters rarely, but sometimes do vote the whores out of office. But their votes can be swayed by placing a few 'swift boat' type ads in the proper markets making the voters negligible in the great scheme of our democracy.

We have many Whores available. Someone who can fill your every desire. The established lobby industry knows who they are and can easily fill your order.

Yes, We do have the best government money can buy.

The way Our Government has conducted our business in recent history is one of the greatest Disconnects of our time. Is there any way out of this mess? We certainly hope so because the immediate and long term future of our nation and culture is crumbling as this is being written.

Coming soon: Ethics controls for Constitutional Officers of the United States.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oral Roberts---In Memoriam December 15, 2009

Bye Oral!


The Joe LIEberman Absurdity---Health Care Disconnect

'Independent' Senator Joe Lieberman from Connecticut is taking center stage in The Congress as 'obstructionist' of the year with his continued duplicitous behaviors on Capital Hill. Right now, his obstructionism is targeted at the current Health Care Bill.

Before mealy mouth Joe was an Independent he was a Democrat Senator and a former Democratic candidate for VP (2000). In 2006, he lost the Democrat Party senatorial nomination for re-election and then ran as an 'Indie" to victory. Last year he supported the John Mc Cain and Sarah Palin Republican ticket.

Joe likes being in the spotlight. Three months ago 'our Joe' came out in full support of a public option for the omnibus Health Care Bill in a very specific statement that he supported ratcheting back the current Medicare Plan to people below the age of 65. Of course he gave this support when it appeared such a provision had little or no chance of passing. To Joe's surprise, this 'public option' for universal health coverage gained steam and was included in the final draft of the Bill. Now, Joe is against any public option for health care and once again Health Care is stalled. What happened and why?

Simple research gives us the answer. Look at Joe Lieberman's campaign contributions and see that over $1,000,000. comes from the Insurance Companies that are staunchly against any public option plan in the proposed Health Care overhaul.

We certainly do have the best government money can buy. LIEberman is just another elected absurdity. Do you agree?


The Howdy Doody-Rubadud GOP Team are Talking Again--Disconnect

Former VP Dick 'Howdy Doody' Cheney and his 'Rubadud' daughter Liz have opened their rancid mouths again. On Fox News, of course.

This time 'Howdy', in his ongoing attempts to avoid charges of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in the World Court, recently tried to divert attention away from himself by saying 'Obama (in his foreign policy) is giving aid and comfort to the enemy' (the exact constitutional language defining Treason). This was followed on a separate 'news' show by the 'rubaDUD' saying Obama had 'slandered the CIA' in his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize.

C'mon Dicky and Lizzie, are you subscribing to 'The Sarah Palin School of Logic?


A Thank You Letter from Sarah Palin----Disconnect

Thank you, Sarah, for your kind 'thank you' letter. In it, you thank me for my support of you during your recent book tour, some nice heart warming photos (you omitted the tomato throwing incident however) of you in the heartland, a plea for a cash donation for 'your' causes and your admonishment that 'we' can take our country back.

Back to what, Sarah? Back to a time when wire clothes hangers were the surgical instruments of choice for abortion procedures? Back to when elected 'conservative in the pockets of Wallstreet lobbyists' lawmakers destroyed the regulations preventing banks from going on their colossal 'money-grab' from an ignorant public? And put this country and world in the greatest recession since the great depression? Back to when your 'hero' Ronnie Reagan left the country with the greatest financial and moral deficit in history to that date? Back to the previous G.W. Administration who left the country in even greater debt? Back to when the Bush Administration invaded a sovereign country on the rouse of WMD's and killed 10's of thousands of innocent people and thousands of our own military men and women? And borrowed the money to do it from China, Japan and Russia? Back to a time when witches were burned to death at the stake in Salem? The list goes on and on, but you get the idea here.

Even your possum-pie eating constituency wants to move forward from these things, not back, Sarah.

Thank you again for your kind letter of 'thanks', Sarah.

And may Allah Bless the U.S.A too.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Woods, The Little Woman, The Other Woman, Another Other Woman, and On and On-Disconnect

Tiger, the public is tired by the omnipresence of media reporting about your marital woes and domestic violence incident. Please tell the story openly and honestly and get it all behind you and US. Maybe then the mainstream media and lesser outlets will move on to something important.

We're always amazed at how the mainstream media gives a 'no story' life, keeps it going to the point of exhaustion and defers and relegates relevant public information to the back of the bus, so to speak.

The (media reported) facts of the Wood's story are these: Once upon a time there was Tiger and the little woman. Then there was the other woman. Shortly thereafter there was another other woman and then another other, other woman and then another other another woman and on and on. According to a website keeping count of such things, there are at least 11 other, other women in addition to the little woman. Which is still less than the average of a U.S. Senator, but the toll continues to rise.

Cheaper by the dozen? And when did Tiger Woods find time to play golf?

