Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dick Cheney-Running Scared---and Disconnected

The Dick......Cheney, that Running Scared. Big time scared. He is scared because he fears that he will be criminally charged under international law and United States law for violations of the Geneva Conventions, and U.S. Constitutional Law among other charges.

In what Cheney calls "enhanced interrogations', his weasel words for torture, Cheney is squealing like a wounded pig being readied for slaughter. And he did some squealing today on (where else) Fox News Sunday in an interview that was taped last Friday which was probably   ''sheperdized'' by a battery of lawyers before airing. We would not want The Dick to self incriminate himself more than he's already done so, would we?

A special U.S. Justice Department investigator was appointed this past week to investigate the narrow area of 'enhanced interrogations' and torture in relation to water boarding and other techniques used on war prisoners.

Today Cheney said, "(the investigation) offends the hell out of me". (Comment: No, 'dick', the investigation offends the Hell in you). Cheney went on to rant and rave about how President Obama was 'politicizing' the issue after caving in to the Democrat Left.

Meanwhile, as Cheney was taping and reshaping what he would be presenting with his cohorts at Fox news, today he sent his daughter into the lions den 'live' at ABC News to be drawn and quartered by professional news people. Liz, the ugly daughter with a butt the size of Texas, was pathetic trying to defend 'enhanced interrogation' as not being torture. He's a great father, right?

At the same time, Senator John Mc Cain provided some 'enhanced interrogation' whacks of his own by saying "this torture violated International Law and helped the terrorists recruit thousands"; that U.S. policy (under the Bush Administration) violated The Geneva Conventions ratified by President Reagan; that it (enhanced interrogation techniques) compromised and disrupted our work and credibility with our allies.

Sometimes Senator McCain gets it right. Will Senator Mc Cain testify at Dick's trial?

Last week, former Chief of Homeland Security Tom Ridge quoted Dick Cheney as saying "fear is our strongest political currency". In his recent book, Ridge charges he was pressured by the Bush administration to raise the terrorist 'threat level to high' two weeks before the 2004 presidential election, to help in Bush's re-election. Will Tom Ridge testify at Dick's trial?

(Update 9/02/09) Today Tom Ridge clarified his remark about being pressured to raise the terrorist level threat before the 2004 presidential election. Essentially, Ridge said that he was not pressured into raising the terrorist threat; that Don Rumsfeld and then Attorney General Ashcroft did want the level raised, but it was impossible to do so. Ridge went on to say, ".....don't believe whats printed on the cover jacket of my book". Well, I'm bewildered as you with this last remark.)

So, Dick Cheney? You do have some reason to be 'running scared'.

Dick, you may recall Al Capone. As you know, Capone was one of the most celebrated gangland criminals of the 20Th Century. Capone was doubtlessly guilty of numerous heinous crimes including murders, thefts in the millions and on and on. But, Capone was never convicted of any of them. Capone was convicted of Tax Evasion and died in prison as you may recall. Do you see Capone's parallel to you, Dick? You could be convicted of some smaller and different crime than the many other crimes you committed while in office.

What crimes? You ask. Well, Dick, Treason immediately comes to mind. You're disrespect and disregard for the U.S. Constitution has been noted more than once. You don't believe The U.S. is a nation of Law and not Men. That means there are no exceptions to this rule from the President of the U.S. on down. And we have seen the 'rule of law' in operation many times in our history. Does Richard Nixon ring a bell? Nixon, like you, said many times that when the President does it, it IS the law. You don't seem to understand this fundamental fact. And neither did Nixon, but Nixon accepted it when he was pardoned by President Ford of crimes he, Nixon, may have committed as President of the United States. What part of that history do you not understand, Dick?

Let's look at what you did in the 'run-up' to the Iraq war.....your misinformation and lies are now matters of fact. There are some clear public trust violations in all of that. Crimes? Take your pick.

So, today you went on Fox News Sunday in a try to divert the strong possibility that you will be indicted for some very serious violations. Your audience, however, has waned tiny. When your once small constituency found out that it was their kids you were killing in your corporate war; that it was their money you were ciphering off to your corporations, Blackwater and your previous employer among others, they left your camp in droves. Your rants and raves today were just that. Hollow and heard for what they were.......the squeals of a broken, disgraced politician 'running scared'.

Dick Cheney has disconnected with the U.S. Mainstream of thought, truth and reality. Has he also disconnected with himself and functions in the self denial of his ego-centered world?


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

QUICK and DIRTY Disconnects

Today's news is so full of Disconnects I've decided to just tick them off in a Quick and Dirty an in-kind response to some of the nasty, nutsola stuff in the political world.

1. Governor Mark Sanford.......Today you stated: "I will not be railroaded out of office". Oh Gov........have you been taking the advice of the junior U.S. Senator from your State? Sen. Jim 'cream' DeMint(ia)? ...... Gov., you are not being 'railroaded' out of office.... you hopped on that caboose all by yourself a long time ago.....your wife and kids have moved out on you and your chances of running for prez in 2012 are gone ..... sorry Gov. , you are 'toast' politically ..... By the way, does your paramour in Argentina have a sister? My grapevine tells me that 'cream' is looking for a 'soul mate'. Also, I suspect the Southern Baptists in your State are forgiving you for certain transgressions? If not, REPENT, AGAIN, Governor Sanford.

