Friday, October 30, 2009

The Weekly Darwin 'dumbest of them all' Awards for the week ending October 31, 2009

What a week! So many entrants! It was difficult to pick a winner.

'The Dumbest of them all' awards are presented without comment. The criteria for receiving the the award is clear and simple. The statements or events from the contenders stand on their own AND such must make one question evolution.

First, the runners up:

-Levi Johnston was omnipresent this week on the talk shows with statements as dumb as he appears......"I'm going full frontal nude for my upcoming photo shoot with PLAYGIRL magazine" he exclaimed on the CBS morning show......during the same interview he trashed the grandmother (Sarah Palin) of his illegitimate son by saying "Sarah often joked about her 'retard son' in private.

-Sarah Palin who was asked to speak at a conservative 'family values' political organization in Iowa and said she required 100k for being there.

-The creator of night clubs for fat people only.

-Birther Queen Orly Taitz protesting Bill O'Reilly because he rejects her contention that President Obama was not born in the U.S.

-The New York City Muslim woman who slashed her husbands throat with a western manufactured knife for being too 'western'.

-The Arizona Muslim father who ran over and killed his 20 year old daughter for being too 'western' in his western manufactured car.

-Liz Cheney who criticized President Obama for honoring fallen soldiers at Dover Air Force Base, saying "it was publicity stunt", while failing to mention neither her father nor President Bush once visited the fallen soldier sanctuary in their years in office.

-Liz Cheney's mother, Lynne, saying she owned two original Picasso paintings but didn't display them because she didn't want her grand children seeing nude art.

-The creators of the Balloon Boy Halloween costumes which can be found on

-The plastic preserved, surgically altered faced Joan Rivers lookalike Kathy Griffen on the Conan O'Brian show saying she is "carrying Levi Johnston's baby" as she wiped the sweat from her vagina which has been hiked up to her shoulder blades because of her surgeries.

-All things Scientology which permeated the international and national news this week.

-Chaz/Chastity Bono's gender reassignment from female to male....not because he/she decided to do it, but, rather, because of the condescending, gushing reports from the media about a fat slob involved in a private matter.

Even with all these over-the-top news reports this past week, one behaviour and event comes to the top of the list for this weeks Darwin 'dumbest of them all' award.

And the winner is:

Drum roll.................

Former President G.W. Bush who made his first appearance on October 26, 2009, as a motivational speaker at a 'Get Motivated' seminar said at the end of his speech....... "as president of the United States I tried to bring honor and dignity to the office" as attendees danced in the isles to the raising music of 'Surf City Fort Worth!

Certainly, all this makes us question evolution and Nobel Prize winner Alfred Scent Gyorgi for his work in the 'drive in living matter to perfect itself'.


p.s.......and yes, this article is up for purchase by 'The Onion'.



"news" reporting in the fox "news" reporting tradition.......

Fox "news" reporting is a model unto itself with it's hyperbole, innuendo and disinformation among other techniques........and, of course Glenn Beck's tears...sob,, little is there that can be taken seriously from Fox "news".

Likewise, we thought an article in the Fox "news" reporting tradition might have some interest on the Friday before Halloween.

Have you seen/heard Bill Kristol and Greta (what's her name) lately? Other than both working at the Fox, they may have other things in common. Both have been seen in the company of Chastity (now Chaz) Bono recently and there are questions to be asked.....Have both Bill and Greta had gender reassignment surgery? Chaz/Chastity has. We understand that both Greta and Bill have experienced cosmetic surgery. Or was it just Greta? Or do both wear Halloween masks year round?

If Greta and Bill DID undergo gender reassignment procedures, we would need to question their Fox health care plans. Certainly, the insurance company was stingy with the hormone treatments. Greta sure could use more estrogen and Bill's testosterone levels need to be tested whether or not he had this surgery in the first place. We spoke with our medical correspondents and other medical experts on our team and there could be some medical malpractice to all this. There is also question about what happened to the spare parts derived from these surgeries. Where did they go? What happened to them? Did Bill and Greta swap?

These and other questions need answers for a discriminating, thoughtful Fox "news" audience. So? Lets have some answers!

Trick or Treat!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Second Bill of Rights Proposal

The Second Bill of Rights for U.S. citizens was proposed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during his State of the Union address on January 11, 1944. At that time, FDR set forth certain rights for all citizens he called The Economic Bill of Rights.