In the wee hours of Black Friday 2009, the little woman caught Tiger text messaging the other woman. Tiger had ingested a few vicodin and ambien and possibly chased these drugs with some vodka when the little woman took the phone and began a rant with the other woman. The phone was broken in the scuffle as the fight moved to the foyer of the house while Tiger was trying to escape the little woman's wrath with keys to his Escalade in hand. Tiger ran from the house with the little woman chasing him and swinging a number 3 iron. Ostensibly, Tiger was rushing to the closest Walmart to take advantage their Black Friday one day sale.

But the little woman had 'gone ghetto' on him, scratching and cutting Tiger's face and she was still in 'flagrant delecto' when Tiger fled. But he didn't get very far. As the little woman was smashing out both sides of the back windows of the Escalade with her golf club, Tiger lost control of the car and hit a rock and a tree. Ostensibly, the little woman was trying to free Tiger from the wreckage by busting out ALL the windows of the car. Unfortunately she didn't have a bigger iron to do the job.

Subsequently, when another other woman discovered there was the other woman in the mix, in a fit of temper, she (the another other woman), feeling 'dissed' by Tiger outed Tiger to the paparazzi and the other woman hired another other woman attorney to represent her interests as the primary other woman.

And the over the top media beat has gone on ever since. Following this is kind of like working with an 11 handicap, yes?

In the scheme of it all, Nike has cut back on it's Tiger Woods sponsorship's and Buick isn't happy with the constant media mentions of the Escalades either.

This is a sad 'story'. But the sadness is not the story itself. The sadness is in the reality that so many of us have been led, like dogs on leashes, to a lower acculturation by an irresponsible mainstream media system. And the public bought it. This is The Great American Disconnect here.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

13 Sarah Palin Antics that Give Sarah Palin The Dumbest of Them All Darwin Award for 2009

Regular readers here know that Sarah Palin has often been reported on this Blog because, first, she gives comic relief to some otherwise serious subject matter; and second, because she is so patently dumb that watching this 'pop icon' is something like watching The Three Stooges being the '3 stooges' all wrapped into one package.

Given the fact that Sarah is a former nominee for Vice President of these United States and a former Governor of Alaska is proof that America has a sense of humor. After all, Sarah Palin is a joke being played out in some ongoing fashion to our country and The World.

Observing Sarah Palin is something like going to website and seeing the freaks displayed there in living color, so to speak......many of which who are Palin followers and the audience our Sarah is cultivating. Seeing these people brings some kind of relief to the rest of us because we are not them. Sarah Palin has become a great national pastime from which David Letterman, Jon Stewart and others have made a long running comedy routine. And so it is with this Blog as well.

Seeing Sarah Palin in person is a different experience. At first one sees a rather attractive woman with a June Cleaver demeanor. But on second look, we see a certain vacancy in her. There's a sort of Tom Cruise look about her. There seems to be 'no there, there'. Form without substance. When she opens her mouth to speak, however, Sarah's screechy-lilt voice can and does knock buzzards and flying bats right out of the sky.

Most of the small readership here are critical thinking people. They see the humor in reporting the antics of Sarah Palin in the same way people once interpreted 'the enemy is us' Pogo comic strip. We get hate mail from the few who don't see the humor. The people of Wallmart, we suspect.

The Darwin Awards are given (on a weekly basis) to people, because of their words or events they create that would make thinking people question evolution. No single person has dominated the category as Sarah Palin has this past year. Accordingly, here are the 13 Antics that give Sarah Palin The Darwin Dumbest of Them All Award for 2009. (All events and statements listed here have been shepperdized for accuracy and truth).

1. In July, Sarah abruptly resigned as Governor of Alaska to 'do more for the country'.

2. Playing to the right wing-nut 'birthers', in a radio interview earlier this month, Sarah said that 'the legitimacy of President Obama's birth certificate is rightfully an issue of the American public'.

3. In November, Sarah told People Magazine that she would like to have Rahm Emanuel's job as Chief of Staff in the Obama Administration.

4. In August, Sarah proclaimed President Obama's National Health Care Plan contained 'death panels' that could kill her child.....the child Levi Johnston (the estranged putative father of Sarah's grandson) says Palin calls 'the retard'.

5. This month, Sarah signed on to be the keynote speaker at next years International Bowling Expo in Seattle.

6. Also in November, she didn't finish the 5K Turkey Trot race because she didn't want the crowd at the end of the race to see her.

7. Again in August, Sarah released email exposing the breach between her campaign for VP and the McCain campaign for President and said they were terror tactics.

8. Rap music star Eminem's song about having sex with Sarah Palin and Sarah saying she was honored to have a song written about her.

9. Again in December, Sarah repudiated the facts about climate change by calling the 'issue' "Climategate".

10. In the early months of this year, Sarah took time to stoke up and support 'tea partiers' disruptive public behaviors at town hall meetings on Health Care and then had tomatoes thrown at her by a 'tea bag' during a book signing engagement this month.

11. In stoking-up Tea Party participants, Sarah called the proposed national Health Care plan "SOCIALISTIC Socialism". As the majority of the participants squealed their approval they had their social security checks in their pockets and free flu shot certificates in one hand and conservapedia bible outlines in the other hand. Still others had guns with them saying it was their right to take firearms to town hall meetings to Sarah's approving smirk.