2. Sarah in Palin World.......What a great revelation from YOU today, Sarah. You have moose-mouthed-breathed fresh wisdom to our world......" Glenn Beck" YOU said to your friends, supporters and fans. FANS? And where did that ego come from?
Have you seen the 'becktoids' ratings even before his racist, stupid remarks about the U.S. President? Dismal at, with your endorsement his ratings will probably drop off the're a silly girl, Sarah.....but keep your stuff coming, we need comic relief....we also note that you "are gratified by all the 'SUPPORT' about 'DEATH PANELS' " you've been receiving from those really 'bright guys in the lower 48...........Have you heard the news?. Read on Sarah.....

3. Senator Chuck Grassley......are you senile or just plain stupid Sen. Grassley? For weeks you endorsed and perpetuated the 'DEATH PANEL' lies about current Health Care legislation before the congress right now......but TODAY...... YOU repudiated your 'endorsement' as a 'MYTH'. What you did Senator was to lie....and you either knew you were lying or had some kind of Alzheimer's episode.........But we suspect no real hypocrisy with you, Senator, you just flat-out lied to make some kind of futile political mileage. But it did not work. Did it! Of course, you would not have recanted your 'support' of this lie to the American public had you not been CAUGHT! For the the Bush Administration 2003 legislation for prescription drug attachment to Medicare, there was a provision in that legislation IDENTICAL to what is written in the current Health Care overhaul fact, the wording was directly lifted from the 2003 legislation which YOU and other 'death panel' advocates VOTED FOR. Was your apologetic 'myth' verbiage today also meant to 'exonerate' all the other demagogues who spread THAT flat out lie with such fervor? I guess the Obama Administration won't be able to 'pull the plug on grandma' after all. You are a disgrace, Senator. Would any of your previous constituents be so stupid as to vote for you in 2010?

4. Rush Limberger.......hello fat boy.....I saw a recent picture of you on The Huffington Post and in that 5'6" frame, what are you....350?.....375? .....going on 400 lbs? No real matter about that, however, you must have found a legitimate way of satisfying your addictions to Oxycontin and vicodin to keep your ideologue rhetoric going to the 18-20% of the nations right wing/religious right sheep that is your audience.....and TODAY we hear you were patting yourself on the back (in your case maybe a tap on the shoulder because you're so fat) because of your "Ted Kennedy Death Prediction" last March. Back then you said that any Health Care Overhaul would be named the 'Ted Kennedy MEMORIAL Health Care' legislation. So, you were probably correct......but your crowing about it TODAY sounded your happiness at Senator Kennedy's death. Way to go, fat boy. Maybe we can get Klondike Sarah to endorse you and watch your media ratings go down 5 or 6 points. Did nice ol' Pat over at the 700 Club give you some inside information from his privileged talks with God about poor Ted? What else have you heard, fat boy? No matter, because no thinking person pays attention to you anyway. Fat Boy! You are really a class/crass act.....and today you proved it!

....and that's all, folks......until next time..........


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swine Flu Mainstream MEDIA Reports-Disconnect

Swine flu is an issue of importance. No question about it.

BUT, would not PROFESSIONAL/RESPONSIBLE reporting be refreshing about Swine flu from our mainstream media outlets? Instead of the hyper DOOM/GLOOM reports we're getting? What's wrong with THE TRUTH? Instead of using the Cheney/Rove school of 'twist and turn' misinformation to make a desired, if not incorrect point, why not just present information in the manner it was intended and presented in the first place.

TODAY, virtually all mainstream media headlined: "SWINE FLU MAY HIT NEARLY HALF IN THE U.S POPULATION........UP TO 90,000 DEATHS POSSIBLE.......UP TO 1.8 million HOSPITALIZED.......and on and on......... These were the opening remarks from television, the voice media and written headlines from the print media.

From TV to radio to the print media, almost all put out these sensationalized (headline) stories and most just left it there. Sensationalized. Form without substance!

So? What really happened and from where did this information come?

Yesterday, the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology released an 85-page report speaking to Swine flu issues and planning for the 'flu-season' this year. The information was NOT in the form of prediction. The report also spoke to the issue of planning for a pandemic flu season which also was NOT predicted. The report was essentially a recommendation for preparedness and clarity of procedures for a nation of 300+ million population that could experience the likes of the 1958 Asian flu epidemic. And that was IT. In one part of the report, the 'death toll' number of 30,000 was used in an example of preparation. As a point of fact, over the past 20 years, the U.S. yearly death rate attributed to flu stands at 35,000. The President's 21-member council was concerned about stresses on the nations health care system should the flu count be higher than normal. The panel wants and recommended preparedness. They did not want a "Katrina" type disaster where there was no planning.