FDR suggested the nation had come to recognize certain economic imbalances and unfairnesses and should implement a Second Bill of Rights. FDR did not argue for any changes in The U.S. Constitution. He did argue that a second Bill of Rights be implemented politically and not by Federal Judges. His justification was that 'political rights' guaranteed by The Constitution and the Bill of Rights "had proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness".

FDR's remedy was to create an "Economic Bill of Rights" which would guarantee:

-A Job with a Living Wage
-Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies
-A Home
-Medical Care

President Roosevelt prefaced his Second Bill of Rights remarks with...."First we have a war to finish and then..........."

Unfortunately, 'then' never happened for FDR or the citizens. FDR died on April 12, 1945, fifteen months after his landmark State of the Union address and before the end of WWII. Since then, certain parts of parts of the Second Bill of Rights have been 'politically handled', but not with the clarity and specificity outlined by President Roosevelt in 1944.

And now, in 2009, and doubtless beyond, arguments against FDR's basic 'rights' proposal and cries of 'socialism' maintain a status-quo and little progress is being made. When the term 'socialism' is raised in argument some believe there should be some kind of negative visceral reaction to it. Why?

By definition, the clean water we drink, the fire and law enforcement protection we expect, the military and many other things attendant to a free and civilized society in 'the pursuit of happiness' is SOCIALISM.

Right now, there is a 'battle-supreme' in our congress about medical care for all. Is not the Right to Health Care fundamental to 'the pursuit of happiness' guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution? FDR thought so. How about you?


Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weekly Darwin Awards-- October 24, 2009

Once again it's time to hand out The Weekly Darwin 'dumbest of them all' Award for the week ending October 24, 2009. It was a tough choice because so many high profile characters qualified themselves as 'the dumbest of them all' this week.

After all votes were counted, disgraced former VP Dick Cheney got the top spot for his 'quit dithering over Afghanistan' remarks toward President Obama's method of considering the options and direction for that war.

Since we don't comment on this weekly award (words/actions speak for themselves), suffice to say that ABC's George Will neatly tied Cheney's ramble together by saying, "Cheney should have 'dithered' before invading Iraq."

Runners up for the week include ESPN's Steve Phillips, Fox's Mortimer Snerd lookalike, Bill Kristol and Catholic League President Bill Donahue pimping for other religious nut sacks.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

W. Surfaces with a New GIG! Disconnect?

W., number 43, has been very quiet since he left office. It seems he's been writing his memoirs and other minutia. BUT, W. has surfaced publicly with the announcement from GET MOTIVATED SEMINARS that number 43 will be the main event speaker at their presentation in Fort Worth on October 26, and again on December 2, in San Antonio, Texas.

GET MOTIVATED SEMINARS is owned and operated by business motivational speaker Zig Ziglar who charges $19. for entire offices to participate. Ziglar also employs Rudy Giuliani and Terry Bradshaw, among others, who will be part of the October 26, extravaganza.

Those interested in attending can go to for full information.

It is recognized that this article may be seen as a parody tome. Alas, it is not. It's all true (abbreviated) just as it came from the press release. Sometimes, truth is more satirical than the fiction created from it.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NEW POLLS--Only 20% of Voters Identify as Republicans!

These most recent polls are a disaster for the Republican Party! Some say catastrophic.

The Washington Post, Gallup, CBS, Zogby and other polls provide that only 20% of voters identify themselves as Republican, plus or minus 3% of error on average. At the same time President Obama is sailing high in these same polls at 57% overall approval and a whopping 60% with his handling of foreign policy.


Although many readers here disagree with Newt Gingrich, he is perhaps the only responsible, reliable, true conservative (not a CON-servative ) spokesman for whats left of the GOP.

Today, Newt said he accepts these recent polls and openly offered his thoughts to media outlets. Newt said, ".....the party has done it to itself; that the GOP has become a negative party and has offered nothing affirmative in response to a liberal agenda". "The party has failed"; that the party needs an agenda the majority of the voters can buy into....".

Newt fairly well answers the question of 'why' the GOP has lost support with voters. And, he has a plan to restore his party to some viability. But, will it happen? I hope so. At least a two party, maybe a three party system is necessary to a democratic system of government.

Now, a brief commentary as to 'why' the GOP has lost voter support.