12. Throughout 2009, Sarah has maintained a 'media feud' with a 19 year old boy. High School drop out Levi Johnston, the sperm donor of Sarah's grandchild and an 'in-training' celebrity without portfolio has been vocal about Palin's home and family life by reporting the Palins' marital problems and ambitions to make 'real money'. Sarah has responded on a number of occasions, usually saying something about 'Levi's aspiring porn career'.

13. Several months ago Sarah suggested a 'new government conspiracy' to melign the U.S. currency which undermines our 'christian nation' by moving the 'in God We Trust' phrase to the edge of coins and called it 'a very disturbing trend'. She went on to chastise the Obama Administration by saying 'what kind of secular government are we becoming?' What the ignorant and stupid Sarah did not know or understand is that U.S. currency has been undergoing incremental changes over the past 15 years and that the Bush administration approved the changes she railed about in 2005.

Ignorance can be fixed. Stupidity is forever.

Certainly there are more 'Sarah Antics' to report. But these will do for now. Surely there will be more and we will be here to convey them.

Although we've not given former President G.W. Bush much credibility in the past, he certainly gets it right when he refers to Palin. He sums it up well when he refers to Sarah Palin as "that dumb s**t". (According to sources and some recent books from some members of his administration).

Thank You, Sarah for doing what you do for thinking people. And, helping to keep this blog in business.


Note: Tune in soon for a serious article: Obama's War--The Afghanistan Disconnect.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'TEA PARTIER' Throws 2 Tomatoes at Saral Palin--a Disconnect Disconnect


Yesterday, December 7, 2009, at the Mall of America in Minnesota, Jerimiah Wobbe was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct after throwing 2 tomatoes at Sarah Palin during a book signing appearance. "Golly, gosh", said an unnerved, shaken Palin as she was rushed to a rest room for safety.

Well, Sarah? 'Hoist by your own petard' as one great writer might say. Or, what goes around, comes around, would be another way of putting this incident. Biblically, 'you reaped what you sowed', Sarah.

Now, the TEA PARTY tomato pitcher is in Jail, as well he should be, and you're back on your bus headed to your next book signing engagement. But why would a Tea Party guy throw tomatoes at little ol' you, Sarah?

Welcome to the Tea Party mentality, Sarah.

For months Sarah, you have been supporting and stoking up the Tea Party mentality with your divisive, hate talk toward anything that didn't fit into your low value system to an ignorant, possum pie eating constituency. Didn't God tell you anything while you were 'holy rollin' and speaking in tongues at that Pentecostal gathering in a barn in Wasilla a few years back?

Simply put, what went around, came around, Sarah.

So, whats next? Could there be a pie-in-the-face incident in your future?

Sarah, we truly enjoy your trials and tribulations.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiger Woods and Afghanistan-Disconnect

Updated December 8, 2009:

Afghanistan and Tiger Woods? Together? In the same headline? Why?

Afghanistan and Tiger Woods were the two major media outlet stories this past week. The first, a hugely significant story of sending 30,000 additional American troops into the quagmire that is Afghanistan which risks the lives of the fine young men and women in the military at a financial cost of billions upon billions of dollars. The second, a story of a domestic violence incident involving Tiger Woods who is arguably the most celebrated sports figure of the new millennium.

A review of national media of both these stories found that far more coverage was given to the Woods 'story' over the Afghanistan story and that a gullible public followed the Woods' story by a 10 to 1 margin. Other sports figures and movie stars were followed more closely than 'Afghanistan' according to national media tracking. This week, Tiger Woods remains in the top 5 searches in both Google and Yahoo search engines while Afghanistan does not register in the top 40. At the same time the first 1,500 marines are preparing to have their 'boots on the ground' in Afghanistan before Christmas day.

These kinds of facts is what "The Great American Disconnect" is all about. The Great American Disconnect is about what's wrong with our culture, the 'dumbing down' of our culture with identifications and observations of certain 'wrongnesses' which include the cultures' degenerating value system. But, The Great American Disconnect is also about the hope and spirit that such can be turned around to the benefit of our country and to ourselves individually.

What is it about a culture that pays more homage to it's 'pop icons' than to it's treasure of military men and women, it's national security and the costs attendant to it?

Given the sorry facts, a question must be asked: Does the major media lead the public in determining that which is major information; or, does the public lead the major media in determining what it wants as it's major information?

Here are more facts. While both stories made the print media's front pages this past week, the Woods story physically topped the Afghanistan story. In the electronic media, The Woods story lead news casts for most of the week. The Afghanistan story was further down on the list and in some cases not reported. Later in the week, a major news source printed on it's front page that one of Wood's mistresses said he is 'very well endowed' while on later pages one would need to look hard for the news that NATO is committing 7,000 additional troops to the Afghanistan war.

Today, Tiger Woods is back on the front pages and the lead story from virtually all mainstream media sources. Afghanistan cannot be found.