And so our mainstream media took some numbers and a few selected words from a serious report, convoluted them into some hysterical banter and fed it to the public. In so doing, the mainstream media further disconnected itself from their professionalism and certainly from the public they say they are committed to inform.

So why does the media do these things? The one and only reason: TO SELL THINGS! In most media outlets today, any professional reporting is incidental to the sale of the stuff their advertisers are trying to sell.

For the record, once upon a time not so long ago the media giants were owned by many organizations. There was enormous competition. Today, all U.S. mainstream media is owned by 5 or 6 media giants who have control over that which is fed to the American public. Right winger Rupert Murdock heads this list with his mega outlets which he owns and dictates the nature of and content of stories presented to the 'sheep' public. It is called 'editorial policy'. Any broadcast person who 'reports' either plays the game or is no longer in the game. Such is the truth and reality of 'the news' business today. The bottom line to these media giants is just that. The bottom line profit margin and how much money they can pay their share holders and put in their own pockets is first and foremost. Never mind the truth.

What is a critical thinking person to do to find the real story about anything. Well, in this Swine flu reporting it was not rocket science. With one click on the google button anyone can read the full report from the President's Council and make up their own mind.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

.....and what's happening in PALIN WORLD!!!!!!!!!

....this blog has become too serious in recent writings and we need some real comic naturally we look toward the 'perils of Sarah' in PALIN WORLD for some fun and humor.

Sarah, we just checked out your FaceBook Wall and don't see much new we'll just need to look at some of the ridiculous things that have been happening around and about you........

Without doubt, we need to look at Levi 'what's his name' antics in tinsel town..... you remember Levi? The now 19 year old boy who fathered your grandchild....the boy you paraded all over the Republican National Convention when you were the 'soccer mom' nominated Vice Presidential contender.......what a clean cut nice looking boy! As you know he's been in Hollywood with his 48 year old girl friend, Kathy Griffen, for a while now and THAT BOY has been a busy little bee as I'm sure you know.

In addition to saying you quit as Governor due to pressure of the job and for more money, Lil' Levi also pointed out that you and Todd had marital problems "from day one, everyone knows that" and that was another reason you quit as Governor. Levi refers to it as you "quit Alaska". Are you having marital problems? Well, this is really not public business now, I suppose......but had you been elected VP such may have effected your work performance, yes? And would you have the VP office had you been elected? To make more money? Because of marital problems?

....and now we learn........and this just crossed our desk......that Levi what's his name said on national TV that he is willing to pose nude if the money was right. AND, (among others) has offered him a deal.....Good grief! Justin Clouse, owner of Bait & Tackle and has offered Lil' Levi 25k not only to pose nude but also wants a video of 'Levi having gentleman time', a politically correct way of saying they want to tape Levi masturbating. And we've seen the letter to Levi which reads (in part):


Having seen your interview where you said you would consider posing nude for the right amount of money, would like to offer you $25,000. to participate in a solo jerk-off video.....................
Please call us,

Justin Clouse
Bait & Tackle

(As off-the-wall as this sounds, we've confirmed it with 3 sources. To check the accuracy here, just google Levi Johnston and you'll have more sources than you can read all reporting similar things. That poor boy!)

.......and poor Sarah!

What a mess you've gotten into, Sarah. Maybe you should write a few things on your Facebook wall about all this......maybe to your religious right constituency?.......they'll surely understand and forgive......Maybe Pat Robertson over at the 700 Club can find a way out of all Pat a 'holy roller' too?

But back to Levi 'whats his name'......consider this, Sarah.....Sherry, Levi's mother was convicted today in an Alaska Superior Court of possession and sale of the prescription pain killer Oxycontin and will be sentenced in November to 5 years in prison with 2 years suspended and 3 years probation in a plea deal. We've read an abstract of the court record and this woman was a REAL drug dealer pure and simple. Sarah? Do you know where Sherry procured these drugs in the first place? I'll bet some cop has asked you and Levi and your daughter too. Now, with the 'drug' money out of the family income, Levi may feel the need to fill the household money gap in any way he can. So, we may want to consider some redemptive attitude toward Levi. He's a 19 year old boy! Whatcha think, Sarah?

Well, this blog was intended to have some comedic value to it. But as I was writing, the above information fed, lets try to find some humor here......Sarah, you identify yourself as a 'soccer mom'. You know, just a regular good 'ol girl' doing common things and relating to so many of we 'common folk' on your way to the White House. When was the last time you went to a soccer game, Sarah? Packed up the kids and soccer stuff, got in the van and just did what millions of people do every day. When was your last soccer game, Sarah?

Now here's a question for you......Under the U.S. Constitution, The Vice President presides over:

A. The U.S. House of Representatives
B. The U.S. Senate
C. Both A and B Above
D. None of the Above.

C'mon.....Sarah? Whats your answer? You can't ask Levi 'whats his name' for you did on the foreign policy issues in the middle East during your VP remember those things about the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites (no, Sarah, Shiite is not one of those dirty's a religous sect in the Muslim/Islam World).