In the 2000 presidential election process the Republican party was hijacked by the NeoCon/PNAC doctrinaires through wedge issues such as abortion, tax issues, gay rights, and fundamental religiosity beliefs and thus 'put down' the principles of the GOP. A puppet president was elected and "the PNAC doctrine" went forth. By the time those who had been duped understood the truth and reality of what they had voted into office, those voters crossed the line in 2008, and changed the equation and the future of our country.

That said, look at who now speaks for the remnant Republican party. Just look at it.......Sarah Palin is a joke. The Fox Trotters? No credibility! Rush? The CON-servative who makes the 'mostest from the leastest' ..... and on and on.......before the GOP becomes credible again, the republican party must take control over the nut cases now representing them.

Let us hope Newt Gingrich is capable of bringing a once grand old party back to credibility and viability.

Meanwhile, the GOP is in the toilet and the informed know it.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Palin Wins the Toilet Seat Museum Award over Dick Cheney

CON-servative GOP'ers have been buzzing for weeks about the inside-party fight between Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney over who will get the famed and prized Texas Toilet Seat Museum to display their papers and artifacts. It seems Sarah has won!

Texas is home to a number of World Class museums in the Arts, History, Railroad, Aviation and Technology. Texas is also the home of The Toilet Seat Museum in the Alamo Heights section of San Antonio, the only museum of it's kind in the United States.

Until now, only toilets and their seats have been displayed. However, with expansion funds donated by a Pat Robertson foundation, new displays can now be curated under the provision that new displays are in keeping with the museum's theme. Both Former VP Dick Cheney and former VP candidate Sarah Palin fit the criteria to display works of their special and unique movements. And both have been in a furious debate as to which one of them would get the nod to display their stuff.

When Sarah called "DIBBS" on the Toilet Museum, it seemed the Dick just went limp, according to one insider who refused to be identified. Our source was quick to say that Dick is a good sport and when he recovered from the shock of losing the Toilet Museum, he asked Sarah on a 'hunting trip', telling her....."the sooner the better". Sarah replied, "I can move for that, by gosh!"

We'll keep you posted on developments. We understand there is a 3-seater toilet being donated by Saudi family and it's on it's way to the museum as we write. Stay tuned.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Wisdom from Wasilla's Sweetheart!

Sarah! We've heard from you!!!!!!....after all these hours of silence! Thank you for your communication and WISDOM from what you write on your Facebook page........

.....frankly, Sarah, we're in awe of your wise and brilliant's comments were especially cogent and profound.... "...young people will pay the fine for health insurance rather than pay for the health care premium"........

Sarah, it will take a while for intellectual minds to fathom the depth of your statement......

Meanwhile, Sarah? Do you recognize how much you have in common with 'Balloon Boy'?


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who's the Dumbest of em' All Weekly Darwin Award

Who is the DUMBEST of them all this week is an easy choice.....drum roll.........KEITH BARDWELL, the Louisiana justice of the peace from Tangipahoa Parrish who refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern for any children the couple might have.

The weekly Darwin 'Dumb' Award is always presented without comment because the person or the event speaks for itself. The only criterion used in making the selection is that the person or the event must make critical thinking people question 'Evolution'.

This weeks runners up were:
-Jon and Kate;
-The media who televised an empty drifting Mylar balloon for 5 hours and those who watched it; and,
-Glenn Beck.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

U.S. Mortgage Foreclosures--425 per hour!

Yup! The U.S. mortgage foreclosure rate, right now, is at 425 per hour according to the same people who earlier this week announced the recession is "over". That's 10,200 a day and 306,000 in a 30-day month. This is more than 3.6 million foreclosures a year!

The greatest numbers of foreclosures are found in California, Nevada and Florida.

Meanwhile, the tax payers have 'bailed out' the 'banks' and their corporate employees with tax dollars and in the 3rd Quarter these 'banks' have posted record profits (in the billions) and look toward giving bonuses to these 'employees of the people' (taxpayers own up to 80% of some of these organizations).

Whatcha think?


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Liz Cheney-The Sap Sticks Close to the Stump---Disconnect the sap from the fallen tree sticks close to the stump....... so it is with the chopped down former VP Cheney and his sap daughter, Liz......... seems the Cheney clan is at it again. Only this time it's Liz Cheney. Is she the lesbian or the ugly daughter? ......No Matter..... seems Lizzy has started a new organization called 'Keep America Safe'. A kind of an oxymoron if you think about it.......but, No Matter....... The Dick is recovering from surgery #666 and is not physically well enough to keep the disingenuous stuff going, Liz has been enlisted to steer the 'Keep America Safe' ship and keep the disingenuous stuff going......but, No Matter......

