Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joe Wilson---a side bar to the usual DISCONNECT

So, OK, a lot has been said and written, pro and con, about ideologue Joe Wilson's outburst of "you lie" during the Presidents speech last week......So, I'll not go into any great dissertation here about this jerk of a public figure.

Suffice to say that Wilson's outburst came when President Obama said the Health Care Bill did not cover illegal which Wilson presented his indignation that Health Care would cover illegal immigrants with his "YOU LIE", remark.

Well, here is a fact! In a GOP Bill in 2003, that provided Federal funds to COVER ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT MEDICAL CARE, JOE WILSON VOTED FOR IT!

To the possum pie eating/Jimmy Swaggart crowd who voted for this demagogue, wake up and smell the coffee......look around your poorish surroundings and figure out that Joe Wilson voted to send your kids to the Neocon Republican 'corporate war' and kill them. Not to 'protect' America; but to line up corporate profit for the 21st century. Get IT!

Look at where the minimal taxes you pay go! And went! Into whose pockets is your money NOW? That which Pat Robertson does not have, Dick Cheney's corporations do have. WAKE UP!

Don't take any thing here as gospel. Research it yourselves. It's not rocket science. Just look up the congressional record on these matters. Read the PNAC Doctrine which was embraced and executed by Cheney and his boys while the poor little pantywaist prez spouted Carl Rove dialog to the public amid an impotent, timid news media.


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