Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On The Road Again with Sarah!

Our venerable heroin, former Governor of Alaska and failed GOP standard bearer for the Vice President's Office in 2008, Klondike Sarah Palin is on the road again. Only this time she's making some movies. Klondike Barbie will be lensing at least 2 'road' films. And, yes, they are comedies. The Road to Hong Kong is in production now with an all-star Asian supporting cast. Immediately following will be a yet untitled film, with the working title The Road to Asia.

After her recent photo shoot with Vanity Faire, Sarah and staff looked at over 1000 speaking engagement offers (according to Palin sources) and selected a Hong Kong venue as their first stop on a multi-legged political speaking tour. The Road to Hong Kong is billed as a comedic mocumentary by it's producers, CLSA, who brokered the deal. Palin's pay was not disclosed, but a source close to her provides that " couldn't get that roll of bills in a salmon's mouth, but it wouldn't choke a moose either" (This is Palin Camp folksy rhetoric from the Northern Exposure).

But we foresee some Perils for Palin in all this. Among it's many functions CLSA is a news organization known for it's blend of humor with legitimate news in a John Stewart kind of style. So, we want to caution 'the barbie' in all the hoopla she is getting in Hong Kong. It could be a big time 'set-up'. One unnamed source warned of a "Borat style 'ambush' practical joke. A spokesman for CLSA said it was impossible to ambush Palin because she's just plain delightfully dumb, with a political edge and would not understand it anyway. Accordingly, the humor is lost. "We prefer just showing her as she is, she will have people laughing in the streets by just being SARAH", according to the spokesman.

For the record, according to CLSA and polls, Palin has been a running joke in Asia for a long time. So, once again, we have entertainment and political news analysis coming together in The Road to Hong Kong.

Sarah, we want you to be very careful in Asia. We know you have 'MISTAKES' in your DNA and that you carry a dominate 'mistake prone' gene. So be very careful as we want to report on you for a long time to come. we need all the humor we can get these days. And you sure give it to us.

Not since Marie Wilson's radio show and subsequent television sitcom, My Friend Irma, have we had a real spacey-eyed, speech challenged dim-wit air-head capture the funny-bones of international audiences. Sarah Palin fits that bill.

Politics is entertainment and entertainment is politics. And the hilarious train-wreck that is Sarah Palin is testimony to this Statement.

......and th-th-that's all folks............


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