......a quick review of this organization finds the same tired old 'hate' junk one expects from the Cheney clan......Demagoguery, fear mongering and of course, wilful misinformation.....but, No Matter..........

......remember back ....when Liz was hired over at the State Department by The Dick's old crony friend and fellow PNAC doctrine author, The Rummy, to be in charge of the political transition in Iraq after the invasion? Remember The Dick telling the world that Iraqi citizens would be throwing rose petals at our soldiers because the citizens had been liberated? Remember how well all that went? Lizzy certainly did a Great Job there (?!?!?!?)........but, No Matter..... Lizzy, along with her nepotistic incompetence, is using her special 'expertise' and is at it again with 'Keep America Safe'. Don't we all feel more safe because Liz is out there? Keeping us safe? But, No Matter.......

What does matter is that Liz Cheney and her organization IS of No Matter!

Sap sticks very close to the Stump. And the Stump is of No Matter too.



Monday, October 12, 2009

More Quick and Dirty Disconnects ----------

-The Recession is Over!.......or so says the valedictory-government-wall street economic organization that declares and undeclares such things.

'The Recession is Over' has been the lead story on every major electronic media outlet all day. What? It's over? So, OK, the major economic indicators seem to be turning around.....for Wall Street. But hey, PEOPLE.....the 20% of you out of work now and probably tomorrow too.....the 10's of thousands who have foreclosed home mortgages......the millions who have no health care......the several millions who have filed for or will need to file for bankruptcy this year........It's over! Over?

In an afternoon update, the major news outlets also report that 80% of the nations economists say The Recession is OVER! We suspect the other 20% are still out of work.

-Happy Birthday Kirk Cameron! Remember that cute, mouthy kid on the TV sitcom, Growing Pains, 20 or so years ago? Well, Kirk is 39 today. Between then and now quirky Kirk found religion, became a full out tambourine shaking charismatic and has made a fortune with his cottage industry 'in search of' Christian films. One of the newest CON-servatives in the market place. Today Kirk is doing his con-job while serving his increasing net worth while praising God all the way to the bank. Kirk's newest project has he-himself writing a 60-page preface (presenting 'Christian' creationism) to Darwin's Origin of the Species, printing it ('Origin' is in the public domain) and selling it to college students. Sounds like a bad business deal to me, Kirk. Your book should be on the Dollar Store bookshelf along with Sarah's book very soon.

-And Happy Birthday to you too Chris Wallace, ye of the tabloid TV News (?). Which one is it, Chris? 85? 86? About the total number of viewers you mustered for your Sunday foxtrot show. Yes? Are you thinking about retirement?

-Democratic U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein......saw your performance on one of the Sunday talking head shows yesterday.....your rhetoric came across as though you never left the 1960's, Dianne......all that 'groovy/crackerjack' stuff. Worse, however,
is what you were trying to say in support of the war in Afghanistan. But even worse, have been a member of the Military Intelligence Committee for years. You knew of the torture procedures on prisoners of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. You were sworn to secrecy, but your silence on the subject puts you in the position of supporting it and who knows what else. Are you culpable to prosecution of 'war crimes' should such get to the courts? Your weaseling on health care is not helping your cause either, Dianne. And speaking of retirement......have you thought about hanging it up? And who was your make-up artist for that show? Dianne, you looked like a display in a Taxidermist window. He was not your friend and probably a Republican.

-The U.S. Senate Health Care Reform Vote.......tomorrow the Senate committee on health care will vote on Reform and the health Insurance Companies are pulling out all the stops to defeat it. Our old friend Karen Ignagni, President of America's Health Insurance Plans has threatened significant premium hikes should congress pass 'reform', based on her organizations study. Bad stuff, Karen. Your study is junk and everyone knows it. And you know it too. Take a look at the AARP, AMA and GAO reviews. Your last-ditch efforts won't work, Karen. Even if you do employ the 'swift boat' crew to manufacture attack ads. What happened to your high paid lobbyists, Karen? I guess they just didn't grease the palms of the buyable elected officials enough. You think?

-Rush Rush, you want to buy The Rams. However, the NFL Players Union is opposing your presence in any football franchise ..... do you know why, Rush? Maybe it's because you recently stated on your hate program that "slavery had it's merits" among other racist and despicable remarks.........and then again, maybe it's because the NFL does not want any of your slob pontifications about anything you have to say. Do you spit when you talk, Rush?