And by the way, we read Newt Gingrich's offer to you for a political 'redo'. Sarah, you really do need a 'redo', although it seems a bit late now that you're in show business......actually, his ideas were not all that bad. Newt's a smart guy. On the other hand, you may want to consult with at least 2 of his ex-wives about his 'redo' for them before you commit yourself to one.

So, I guess that's about it for PALIN WORLD for now. More later..........

(As satirical, perhaps cynical, as this article may seem, all points made herein have been sourced with authorities for accuracy. Of course, opinion (and innuendo) is also present and opinion is just that....opinion. Anyone with a different opinion is welcome to comment and be posted on this blog.)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009 A Credible Resource

At a time when we need valid and credible information about health-care and heath-care reform, satisfies that need. is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads and fallacies, information about medical quackery and questionable therapies.

A few days ago I wrote an article ,"Dubious Health Care Icon Rick Scott---Disconnect", on this blog. Now I find a similar article with greater depth on "A Skeptical Look at Rick Scott and His 'Conservatives for Patients' Rights' Propaganda Machine" by Stephen Barrett, M.D., is must read information for those interested in factual, documented information about the subject matter.


Friday, August 14, 2009

The "DEATH PANEL" Disconnect!

We've heard a lot about 'death panels' in recent weeks from the likes of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Chuck Grassley, Jim DeMint, Rick Scott and others who have been using the 'health-care' debate as their "shill" to put 'party ( this time Republican) over the interests of the country', and their obsession with wanting a Democrat black president to fail even if the nation fails in the process.

Along with the death panel 'discussions', other veiled issues such as racism and socio-economic, class-clash issues are also in play here. And they are being played out in some very insidious ways. (See Dubious Health Care Icon Rick Scott--Disconnect published on August 12, 2009).

What has been blatantly left out of "Death Panel" verbiage is that The U.S. has not only a model for Death Panels, but a now defunct Death Panel that functioned openly for a number of years.

Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, G.W. Bush and some 'expert' advisers created and served on their Death Panel from about 2001 through 2008. During their tenure, over 4000 U.S. military died, over 30,000 military suffered serious injury, 10's of thousands of Iraqi citizens have died. This Death Panel also spent BIG MONEY to execute their 'orders of death'. Not taxpayer money. But on borrowed money the taxpayer will eventually have to pay back. The money was borrowed from outside sources, mostly from Japan ($595.9 billion), China ($541 billion), and The United Kingdom ($307.4 billion).

One wonders why the current 'death panel' discussion fails to recognize the previous 'in-service' 'Death Panel'. Why? Newt? Sarah? Chuck? Rick? Jim? Why not? DISCONNECT!

(some statistical information in this article was sourced from U.S. Department/Federal Reserve records published in November 2008)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dubious Health Care Icon Rick Scott---Disconnect

Health Care Icon Rick Scott is back among us....this time as the founder of 'Conservatives for Patients' Rights', an organization formed to battle Health-Care Reform.

You don't know who Rick Scott is or his background? Rick Scott has become a dubious icon of sorts in the Health Care industry beginning in the 1980's when he founded and became CEO of The Columbia Health-Care Company, a private/for profit hospital system that became the largest hospital system in the nation for a while. In the 1990's, amid serious fraud investigations, his company paid a 1.7 Billion (YES, 1.7 BILLION) dollar fine to the U.S. Government after pleading guilty to defrauding Federal Government and State Government Health-Care plans of untold amounts of tax dollars. 'Tricky Ricky' was ousted as CEO of the company he founded, but somehow took millions upon millions of dollars with him in the process.

"Scott's history of making a fortune by destroying the quality of health care and ripping off government taxpayers is a great example of what's going on (in today's health care debate)", according to Richard Kirsch from the Health Care For America Now organization.

Now, Rick Scott is back. And he is campaigning AGAINST changes in the current health care system. He has enlisted CRC PUBLIC RELATIONS to coordinate his special brand of social control and sentiment. CRC was the group who masterminded the "Swift Boat" commercials against John Kerry's failed presidential bid in 2004.

So, look out, folks.......there's BIG MONEY on the line here and those against changes in the nations health care system stand to profit...PROFIT BIG .....from NO changes at all, which is the goal of 'Trick Rick' and his backers.

So there is no mistake......Rick Scott is no dummy. Unlike demagogue U.S. Senator Jim 'cream' DeMint(ed) from South Carolina and poor old sod Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa and the nut case from Alaska, Rick Scott is clever in a Carl Rove(esque) kind of way. But most of all, Rick Scott is insidious in his work.

Take a look at what he has already done. There is surface error in all his ads. But the surface misinformation in all of them is not the point. The ads just take ones attention. Scott is appealing to the lower class white population, lower middle class whites and the ignorant fundamentalist christian set of the 700 Club variety and Fox News viewers.

