Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sarah Palin/Paris Hilton--Dingy Disconnect

Is Sarah Palin the political equivalent to Paris Hilton in the 'entertainment' industry?

This past week the caribou barbie Governor of Alaska resigned her governorship (less than 3 years after her election) to ..... some money? ..... So, whats wrong with any of this? ......well a lot is wrong with it because the woman who gave her qualifications on U.S. foreign policy as a Vice Presidential contender just a few months ago was the fact she 'could see Russia from her front porch' and then to just quit in the middle of her first term as governor of a State is just plain dingy. DINGY! And, she gives Paris Hilton (who really does know how to make money) credibility in her work ethics.

For the record, this 'governor' of a great, but tiny State 'governed' a population smaller than Kern County California and prior to that was a part time mayor of a town smaller than Buck Horn, Montana. For some unexplained reason John McCain selected her as his 2008 VP running mate. And the rest is history......did anyone really take her seriously? After all she has referred to the U.S. Department of Justice as 'the department of law'.......and I rest my case. But, the Fox news people (o'really, hannibal, etal.) and the drug addict limburger continue to 'spin' this coo-coo as some legitimate 'conservative' and viable candidate for some office or other in the, OK, we can dismiss FOX as legitimate news as any thinking person does......but what about the so-called legitimate media? Why do you even cover such ignorance and give it any kind of credibility? This is just tabloid stuff....and bad tabloid stuff at that. OH! Maybe it is because you are owned by know who.......

Levi 'what's his name' (the putative father of Sarah's grandchild) has now gone on record as saying he thinks caribou barbie resigned because she wants to make some real money ..... the 'barbie' camp has responded by saying 'Levi' is honing is acting skills by making such public comments. But today Caribou said she would be on the political circuit next week........ So? Whats the difference? It's all show biz, folks.......and maybe Paris Hilton's next 'film' will feature Levi 'what's his name'.

Sarah will soon be on the political road again and this time collecting big pay from a paying conservative public. Why? When this same 'paying public' could be far more productive to their cause by giving this money to Paris Hilton's Chihuahua Relief Fund.

Poor Sarah's Great Disconnect with what she has been about with the American 'politic' is that she was never connected to it in the first place.

And, just for the today's world, you will get your best, most honest, intelligent and legitimate news from the John Stewart Show and Colbert..... of course, the readers here already knew that.......

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