Sunday, July 19, 2009

U.S. Senator Jim DeMint---Disconnected

Job Performance Review: Junior South Carolina U.S. Senator Jim DeMint.

Reviewer: Goldwater Republican: Fiscal Conservative-Social Liberal-Smaller Government.

What is wrong with OUR Federal Government? U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, you are what's wrong with and about our Federal Government and other ideologues like you on all sides of the political spectrum.

While promoting your new book I heard you speak and this review of your job performance as an elected employee of the people became an irresistible task. By the way, I hope your book is written in one syllable words so those who might buy it can read it......hummmm, lets see......'see Jim run'... 'hear Jim talk'.......I would also suggest you tape a box of color crayons to each book you sell so it's readers will be entertained.

Now, about your were elected a member of the United States House of Representatives in 1999 and elected a United States Senator in 2005. For 10 years you have chirped about and for right wing 'christian' morality: School Sponsored Prayer and Banning ALL Abortion, identifies two of your passionate interests. You also champion 'individual liberty' (but certainly not for all citizens, right? Senator). At the same time you served on Republican majority led Banking and Finance Committees (1999 through 2006) and voted along party lines when it came to deregulating Wall Street interests AND the out of control spending that became the hallmark of the Bush Administration and Republican controlled congress during this time. To your credit, when it came to the Medicare Prescription Drug program, you voted against it. (Even a stopped watch is correct twice a day). You never saw a war spending vote or a republican sponsored 'earmark' vote you didn't like and you were part of the continuous voting block for the trillion dollar deficit Iraq War. And, in 2007, The National Journal named you the most conservative U.S. Senator, and again in 2008. Will you have a repeat performance and be named such for 2009? Aren't these awards tantamount to receiving the Joe Mc Carthy Senatorial Award of Excellence, Senator?

Now you've written a book which is mandatory for all presidential hopefuls to do. You now espouse fiscal conservatism. DISCONNECT! Where have you been these past 10 years? Senator. You could have blown the 'fiscal' whistle any time while you were part of the out of control spending practices of the previous administration. Why didn't you do it then? You also now blame the Obama Administration for a trillion dollar deficit. DISCONNECT! Are you trying to rewrite history here Senator? Or are you just plain lying. Which one is it, Senator? And you congratulate The Bush Administration for it's 'moral leadership '. WHAT? DISCONNECT! Congratulating a disgraced administration that destroyed it's specific moral authority through it's deceit and misinformation, killed tens of thousands of innocent people including many of OUR young men and women under the guise of The Project for a New American Century (The PNAC Doctrine) while spending a trillion dollars doing it and destroyed the moral high ground the United States of America once enjoyed around the world? What part of deceit, amorality and moral decay and corruption do you not understand, Senator? Or, perhaps you do understand it and subscribe to it. Which one is it, Senator? At best, Senator, you have a broken moral compass.

Senator, the previous administration you represent (you voted for it's purposes 96% of the time) and the outrageous moral corruption of those you now congratulate got worse and worse before the American voters could lower their standards enough to vote for it's rubbish again. Your subscription to the Rove-Cheney-McCarthy School of politics has run out, Senator. That magazine is out of business along with the PNAC Doctrine to which you also subscribed.

Last year the voters raised their standards, voted for HOPE and a higher morality and hoped the disgrace of our country's Bush Administration's recent forays into the 'moral twilight zone' will somehow dissipate. Senator, I suspect you just don't 'get' any of this because your supreme arrogant ignorance disallows you to do so. This is why so many of your cohorts have 'disconnected' with their previous constituencies and been turned out of office, Senator.

There is a clear and clean line between leadership and demagoguery. You are NOT a leader, Senator DeMint!

Senator, your rhetoric has grown rancid with age ..... and your hypocrisy and contempt for the America people shows your DISCONNECT with the truth and reality so wanted and hoped for by these voters. Just how stupid do you think the American Voters are, Senator? Surely, not as stupid as the voters who put you in office. But, guess what, Senator......even your constituency is turning off Fox News and educating themselves.......thinking for themselves.......and your next turn at election doesn't look all that promising, does it.

Thank you, Senator, for helping to define what The Great American Disconnect is about.

For the record, so that no one gets the wrong idea and thinks this blog and it's articles are bashes at the Republican Political Party, soon ideologue Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer gets her turn in the "Disconnect' box as does Ralph Nader and many others.

(Anyone agreeing or disagreeing with this performance review, lets hear from you.)


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