Scott ads cater to a silent racial issue and fear. The fear that a black president will "Take from Us" and "Give to Them" mentality. A twist on what sank LBJ's chances for a second presidential term when he said: "we will take from the 'haves' and give to the 'have nots'". Scott throws in a bit of the 'abortion issue' and of course something on the 'sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman' hot button to 'the Christers' and a large vocal group is promulgated. Witness the 'mob' mentality at the so-called 'town meetings' regarding health care we are experiencing now.

But, Trick-Rick cares nothing about these issues. Rick Scott cares only about the money he and his supporters can continue to earn at the expense of the population that has kept him in the financial splendor to which he has become accustomed.

In our opinion, Rick Scott is the definition of a DISCONNECT between the people of this country and the health care information we once trusted.

(some information in this blog contains statistics extracted from Dan Eggan's Washington Post May 11, 2009 article, Wikepedia, and


GOP Sen. Grassley Endorses 'Death Panel' LIE!

This morning, the senior (some might say SENILE) Senator from Iowa, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, who has spent more than 50 years in the U.S. Congress endorsed the flat out LIE that 'sack of nuts' former Governor Sarah Palin drooled out a few days ago. Saying the "government could pull the plug on grandma". With a straight face, Senator Grassley opted to lie (or maybe had a senior moment?) while speaking to a gathering of his constituents in Winterset, Iowa today.

Grassley, not understand?

GRASSLEY TO CONTINUE TO REPRESENT YOU? If not, you have options. You can recall him right now. Or, you can vote him out of office next year. SENATOR GRASSLEY HAS DISGRACED HIMSELF, HIS OFFICE, HIS STATE, HIS COUNTRY AND YOU!


GOP Senator takes Palin/Others to the Woodshed

Finally, there is a bright beacon of Light coming from The Republican Party.

Yesterday, GOP U.S. Senator Lisa
Murkowski spoke to a Commonwealth Club group in her home State in Anchorage, Alaska. In deliberate, straight-forward candor, Senator Murkowski told those in the current health care debate......."......don't tell lies about The Health-Care Reform Bill......Don't gin up fear with 'death panel' lies". In direct reference to former Governor Palin and the promoters of false information ads, Senator Murkowski provided that what 'they are saying' does NOT exist in the Bills now before the U.S. Congress. Senator Murkowski went on to say there are plenty of things in the bill(s) that need scrutiny and debate and said that she is against many of the provisions now included in those Bills.

Thank you, Senator
Murkowski, for bringing a voice of reason and sanity to the low-life antics of the few who want no health-care debate at all. Perhaps real debate on the real issues (of which there are many) can begin.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Karen Ignagni (AHIP)-Lobbyist for Private Health Care Insurance Corporations Fails America!

Karen Ignagni
Yesterday, Karen Ignagni, CEO and President of America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), spoke out against Democrats and chided them for 'vilifying' her industry. Essentially, Ms. Ignagni is a very successful lobbyist and says her 'lobby' favors bi-partisan changes in the health care system, but is opposed to proposals for optional government run health coverage. This is not surprising and is understandable since Ms. Ignagni's 7 figure salary plus bonuses come from the health care industry.

Lets examine the issue a bit further and perhaps ask Karen a few questions in the process.............

The fact is AHIP wants no changes in the health care system, bi-partisan or otherwise, unless such changes give AHIP more power with fewer regulations and more bottom line profit. Of course, at the expense of and with emotional/psychological stresses to the American public.

For starters, why do we need Health Insurance Companies in the first place? In today's America, health care, whether we have insurance or not, is provided to those who need it as a matter of law. At least in the nation's emergency rooms. Accordingly, health care has become a 'De-Facto right' to all people in the U.S., regardless of citizenship. We may or may not like this fact. But, it IS fact. So, why do we need Health Insurance Companies? Some of us do want 'extra' coverage and are prepared to pay for it. So, I suppose there will always be a place for the private insurance companies to do what they do, but a much smaller place than they now occupy should government health programs stand beside private-for-profit health insurance companies.
Karen? The companies you represent have cancelled health insurance policies when some of their insured medical conditions have become too expensive; have not or will not insure people with pre-existing conditions such as asthma and diabetes or previous dermatology issues among others; have denied claims of their insured based on corporate decision, not medical ones. The companies you represent only want to insure 'healthy' people, collect the money and enjoy the profits. What about the millions of people who previously had medical insurance and those people who have no medical insurance and need medical help? Of course, this is of no concern to you or the companies you represent, is it? Have you ever gone through the medicaid government process when someone in your family is destitute and has nowhere else to go? Karen, are you aware the number one reason for filing bankruptcy in these United States is because of medical bills?

