Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Do Many Right Wing/Conservative Public Figures and Politicians Look Like They Came From the Same Gene Pool?

I've recently been taken by the fact that so many right wing/conservative public figures and politicians, on the Federal and State and Local levels, seem to have come from the same gene pool. And most seem to have come from the Bible Belt. Why is that?

Take a look.......Dick Cheney, Carl Rove, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Steve Nunn, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim DeMint, Mike Savage, Joe Wilson, Hannity and most of the Fox News contributors along with Sarah Palin's advisers......the list goes on and on. The common physiognomy of these creatures is noticeable to even a casual observer.

(Sarah? That's...... phys---iog---nomy, meaning nomenclature of the face). (Sarah? That' (say clay)---ture (sounds like---tour).

Seriously, take a look at the commonalities. Round faces, puffy/fat rosy cheeks, beady eyes. They sweat when they talk. Most don't have necks and most have crooked smiles (meaning they have similar facial musculature). And that's common physiognomy folks!

So, did they come from the same gene pool? Well, there certainly seems to be less than 7 degrees of separation within this group.

There are other similarities as well. Most of them have girth footage greater than their heights. And skinny, under developed legs with fat ankles. And according to unreliable sources, all have been treated for foot fungus in the last year. A dominate genetic trait in some gene pools......... also all are circumcised and none of the circumcisions were done by a moil, except possibly in Mike Savage's case, according to the same unreliable sources. At least one departs from the group (behaviorally) by wearing women's underwear, but we weren't told which one(s). And studies provide that such behavior has genetic roots in all gene pools. Some cavemen wore women's fig leafs according to carbon testing. Even God just does not get it right all the time, folks.

BUT! There is one thing ALL of these people have in common. Their IDEOLOGUE IGNORANCE is only exceeded by their DEMAGOGUE ARROGANCE. Such is common in common gene pools. Still none of this is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that these people come from the same gene pool, although there does seem to be a preponderance of the evidence they do.

Maybe we'll take up their DNA at another time.

FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update: September 19, 2009: Breaking News: We've just learned from seriously unconfirmed sources that these people mentioned above DO COME FROM THE SAME GENE POOL. But here's the twist....AND it's a big one. They have been GENETICALLY ENGINEERED from a dastardly, evil medical insurance corporation with the intent of ruling the World.

Stay tuned..................


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