Apparently, the public wants to be led by it's media sources. The public seems to enjoy the paparazzi nature of what mainstream media seems to have become. The number one Google and Yahoo Internet searches for this past week found Tiger Woods in the top spot with Afghanistan following distantly. In fact, other sports figures, George Clooney and some movie titles finished above Afghanistan. Yet, life and limb, national security and a huge pot of tax payer money is at the heart of the Afghanistan story while voyeuristic titillation seems to be the only heart-beat of the Woods' story.

Meanwhile, the major media outlets defend their gossipy 'big stories' by saying they are giving the public what it wants.

What do you think?


Friday, December 4, 2009

The Weekly Darwin 'dumbest of them all' Awards for the week ending December 5, 2009

These are just a few of the events and behaviours this week that make thinking people question Darwin's theory of evolution. With no comment, here they are:

-Beauty queen and former Miss Argentina Solange Magnano who died from an overdose of cosmetic buttocks injections.

-Actor Mickey Rourke's insane profanity in still another of his off-the-rails behaviours.

-Former VP Dick Cheney's weekly fear mongering address to the ignorant and the stupid.

-Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld who spoke out in an attempt to re-write history with his 'recollection' of how the Afghanistan war was executed.

-Lou Dobbs being Lou Dobbs and offing himself from his TV soap box.

-Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin who (according to Levi Johnston, calls her youngest son "the retard") this week shored up her possum pie eating following by regurgitating her anti-abortion plank in her 2012 presidential platform.

-Michael Vincent Guiterrez (along with girlfriend Amber Marie True) who burglarized the Sonoma home of a family of four after they were killed in an automobile accident, at his first court appearance said, 'I am not a monster'.

.......and the BIG winner this week needs nothing but a name........


Tune in next week people. There seems to be no shortage of dumbness in our world.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekly Darwin 'dumbest of them all' awards for the week ending November 28, 2009

Although there were many contestants this week for our coveted award, one behavior followed by innocuous comments and more 'dumb' behaviors top all others.

Windermere, Florida: In the wee hours of the morning following Thanksgiving day, Mrs. Tiger Woods, in what appears to be an attempt to disfigure or kill the 'goose that lays the golden eggs' in a domestic violence episode, by 'going ghetto' on him easily deserves this weeks award. Along with her, honorable mention belongs to Tiger himself and all others advising the Woods' family in this matter.

We usually let events and comments stand alone for the Darwin Awards, but in this matter some comment is warranted.

Obviously, the Woods' advisers don't know about 'the up and over' in 24 hours formula in such matters......'tell the real story, do it quickly, so speculation does not go viral'........Kobe Bryant and David Letterman are examples of how to diffuse negative media attention.

Now, the Woods have a viral episode that threatens his sterling image and thereby threatens his considerable financial empire, mostly garnered from huge product endorsements.

Tiger? In this situation 'Silence is not Golden'. Your silence has become very loud and expensive while it tarnishes your public image. Now that celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred is representing 'the other woman', be sure you have your checkbook handy.

And, because of the way this 'no-story' has been handled so far, we predict that Tiger Woods etal. will be paparazzi bait for the next little while. Surely there is more to come and it will just get worse for our beleaguered Tiger.


Sunday, November 22, 2009


This was the WORLD WIDE headline on November 22, 1963, a headline that reverberated around the globe 46 years ago today. The President of the United States had been killed by assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas.

Today, on the anniversary of this memorable moment in history, not one mainstream media outlet even mentioned the passing of, the anniversary of the death of an iconic President who inspired hope and the values of freedom throughout the world that continue today.

This Sunday's so-called 'talking head' political 'shows' apparently 'forgot' all about JFK's assassination anniversary. At the same time 'the political seniles' in the 'forms without substance' whores Lieberman, Fienstein and others were on the TV screens today jawing under their plastic surgery jobs about health care and other things they have absolutely no clue about on these same 'shows'.


This MEDIA DISGRACE is exactly why this blog and so many others have been created. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA DISGRACES not only our history but also our present.

On other mainstream outlets, the public heard about a vampire movie that made millions of dollars over the weekend, Sarah Palin's book tour and Jon and Kate's mediation talks (Kate refused the flowers Jon sent her, you know). THIS on ABC, CBS and NBC 'News'.

No thinking person would expect any big tribute to a fallen President after 46 years. But, at least a mention of the anniversary of it would have been in order.

Mainstream media? Your shallow and ignorant coverage of what you determine to be 'news' is why you have lost your credibility in delivering your 'commodity'.

To NOT give any acknowledgement to the anniversary of JFK's death is a DISGRACE TO YOUR 'PROFESSION', THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and THE NATION!


Weekly Darwin 'dumbest of them all' awards for the week ending November 21, 2009

Again this week there is a plethora of contenders for the weekly award that confound thinking people into questioning evolution. These 'throw-backs', through their behaviors and/or statements can boggle the mind.

Here they are:

Brownsville Texas: Anthony Carrazco, 19, who tried to sell marijuana by going door to door doing it. Of course he happened upon the apartment of a police officer who arrested him and hauled him off to jail.

The bevy of 14 year old girls who spent over $72 million on the opening day of the latest vampire movie, their parents who paid for it and the media that reported it.