The truth is that the current medical system is financially unsustainable as it now exists. Government intervention and program IS the necessary result.
Fact is, Karen, your position about health insurance and the companies you represent DISCONNECTS completely with the needs of our country. Your amoral position and the amoral behaviours of the companies you represent is exceeded only by your greed!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Palins Vs. Letterman---Disconnect

Sometimes the lines blur between entertainment and politics. To me 'politics' IS entertainment. So, it seems appropriate to say something about the David Letterman/Palin family dust-up of a few weeks ago. What's the big deal? David is a comedian with a joke of not much value about one of the Sarah and Todd Palin children (Willow, Trig, Trick, Boofa, what ever they're names are) and the Palin's are also comedians who represent themselves as jokes. So, what's the big deal? OK, the Palin's were prominent in the news a few months ago when ''Klondike Barbie" ran for the vice presidency of these United States and paraded her children all over the world, proclaiming 'the no sex education in schools' doctrine and sensationalizing the sperm donor (now where did he sit and stand at the Republican national Convention?) of their daughter's then unborn child and then pushed this unmarried teenage pregnant daughter in front of every camera she could find to await a God ordained birth. Duh! What did I miss in this? When the gun toting Sarah lost the election and returned to 'the frontier' where she could see Russia from her front porch, she really did leave us laughing, most of the time, anyway.......and now.......'sheee's baaaack'......visiting the Big Apple along with Todd and who knows which of or how many of the children came along for the trip.... but they've been all over the news, telling jokes and being jokes....... Sarah had to gun down a few rat's in the hotel room before it was habitable according to at least one source.......and then they went to a ball game, stopping off at 'Big Boy's Moose Burger' before the first pitch.......and did A Rod perform or what? Well, we don't know because to his credit he's kept his mouth shut throughout this media flap. Hey, A Rod, you're becoming a class act........So......David has offered an apology of sorts because he got the exact identities of the Palin daughters wrong and which one actually went to 'the game' and invited the Palins on his show.......but Todd issued an emphatic 'NO', saying he can't trust Letterman in the company of his daughter........way to go Toddy, did you write that one or is it just your natural comic ability and timing showing......hummmm, lets see condemn Letterman for some kind of joke about one of your daughters and then you joke about Letterman along with your daughter and keep her in the news that you previously indignantly said was 'off limits' because of her tender age was a joke, wasn't it? Palins! Do you not understand that when make your children public fodder that they can and do become become the subjects of virtually anything in the media? You can't have it both ways Palins. Those poor kids. Yes, there is clearly a blur between politics and entertainment......and David! What a ratings boost for you. Especially in the same week Conan took over the Tonight Show and posted superior ratings in his first couple days.........Tina Fey! Where are you? You have some great material to work on here.......

I guess in the's all entertainment.....yes? But are you happy that Sarah is NOT a heart beat away from the presidency? Oh, sorry Rush, Newt, Hannity, GW, and O' Really, I would suspect you are not happy about any of this.

Governor Sanford/ Senator Ensign in Political Theaters!!!!!!

As previously mentioned, I find politics entertaining and worthy of comment .... as comedian Jerry Lewis once commented ".......really good comedy comes when pathos is present". And we certainly have pathos and some very good comedy in the recent antics of Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and Republican U.S. Senator John Ensign. Just as I see the humor and comedy, the silliness and buffoonery found in many entertaining films, I see the same things from time to time on the political stage. Now consider this......

.............both Senator Ensign and Governor Sanford have a lot in common. Both men are conservative Republicans who cater to the religious right. Both have voting records of condemnation for those who violate 'God's Law'. Both make moralistic judgements on fellow politicians in the righteous indignatious thoughts of what is believed to be the moral standards of flamingo trailer park dwellers, The 700 Club viewers and Fox News audience. Both are embraced by the unfair and unbalanced Fox News cadry and both are/were on the short list for presidential bids in 2012. And both are now embroiled in extra-marital sex scandals. C'mon guys, the sex stuff is supposed to be a Democrat thing.....Republicans are supposed to be involved in 'money/financial' scandals. Stay with the 'program' guys, you are confusing us.

Senator Ensign! What in the world were you thinking? You are or were a 'Promise Keeper'---you know, one of those guys that go to those meetings, beat drums, profess the 'will of the lord' vis-a-vie marriage vows and provide that 'real men' keep their we learn that you had an 8 or so month sexual relationship with one of your staffers , Cindy Hampton; that her husband, Doug Hampton, not only worked for you but that you were close friends; that you gave Cindy a significant pay raise after the 'affair' began; that you employed the Hampton's 19 year old son, Brandon, for "research and policy consulting" (a 19 year old? policy consulting?); that you terminated these 'contracts' when the affair ended; that another staffer has provided you had a previous sexual affair in 2002. Good grief. You've been a busy guy, Senator.

Governor Sanford! What in the world were you thinking? There is a new euphemism for 'extra marital affair'........'I'm going to hike the appalachian trail'........

Governor? You drop out of sight saying you are hiking on the Appalachian trail, to 'clear your mind' from the rigors of tough legislative matters......but, you can't be found. Then we learn you are in Argentina. Argentina? Well......Don't cry for me Argentina......'clearing your mind?'.... and then we learn that you are with your argentinian on-going relationship of some duration? And then you return to your job and confess your indiscretions........Good grief! If this was not for real, no one would believe it. And then your wife issues a statement saying you and she have been separated for a while now and that given your public apology there is a chance your marriage can be strengthened.......strengthened? What a mess!

