Monday, September 21, 2009

FOX News---Chris Wallace---Disconnect

Yesterday President Obama appeared on 5 Sunday news shows. Countem' 5! And Chris Wallace Fox Sunday 'News' program wasn't one of them. So now crybaby Chris is crying aloud about the Whitehouse

President Obama made the rounds on the big and respected Sunday news programs and this time included an all Spanish speaking news program as well, while pushing forward his health care plans for the country. And Chris is still crying.

Well.....duh......Chris.......figure it out. Look at your 'news network' editorial policy toward anything less than an ultra-nut mentality. Did you see one of your producers whipping up a group of anti-health care paid robots before televising their so called grass roots (astro turf) march in D.C. recently? Are you aware that Glenn Beck put old pictures (more than 5 years old) up as 'the march' as real? That Becky boy got the real number of about 70,000 marchers wrong (c'mon, he knows he lied, you know he lied and so do the rest of us know he lied) and presented over 1,000,000 marchers as real? None of the claims here are difficult to find, Chris. This disingenuous stuff from your people, Chris, is monumental and ongoing.

Chris, there is so much more to say about your corporations dishonest, opinionated reporting.....but basically, your 'news' just isn't news. It's ideologue-ism taken to the n-Th degree. Accordingly, your organization has no credibility and by association, you have no credibility either. This plus your tanked ratings would put you out of the running for any responsible subject, the President included, to appear on your show or any other 'show' on 'fox news'.

Keep crying, Chris. But no one is listening or cares.


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