Bob Brinker (possibly genetically related to Glenn Beck), the so-called radio 'money' talk show host who on his 'starship money' (Yes, 'The Starship' is what he calls his show) show enjoys revisionist history when he speaks of how the recent economic meltdown occurred and strongly supports new Wall Street executive bonuses for the crooks who put the country in it's current mess.

The revelation there may be a Palin/Beck ticket in 2012 on the GOP side for the presidency of the USA.

Joe the plumber, speaking in Logan, Utah who is not supporting Sarah Palin for president in 2012, since she 'dissed' him in her book.

The New Jersey woman who left her life savings in a plastic bag at a religious shrine for 'safe-keeping' and went on vacation. She returned a week later, a groundsman had found the money and she got it back.

Queen of media saturational-hype, Sarah Palin, speaking about foreign policy on the Sean Hannity show and repeatedly confused Iran and Iraq in convoluted thought processing. After Hannity corrected her at break time, she returned and continued to do it.....4 more times. Sarah chirped, "we need to stop our imports to IRAQ so 'Armajad' understands Americans are just not going to stand for this stuff anymore (by gosh)".

The Palin 'fans' who stood for hours in bad weather waiting for a book store to open so they could buy 'going rogue', and every one else who paid good, hard earned money to buy it.

The burned out chandelier lite bulb, Sherry Johnston, Levi's mom, who in a plea deal was found guilty of an illegal drug sale (5 other charges were dismissed) and will do 3 years in prison in Alaska.

....and this weeks winner is:

.....drum roll................

Michael Prank, 40, from Lomita, California who upon his return from Australia was detained by customs agents at LAX after 13 live exotic lizards were found taped on his chest (2 monitor lizards and 11 skinks). Prank is in jail.

And that's it for another week, folks.


Friday, November 20, 2009

"Going Rogue" and a Californication Book Store!

A book store in Santa Cruz, California is selling Sarah Palin's Going Rouge with a 'premium' attached to it........a small sack of nuts adorned with Sarah's pretty face on it.

.....way to go, Santa Cruz!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean-- Secret Democratic Operatives?

Given recent mainstream media reporting, thinking people might get the idea that Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean could very well be secret Democrat Party operatives while working the "celebrity without portfolio" circuit.

As the public grew tired of the antics of pop culture icons Paris Hilton, Linsay Lohan, Brittany Spears and others, new 'meat' was needed for carnivorous voyeurs to devour. So, now we have soul-sisters Sarah and Carrie taking center stage in the media-mud tank. And the Palin/Prejean Teams are milking it for as much as they can get for as long as they can get it.

Both Sarah and Carrie are at the mainstream media saturation point. Still, the media continues following them and seemingly the people love feeding on their carcasses. Both women must like it; or, at least they like the money that comes with it because they continue to do it.

But, could there be something else going on here. Something very different and insidious. Could it be that Sarah and Carrie are secret high level Democratic Party operatives? This question is asked because one BIG issue is standing out for all to see. With the exception of Barack Obama, Palin and Prejean have done more to embolden and increase the numbers of the Democratic Party than anyone or anything else, while at the same time systematically driving the Republican Party toward oblivion. For example, in September 2009, several respected pollsters found that less than 20% of voting citizens identify themselves as Republican, down 15 points from a year earlier.

Some recent facts and observations:

Sarah's book, Going Rogue has been met with not mixed, but across the board disdainful, negative reviews. Even from very conservative right wing quarters, Sarah's 'biography' has been called "fabrication", "total fiction" ...... "She's a joke" as one conservative critic put it. Associated Press 'Fact Checked' Sarah's accounts of the what she writes and finds gross misrepresentations of what she says. Even the tabloid FOX NEWS discounts her recollection of how her campaign as a Vice Presidential candidate was stated in her book.

Sarah dismisses all of the criticism by commenting that the vitriol is based on what she calls "opposition research" and does not support any of her contentions she wrote in her book with any substantive response.

Sarah continues her 'book tour' in rural areas of the country and always appears with a banner behind her blasting out 'COUNTRY FIRST' and in all presentations invokes 'God' and 'The Lord' and almost always accepts any 'nice things' that may be said about her on behalf of 'our troops serving in the military'.

All of this is vomit to any thinking person. But our Sarah seems to get away with it in the possum-pie eating/bible belt territories she frequents as she takes their money. This is a new sort of revival tent of salvation meetings of years past that went away when Marjoe busted the genre 50 years ago. It is a new mousetrap that brings in the bucks.

Country First? What is first in 'Sarah world' is SARAH. Not much else matters. If Sarah was so interested in 'the country' she would have better knowledge of it.

God? The Lord? Hey, this plays well in religious nut fundamentalist territory and even if Sarah's fans must do without medicine and/or food they will buy Sarah's book even if they can't read. Maybe one of the 'gran chiren' will read it to them.

But, is there more? Is Sarah also a Democratic operative?

Meanwhile, the queen of media these past few weeks, Carrie Prejean, is sticking to her guns as well. And big 'guns' they are since her implants.