Hey guys, I don't care who you sleep with or what you do in the bedroom with anyone......if you like goats, I don't care.........frankly I want my political leaders to be sexually satisfied. I think everyone does a better job at what they do when they are sexually satisfied. But! You are public figures .... in the public eye .... and have found your place on the political stage via some incontravertable standards you publicly portrayed........and it's been pure bull-crap! Do you know how to be honest? Especially with yourselves? I'm not judging here.....I'm only asking some questions... and I don't want answers. I would think that anyone who might consider voting for you for anything...ever....would consider these things, however.

Hey guys, you've given many of us great humor and comedy on the politicsl stage. So, where's the pathos? Have you looked into the eyes of your children recently?

Now, The Movie! Let us cast it......for you, Senator Ensign, how about William Hurt playing a version of his Kiss of the Spider Woman character.....there are some similarities........and for you, Governor, Sasha Baron Cohen is the perfect choice to play you. If you don't agree, go the The Huffington Post, punch in Bruno in Berlin and see his pictures in his pink body suit......and I rest my case........


Friday, August 7, 2009

Sarah's Baaaaaack! DISCONNECT!

Sarah! You're baaaack! We knew you just couldn't stay away very long.......and now you're back being your funny, silly self. You big Silly! We're so glad you've returned, Sarah. And....Look at what you said the "E" word....(hehehehehe).......did 'gw' teach you that word? E-V-I-L.......c'mon.....did he?

Unfortunately, you didn't speak. You wrote......on your Facebook, OK, we'll take it. But what you say in writing is not nearly as funny as when you say it in your Barbie voice. Maybe Fox News will interview you?

Now, Sarah.....we need to be very serious for a moment. Sarah, you know we love you, because God loves you. I think you know that. Remember when you were 'holy-rollin' a few years ago? God told you he loved you then, right? So, now we need to be very serious. Sarah? Have you been sniffing glue? don't be upset.....Sarah! HAVE .....YOU.....BEEN......SNIFFING....GLUE! This is serious, Sarah. The reason we ask is because of your very bizarre comments the other day. Sarah, you essentially made the bizarre claim that Obama's "Death Panel" could kill your infant son who has Down Syndrome when writing about Health Care proposals now being debated in the U.S. Congress. Sarah, nothing you suggest in your bizarre statement is true. Nothing.

Sarah, there are actually 3 Health Care Plan proposals in discussion right now. Discussion, Sarah. The Obama Administration outline, a House of Representative version and a Senate version. Nothing in any of these documents remotely suggests euthanasia or any kind of 'death panel'. So, here is a multiple choice question for you, Sarah.......

1. Sarah Palin on the Health Care Plan proposal(s) is:

A. Ignorant
B. Lying
C. Ignorant and Lying
D. Sniffing Glue

Sarah, I don't think many people believe you're sniffing glue. That's a bizarre thought, yes? But not as bizarre as your published thoughts on Health Care Reform, Sarah. So, an informed person can only believe that you're ignorant, lying, or both about the subject matter. Is this the kind of thought processing you would employ as an elected official?

On another, but related matter, we again see that YOU are again 'using' one of your children about a political issue.......your infant son. And wasn't it just a short while ago you stood up in a kind of feigned righteous indignation about David Letterman obliquely speaking about one of your daughters in a joke? And now you use your infant son for a political purpose relating to health care reform and death panels? What in the world are you thinking, Sarah?

Meanwhile, and on a lighter note, we see that the father of your grandchild, Levi 'what's his name', 19, attended the 'teen' spirit awards or some such in Hollywood last night. He was seen and photographed with his date, Kathy Griffen, 48. What a nice looking couple. We understand Levi is in Hollywood for a Vanity Faire photo shoot. Well, we certainly can't wait for THAT publication to hit the news stands.

Thanks for being Baaaaaaaack, Sarah.


Make em' Laugh! .....and Reconnect

Hey people.......Lighten Up! Dems and Repubs, you're people too.....well......most of you are people........lighten UP! This 'debate' on Health Care Reform is getting out of control. Yes? One way to 'lighten up' is to laugh about it......So, come on TINA FEY, Letterman, John Stewart, Colbert.....lets hear from you........ we need you.....and you, too Sarah, we need your comedy relief. One of your really stupid statements would help a lot right wouldn't take long, just open your mouth.......then go shoot a carabou........And maybe you too, Limburger......go on a vicodin commercial ....and you're ugly too.......

Hey, people......Lighten Up!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

RNC Chair Michael Steele---DISCONNECT

August 6, 2009

Today Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele once again 'disconnects' himself and his party with mainstream America.

Today, POLITICO Reports: Steele: Dems using 'fear and smear'.......

What? Michael, Michael, Michael! YOU are charging 'fear and smear'? You? Protege of Carl Rove and Dick Cheney? You? Can you say h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e? C'mon.... lets hear you say it..............

So, lets examine your 'drama-mouth' speech today in some kind of context.

