Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quick and Dirty Disconnects

The following 'quickies' have been researched for accuracy through at least one reliable source such as and snopes among others.........

1. Blue Dog Democrats......Queen of cash Democrat Senator Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas has added over 325k to her re-election campaign from the health care industry during the first 6 months of this wonders how she will vote on the upcoming Health Care legislation before congress which will be coming up soon...... meanwhile, fellow Democrat Representative Mike Ross (also from Arkansas) who is playing a key role in the same health care debate sold some commercial property (valued at not more than 100k) in Presott, Ark. in '07 to Arkansas based pharmacy chain USA Drug for 420k according to records. Later, Ross's wife Holly, a pharmacist sold her business, Holly's Pharmacy, to the same company for 500k-$1,000,000.00 (a price well beyond her business's worth according to local sources) and took an extra 100k for not opening a competitive business........and continues to work at Holly's Pharmacy for an undisclosed salary.

Is all this stuff legal?......probably......but in reality it's legalized bribery ... Yes?

Does 'blue dog' democrat = corruption? Does 'democrat' = Corruption? Does republican = corruption?

2. Sarah Palin......yesterday little Sarah made her long awaited first speech since she de-throned herself as Governor of Alaska.....speaking in Hong Kong to world business leaders, Sarah did not disappoint......we have the text of her speech, mostly one syllable words about Alaska and 'Main Street', which is of no consequence....just like Sarah. Bottom line is that participants were struck by her shallowness......several attendees walked out during her speech. But the grumbles of those who stayed to the bitter end were very one attendee put it and probably speaking for the majority grubbed...."she's just plain dumb......."

.....another attendee said, "I guess facts don't matter..........."

Sources close to Palin say Palin is polishing up her foreign policy resume. What?

3. FOX News TV Ratings......we've been advised that credible TV Rating Systems such as Neilson do not rate Fox News any longer because it's viewed as a 'tabloid' and as such does not report validated news. But we can't substantiate that. Is there anyone out there who can? Meanwhile some broad cable network rating systems reported the following for average weekly viewers:

ESPN---4.5 million
USA---3.3 million
Fox News---2.6 million
CNN---1 million
MSNBC---1 million

(ABC, CBS, and NBC National News programs each garner 8 to 9 million viewers on average.)

If these figures are to be believed, why is there any attention paid to any of the cable broadcasters? Many local radio stations throughout the country have more listeners on a daily basis. So whats the big deal about what anyone says about anyone or any thing on these networks?


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