It seems Carrie has taken Sarah's blueprint for media attention and taken it to a new depth while increasing her bank account along the way.

'God' and 'The Lord' seem to be big sellers with a certain small, but well paying population and Carrie seems to have found that financial formulaic magic.

Carrie burst onto the national scene when she won the Miss California title from an organization not associated with the Miss America pageant, but from a commercial project headed by Donald Trump. In her 'Q&A', Carrie wrapped herself in the flag, ate some apple pie and spoke of her 'christian values', instilled by her 'christian' family. Her answers became a subject of controversy when she disparaged the gay community. Seeing a niche audience to sell their products, Carrie won the contest. To better 'sell' products, pageant business officials suggested breast implants for 'miss california' to which Carrie complied. However, after being uncooperative with pageant hierarchy, she was fired and officials didn't pay for the breast surgery. Carrie sued, but settled out of court after her pornographic sex video surfaced. At the time Carrie said that 'the tape' was the biggest mistake of her life, happening a long time ago.....totally against her 'christian' values and apologized to her christian fans who hold the same values she has. (Fans???)

Since this time, Carrie has gone on to media stardom.

But wait! Today, unveiled 7 subsequent and new Carrie Sex tapes plus countless pornographic nude photos. Apparently Carrie didn't learn from 'the biggest mistake of her life' and has seemingly, or unseemly as the case may be, made a cottage industry of porn with herself as it's star. We will suppose the Bible will approve of Carrie's 'christian values' as she pointed out very recently that the Bible allows for breast augmentation. Of course no one has asked Carrie for book, chapter and verse for her dismissal of any criticism from her 'fans'.

So, we see our 'soul-sisters', Big Hat-No Cattle Sarah and Big Tits-No brain Carrie playing to the same audience that has left the fundamentalist religious Republican base for other pastures because even they got the hypocritical message here.

But, the question remains......are Sarah and Carrie surreptitious Democratic Party operatives? If so, then we'll need to track the money......because certainly money would be involved because these girls understand what a dollar can do. If not, these two women have done more to destroy the Republican Party than any others in the history of our once great country and two party system.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekly Darwin 'dumbest of them all' awards for the week ending November 14, 2009

So many entries this week..... so little time to put them all into print. Certainly all these award contestants make any critical thinking person question evolution. Here they are:

-Bathing with Sarah Palin in the 'dumbest of them all' spotlight this week is media saturated Carrie Prejean, the dethroned 'christian' Miss California who lost her title earlier this year for lack of cooperation with pageant sponsors, and after denouncing the idea of gay marriage based on her faith while her self made 'X-rated' sex video floated in cyber world, then sued pageant officials to pay for her 'tit job' and touting her 'work for the Lord', says this week, "the Bible allows for breast implants and my hairdresser is gay".

-In an understatement, perennial contestant Sarah Palin saying, "many Americans don't take me seriously".

-Levi Johnston, the father of Sarah's grandson, in an appearance at the 'Fleshbot Awards', saying his nude photo shoot for 'Playgirl' "went well, I posed with a hockey stick".

-Pamela Anderson and other environmentalists expressing outrage about an high end Russian auto maker, Dartz Car Co., offering an option on their Pombron Diamond Edition SUV (selling at $1.45 mil.) of leather seats made from whale penis.

-Los Angeles resident Christopher Loomis, 39, who found himself in jail this week after dressing up in a Spider Man costume, congregating with 3 other 'spidys' and punching out street pedestrians.

-The Peruvian construction worker who's been ingesting coins, nails and other metal objects for over a year. 2 pounds of metal were removed from his stomach this past week. He is now convalescing in a mental institution.

-'Is Our Children Learning' (about the former U.S. misunderestimated President Bush) author Paul Begala, who on his blog this week wrote that Rush Limbaugh escaped draft into the Viet Nam war because Rush had a boil on his butt and then went on to describe Limbaugh's butt.

-Jon Gosselin saying, "Kate and I will have Christmas together".

-Singer Fergie saying, "I'm bisexual" and my husband Josh is well endowed". Fergie appears in the new Rob Marshall film 'NINE' which opens next week.

....and now, this weeks winner!

Second most senior member of the Republican National Committee, Blake Hall of Idaho, was fired from his Deputy Prosecutor job after his criminal conviction for stalking his ex-girlfriend and is doing 15 days in jail. It seems Blake dumped used condoms on his girlfriends lawn on at least 10 occasions after following her home. Hall has also resigned his position with the RNC.

More to come next week.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coin Conspiracy Puts Palin's TiT in the Wringer with FOX NEWS!

Unbelievable! FOX NEWS fact checked one of their stories! Can you believe it? Is there a glimmer of hope for FOX NEWS?

Last Friday, in her speech to a Wisconsin 'right to life' organization, The Moose Mouth, Klondike Barbie Sarah Palin more than implied The Obama administration and the Democrat congress were in an anti-christian conspiracy to secularize U.S. coins by moving the "IN GOD WE TRUST" phrase from the middle of the coin to the edge of the coin.

"A disturbing trend!", she grunted......"Who makes a decision like that?"........."Who calls a shot like that?", Sarah mocked.