Yesterday, Democratic National Communications Director, Brad Woodhouse, in a written statement claimed: "The Republicans are inciting angry mobs of a small number of rabid right wing extremists" ........ in response to the GOP opposition to health care reform which is now being debated in the U.S. Congress. Your 'fear and smear' reply, Michael, was in reaction to this basic statement. It is interesting that you did not deny that your party was, in fact, doing it. And many of us could easily figure that Woodhouse (who rarely gets anything right) got it right this time. At this weeks start, on Fox News Sunday, Senator Jim DeMint told a tiny audience that angry people would be in the streets campaigning against health care reform. Duh! So, it was within your convoluted integrity to not deny the basic truth of Woodhouse's statement.

By happenstance, during this week, I happened to briefly witness one of these mobs in public.....hey, Michael, the people I saw was an out of control, slack jawed, wild-eyed group.......... carrying Nazi scripted placards and strangely looking like they came from a same-family gene pool from West Virginia chewing on possum pie. Most disturbing, however, was that no one could speak. No one. Not even the moderate Republican official who was trying to speak because this mob would not allow it. This mob's message was clear in their right winged party line of 'no health care reform'. The tragedy is that I doubt not one of these 'angry americans' had a clue as to what is true and what is not true about what they are so vehemently 'snarling' against.

But, lets get to the nitty-gritty, Michael......the real reason for all this hoopla is because a handful of our elected so-called leaders are in the pockets of some health care insurance companies and some pharmaceutical companies who do don't want reform at all. But not you, Michael, you're not in these company pockets because you're in the palms of Dick Cheney and Carl Rove, who ARE in the pockets of these companies. You know, Dickie and Carl? The guys through which you were funded in your failed senatorial bid. By the way, how were the charges that you mishandled campaign funds ever resolved, Michael?

And still, YOU speak of 'fear and smear' with a straight face while at the very same time wacko right wing 'The Family Research Council' is trying to strike fear in senior citizens and re-kindle abortion fears with their erroneous TV ads opposing health care reform which are running right now.

Michael, to any considered observer, you are steering a 'party' that is spinning out of control and ultimately into oblivion. You are so bent on wanting the Obama Administration to fail that you are willing to and causing our country to fail in it's recovery to so many things that are in reach. For you, it's 'party' over country at the expense of country. Should some of your more sane and moderate party leaders NOT regain control of the insanity the Republican Party and you are now promulgating, your party, once my party, will have the credibility of Ralph Nader's party. Now what's it's name?


William Jennings Jefferson--- DISCONNECT

On August 5, 2009, our nation witnessed still another DISCONNECT from an elected public egregious violation of the public trust.

Democrat U.S. Congressman William Jennings Jefferson from Louisiana was convicted in the U.S. Court in Virginia on 11 of 16 violations of law which included Bribery, Racketeering and Money Laundering. The Court found that Jefferson had taken more than 400k in bribes for brokering business deals in Africa, among other findings. The 62 year old former congressman (1991-2009) is facing a minimum 20 years and a maximum of 150 years sentence in federal prison. Sentencing is set for October 30, 2009.

Former Congressman, now convict, Jefferson! You have once again demonstrated why the American people distrust many of their politicians. Just how arrogantly dumb have you become while lining your pockets with dirty money? In your case, some of it frozen money. $90,000.00 cash was found in your freezer by federal agents in 2005. Still, you say that money was your private money. Hey, crook, that money was 'marked'. It was dirty money from the start and still you maintain your innocence?

Once upon a time, when a politician found him/herself in a 'disconnect circumstance', the Democrats always seemed to do it with some sexual misconduct while the Republicans stole money. Now, we are becoming confused. The Democrats seem to stealing the money now and the Republican 'dis connectors' seem to be spreading their sexuality all over the media.

Enjoy prison, Billy.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Reconnect Through Truth and Fact

An old friend, now gone, consistently admonished his friends: "Don't believe everything you think". And, to some extent many of us do believe a lot of things we 'think' are true and factual without checking any of it out. Trusting in today's media, politicians, and once trusted institutions is tantamount to accepting a fox in charge of a hen house. One oasis of truth and fact can be found at is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of The University of Pennsylvania and a credible source to those wanting truth and fact on specific issues of the day. is non-partisan with the primary goal of accuracy.

For example, right now The Family Research Council is paying for a TV ad now running in 5 States about the massive health care reform now on the front burners in the U.S. Congress. Take a look at the ad (found on and then read the in-depth assessment. You may be surprised at the 'disconnect' from what the ad presents with the truth. never gives an opinion or opinion ates. But anyone reading this blog knows that I, here goes.....the lofty title 'Family Research Council' is actually a right wing, ultra conservative group who preys upon the fears of some senior citizens and anti pro-choicer's with reckless disregard for the truth. Family Research Center supports Democrat Senator Max Baucus from Montana (also in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies and private health insurance providers--see his major financial contributors) and 'wacko' Republican Senator Jim 'cream' DeMint from South Carolina.

Notwithstanding my rants, for decent, credible factual information, go to