Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PAT ROBERTSON---700 Club---Disconnect

Part 1. Pat Robertson---The Evangelist

Today, televangelist Pat Robertson, 79, returned home to recuperate from 10 hours of surgery to repair a heart disorder. We wish you a speedy recovery, Pat, and hope you're back in the pulpit and hosting the 700 Club on TV very soon. We really do hope your recovery is full and complete, Pat.

Pat Robertson founded the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in 1960. Today, the network airs religious programs in nearly 100 languages to more than 225 countries. It's flagship show, a talk show with Pat Robertson as host, reaches nearly one million people daily. Through the years Pat Robertson established a conglomerate of educational institutions, businesses and corporations which all seem to have one thing in common.....The glorification of Pat Robertson and money for Pat Robertson.

Pat Robertson found his religious compass through a Dutch Missionary, Cornelius Vanderbreggan in 1956.......and became an evangelist. Pat Robertson was ordained as a minister of The (fundamentalist/conservative) Southern Baptist Convention in 1961, which is somewhat curious because Pat Robertson portrayed a 'charismatic' bent which is not a Southern Baptist standard.

Through the years, Pat Robertson has claimed that God talks to him, and gives him privileged information. And, of course, he shares that information with we less privileged souls. Accordingly, Pat Robertson has predicted the end of the world (several times), nuclear Holocaust, world-wide famine, the return of Jesus, 'judgement' and a host of other things that did not materialize. When Pat Robertson's claims did not come to pass, he said that "God took mercy upon us and didn't do it". (Specific claims including dates and times can be found on Wikipedia and other reliable sources).

Meanwhile, Pat Robertson established the American Center for Law and Justice as a counter balance to The American Civil Liberties Union. He also founded CBN University in 1978, and The Pat Robertson School of Law soon followed. U.S. News and World Reports has consistently placed Robertson's school of law in the 4th tier of quality. In other words the bottom of the barrel of law schools. Still, this did not stop the Bush Administration from hiring many of their 'graduates' into the U.S. Department of Justice (under the hand of Dick Cheney and others) after a number of Justice Department lawyers were purged out of their jobs for political reasons.

In 1988, Pat Robertson made a failed political bid for the White House, running on a far right platform. Although unsuccessful on the political stage, Pat Robertson has influence and MONEY in the political arena. Pat Robertson also has a relationship to The Fox News network which is too complex for this writing. It is, however, a matter of public record easily investigated through Google, Wikipedia and FactCheck.org.

So, today Pat Robertson returned home to recuperate from his heart surgery and issued the following prepared statement: "Only the prayers of thousands of believing people kept me on this earth", Robertson said.

Pat Robertson is a man of extreme financial riches. He has amassed a fortune. He has Summer homes, winter homes, private jets, servants catering to his every want. Pat Robertson is an icon of capitalistic entrepreneurship.

How did all this happen? Part 2. tells the story. Read on............

Part 2. Pat Robertson--The Disconnect

Pat Robertson's cohort, former Vice President Dick Cheney, has been quoted as saying: "Fear is our strongest political currency".

It seems Pat Robertson used a similar mantra from the beginning of his evangelical career......'Fear is the strongest religious currency'.......

....and so it has been through the years. Pat Robertson has used the 'fear' with his rendition of 'Gods Word' to take a percent of income from the poor and in firmed for His work and Pat Robertson's financial fortune.

tune in for more very soon.................the above is just the beginning of what hypocrisy, greed and psyche-denial is all about.............


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  1. You forgot to point out that he also had a disconnect with any form of a human heart. . . .