Sunday, July 26, 2009

bye-bye Sarah......................

.............and don't let the 'office' door hit you in the butt as you're leaving.

Yesterday you left the elected office you held....for how long? Lets took office in early 2006. In August 2008, you were tapped to be the Republican Vice Presidential nominee and went on the campaign trail. Somewhere in all this you had a baby. Then you seemed to be all over the media and on and on and on. Outside of that year and a half or so, when did you have time to administer to the State of Alaska? You know that place where you got all that executive experience that qualified you for the job of U.S. Vice President, even the presidency! And then you quit 2 and half years into your term as Governor because you didn't want to be a 'lame duck' governor. A 'lame duck'? Sarah, poor girl, you're just lame.

Sarah, you're exit speech was great! All about free speech and all those constitutional things and soccer practice....... did you wave 'good-bye' to all those mean Russians you can see from your front porch? And have you remembered that 'the dept. of law' (your words)...actually The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating you for a myriad of reasons......ethics violations? Maybe the next time you're in D.C. you can visit the dept. of money. You and Todd may want to take out a loan and open a snow mobile business near the dept. of making law. And while there, you may want to hook up South Carolina U.S. Senator 'Cream' DeMint and compare notes if he's not conferring with Senator Craig in the chambers restroom. But your bashing of the free press was quite eloquent, Sarah. And your message to Hollywood struck nerves. "We eat, therefore we hunt" is a quote that will live in infamy. Well done! But you may also consider that those Hollywood people hunt, and therefore they eat, Sarah. Did you enjoy the picnic after your exit screech?

Well now you have time to do some things you really want to do.....maybe shoot a few caribou, club some seals and dolphins, bake a salmon pie? You know, just among us common folk, for the 'sport' of it. Maybe be Limberger's running 'mate' in 2012? Oops....sorry, I know that you must be against drug addicts, but for the common cause we can let bygones be bygones....yes?

And in the meantime you may want to consider a voice coach. Sarah! Are you aware that your voice and it's intonations can knock a blind bat right out of the air? And that your voice registers on both sonar and radar like fingernails on a blackboard? Please consider it, Sarah.

Seriously, Sarah.......we have a troubled world, a troubled economy, and the world of politic has needed some really good comic relief. And you have certainly provided it, Sarah. We're truly going to miss you. Thank you!

BUT! Some little voices tells us all that you'll be baaaack. And you will be welcomed. So.........bye-bye Sarah.....until the next time..............

........and, one more thing, Sarah. Thank You for personifying and helping to define what The Great American Disconnect is all about.

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