Answering these questions is FOX News anchor Bret Bair who fact-checked the redesign of U.S. currency. "President Bush" (called the shot), was Bret's answer. In 2005, when the Republicans controlled congress, the new coin design was planned and approved by President Bush.

Is Sarah's tit in the wringer with her own party over this one? Our Looney Toon from Alaska was certainly off-key when she sang her newest Looney Tune. Yes?

Meanwhile, Sarah remains chirpy as she ponders the buffalo nickle trying to answer the question of what animal is depicted on it.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Sarah Palin and The Great Coin Conspiracy Disconnect

It seems Looney Toon Sarah Palin from Alaska is at it again.......while addressing a Wisconsin 'right to life' fundraiser banquet on her promotional book tour this week, Sarah has come up with still another Looney Tune.....The Great Coin Conspiracy of 2009!

It seems U.S.coins are being redesigned and Sarah is claiming an anti-christian conspiracy by moving the "in God we trust" phrase to the edge of the coin! "It's a disturbing trend", Sarah screeched to an audience of about 5000 people who paid $30. a head for rubber chicken and to hear rubber mouth Palin.

Do the math. A $150,000. take for 'the right to life' cause and Sarah gets 100k for being there. The 'cause' may have banked around 15k and Sarah got the rest. But, hey, Sarah is a capitalist.

Also during her speech, Sarah reincarnated her 'death panel' diatribe. No comment necessary on this one.

After her speech Sarah was asked to identify the animal depicted on the 'buffalo nickel', and she couldn't do it.

Hey folks, this stuff can't be made up. The scary part is that this is real stuff coming from a real person on the national political scene. Poor Sarah still doesn't know that Africa is not a nation!

Meanwhile, back in the Klondike, Levi, home from his nude photo shoots is using some of his celebrity take to file for custody of his son, Sarah's grandson.

Surely there is more to come............


Weekly Darwin 'dumbest of them all' awards for the week ending November 7, 2009

We had a lot of contenders this week for 'the dumbest of them all' Darwin award. Among them are:

-The New Jersey Hospital personnel who incorrectly operated 5 times on the same patient, 3 times on the brain, over a period of several years, and the patient himself for returning to the same hospital after the first botched surgery. After a State commission curtailed their work, news media asked hospital authorities what sanctions had been imposed and the hospital had lost 'the papers' on the matter.

-"dr." Bill Wattenberg of KGO News Talk Radio in San Francisco saying, "there is no cure for 'stupid'", and then validates his point every time he opens his mouth.

-John and Kate Goslin and the media who reports on them.

-The producers, director and anyone involved in making the flop film, AMELIA.

-The beauty contestant winner, Miss UK, formerly Miss London, who withdrew from the Miss World Beauty Pageant after getting into a bar brawl with Miss Manchester.

-Carly Fiorina who announced her candidacy for U.S. Senator in California, running in the primary against fellow (neocon) Republican Chuck Devore, one of which will face incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer in next years general election. Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlitt-Packard, cites her organizational skills after being named one of the 20 worst CEO's of all-time by Money Magazine and after being drummed out of her CEO job by HP's Board of Directors.

-California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer for being Barbara Boxer.

-Showboat independent U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman for his obstructionism in just about everything.

-Cross eyed Roman Catholic Benner Elk, North Carolina U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx illogically saying passage of health care reform is a greater national threat than terrorists.

-Former Ebay CEO Meg Whittman's self paid-obnoxious ad's that run every 5 minutes on radio and TV stations for her bid to be Governor of California. Whittman confesses she has not voted in most elections, saying, "shame on me".

And now, the winner:

Polygamist Raymond Jessop from the Yearning for Zion Ranch, a fundamentalist Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints organization Located in Eldorado, Texas was convicted of child sexual assault on a 15 year old girl, also a resident of Zion Ranch.

According to court records, Raymond, already married with 9 wives and having countless children (DNA Tests are continuing), was found guilty of sexual molestation after the girl was 're-assigned' from his brother to him under God's sanction. It seems Zion Ranch had it's own, living 'prophet' who governs such matters. Unfortunately for Raymond, his 'prophet' did not govern the justice system and Raymond will be doing significant prison time.

All of this brings question to evolution, doesn't it?

More next week.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Glenn Beck Hospitalized!

Yesterday, after his radio talk show, Glenn Beck said he was not feeling well and was rushed to an undisclosed hospital for what spokesmen say was an emergency appendectomy. "He's resting comfortably and will back at work soon", said Beck's spokespeople..........

Good try guys, but since Glenn has had several previously reported appendectomy's over the years any reasonable, critical thinker might wonder what really happened. According to unreliable hospital sources here's the scenario:

Glenn Beck was admitted to the hospital at 4:20 PM EST, complaining of stomach pain......doctors, ignorant of Beck's history diagnosed appendicitis and scheduled immediate surgery. Given new surgical techniques, the procedure would be microscopic with entry through the anus. To the medics surprise Becks anus was located in Becks mouth. No wonder he pops all those breath mints.

Moving forward, medics excised what they thought was an appendix. However, the specimen looked to be an embryo in the image of fellow foxtrotter, scientologist Greta Van Susteren. An immediate DNA test was administered and the findings were astounding......Glenn Beck was carrying Greta's baby!

Needless to say, Greta and Glenn's audience would not be happy with what amounted to an (alien) abortion. Naturally, this news will be suppressed and of course the embryo destroyed. But, there is more...........

Glenn's medical insurance denied payment saying his condition was pre-existing. So, Glenn will be ponying up 150k from his own deep pockets to keep all this under wraps.

Did I miss something here? Or did L. Ron Hubbard's space cadets somehow meet Rosemary's Baby using our incomparable Glenn as the vessel a'la Mary and Joesph. We would bet the stem cells in THAT embryo carry a wallop.


The Fort Hood, Texas Massacre........

The horrendous events at Fort Hood, Texas today defy description and any political comment right now. Accordingly, only what is validated about it will be written at this moment. Certainly, as information is garnered, some commentary will be forthcoming.

Right now here is all that is known and validated:

-The alledged killer is Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a psychiatrist in the U.S. Army. He is alive and expected to recover after previous reports said he was dead.

-13 people are dead/30 wounded.

- The FBI has had Hasan under surveillance for 6 months given certain Internet postings placed by Hasan.

And this is it!

Go now to the radio talk shows, Fox 'news', and the talking heads who know nothing more than what's been presented here and your time will be wasted.

To stay tuned to valid information as it unfolds, go to, and for your NEWS as it updates.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NY-23.....NeoCons GO DOWN in FLAMES...Big Time

As an update to last Monday's article (23 RD Congressional District Special Election), yesterday, the extreme right NeoCon faction of the GOP was dealt a crushing blow in it's effort to take control of their party.

Hand picked, litmus tested, ultra-conservative ideologue activist Doug Hoffman was soundly beaten by Democrat Bill Owens to fill out the term left vacant by Republican Congressman John Mc Hugh who joined the Obama Administration as Secretary of the Army earlier this year.

NY-23 had not elected a Democrat to office in more than 150 years. Given this history and a truckload of money along with high profile endorsements from Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Army and others during an in-party fight with moderate Republicans, the election of Democrat Owens is testimony to the mess the GOP now finds itself experiencing.


Monday, November 2, 2009

23 RD Congressional District Special Election-The Fight for Control of the GOP

When Republicans lost control of both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in the 2006 congressional elections, and with their stunning defeats in the 2008 Presidential elections, the GOP has been in floundering shambles. Since these defeats, there has been an internal battle for which faction of the party will control it's future. It has been and is moderate-republicans in mortal combat with neo-conservative republicans as to who will define and be the face of The Republican Party. Tomorrow's special election in the 23 rd Congressional district is a major showdown in the shaping and future of the GOP.

The 23 rd Congressional District is in upstate New York and has been a Republican stronghold for generations. This district has not elected a Democrat to Congress in more than 100 years.

Earlier this year, after President Obama selected sitting 23 rd District Republican Congressman John Mc Hugh to be Secretary of the Army, under New York State Constitutional Law, the governor called a special election with candidates chosen by the State Committees from each party.

The Republican choice was Dede Scozzafara, a former Mayor and current State Assembly woman in the 23 rd District. Scozzafara is a moderate Republican believing in the 'right of choice' in the abortion debate.

The Democrat choice is businessman/attorney Bill Owens who has not held elected office in the past. His stances on the issues are not too unlike Scozzafara's and in the beginning the race did not look all that exciting UNTIL.........

........the neo-con faction of the Republican Party took issue with the Republican State Party choice of Scozzafara and put their own candidate up for election. His name is Doug Hoffman, an accountant and ideologue of all-issues neo-conservative.

And the endorsements followed, as did the money----lots of it, mostly from the national neo-con coffers. Sarah Palin, (Joe the Plumber), Rush Limbaugh and the Cheney's endorsed neo-con Hoffman, while Newt Gingrich and RNC chair Michael Steele endorsed the moderate Scozzafara. Let the 'games' begin!

Neo-con operatives took control of Hoffman's campaign and the 'swift boat' type ads started running, against Republican Scozzafara. In public and private polls conducted last week, there seemed to be a near dead heat among the three major candidates, with Scozzara running last. This past weekend, Dede Scozzafara suspended her candidacy citing money issues and not having enough funds to combat the national neo-con political contingency and subsequently endorsed her Democrat opponent. Now, it's two-way race, although Scozzafara's name will remain on the ballot.

In still another twist, today VP Joe Biden is speaking directly to moderate Republicans and getting warm receptions. At the same time, neo-con Republicans are getting decent receptions from conservative Democrats. It's a circus!

Should the neo-con candidate win tomorrows election, it will embolden their ideology and serve as a tinplate for many future congressional elections. Should they lose, it will be an essential victory for moderate Republican philosophy and strengthen the faces of those representing it.

And so, we wait with interest to the outcome of the 23 rd Congressional District election.

Who thought special elections in an 'off' year would not be interesting?