Cheers to the NFL Players Union.

(Update: 10/14/09: it seems Rush has rushed out of the purchase of the St. Louis Rams.......NFLPU: 7/Rush: 0/game over! Congrats to the NFL Players Union.)

More 'quick and dirty's later........


The 'CON' in CONservative --- Disconnect

Once upon a time the term and concept "Conservative" meant something of value. Conservative meant something intelligent, well thought out, and logical whether one agreed with a certain conservative idea or ideal or not. Conservative ideology could be intelligently and cognitively argued with fact and critical thinking processes. The term Conservative had respect. Today it does not.

Once upon a time Conservatism had intellectual voices....William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater and others labeled conservative took center stage and held their own with other ideological differences. Today, we have Andrew Sullivan and a handful of others who present intelligent, if not disagreeable arguments. But these are not center stage pundits. They are now relegated to a background zone and something else called 'conservative' has taken their places in the mainstream media and other places.

Today, we have one-trick pony type demagogues of dubious credential mantled with the Conservative Title. In the media, Rush Limbaugh, The Fox News 'foxtrotters', including Glenn Beck come immediately to mind. In politics, Sarah Palin, former V.P. Dick Cheney and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, among others are in the same bag. On the religious front we have Benny Hen, Pat Robertson, and Andrew Schlafly. Certainly, there are many more.

These people and many others almost always carry the term 'conservative' at the front of their names. They are NOT conservative in the traditional sense. They are 'CON'-servative in the new vernacular, however. With emphasis on 'The CON', these people are doing a 'con-job' on the public the likes of which has not been seen since P.T. Barnham was selling snake oil. And to some degree it's working. They have a constituency. Some of these people are pupeted dim-wits. Most are not. Most know exactly what they're doing and why they are doing it. Look at their incomes, holdings, celebrity and bank accounts. Accordingly, most have traded in their integrity and intellectual honesty for disingenuousness and greed for what perceived power they enjoy. These people are not Conservatives. They are corporate figures working only for and to their own good and no others. They have denigrated the term and original concept of 'Conservative' to a dirty word.

Recently, a group of bloggers met and decided to discriminate between what has become a bifurcated definition of 'conservative. Here's my rendition.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Special Request to President Obama....

Dear Mr. President,

We recognize that tonight you will be addressing The Human Rights Campaign, the country's largest Gay/Lesbian organization, at their annual dinner in Washington D.C. And we bloggers join with Bill Maher and ask that you do not repeal the military 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy, because if you do Rush Limbaugh will 'explode'. Yes. Explode!

We don't want Rush to explode as he is a grand target...... comic relief to the critical thinking public that YOU represent, Mr. President.

As you know, Mr. President, Rush has been at loose ends for quite a while now. He's been traveling with his pharmaceutical technicians for several years. But yesterday, upon hearing the news of your Nobel Peace Prize win, Rush hired still another pharmacist to satisfy his need. There was considerable angst in Rush's entourage that he would explode then. But when he choked-out his pet rat, Glenn, he calmed down. But that was only temporary relief and his new pharmacist is still waiting for a box car load of Oxycontin and Vicodin to arrive from Canada.

If you do make changes in Gay Military Policy tonight, we fear the worst, Mr. President. Rush just can't take progress anymore. He's scrambled up. He will explode.

So, please, Mr. President, don't make any changes in 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'. It would be a disaster for Rush and we bloggers as well. We bloggers would need to go elsewhere for our comic relief. Maybe to Hilary? Hannity? But then, they just aren't as funny as Rush. Stop the explosion, Mr. President. Intervene. Don't do it.

To be environmentally conscious and CORRECT, we don't want the explosion fragments of Rush in Pokatelo, Seattle, Santa Maria, the Rio Grande or Philadelphia. If such should happen Al Gore would put you on his 'poop' list. And he won the Nobel Prize too, Mr. President.


Friday, October 9, 2009


Congratulations Mr. President on winning the Nobel Peace Prize! You have brought Honor and Respect back to the U.S.A. The people of this country and the people of the free world commend you for your work toward peace and equality where there is none and your work to follow in the Spirit of Peace and Freedom you share with ALL people.

Where else in the news have you seen 'congratulations' such as these? It seems the media, so far, is hell-bent on reporting the negativity of 'the few' instead of the positive messages and feelings the vast majority of people are conveying.

Of course the 3 little right wing pigs and the 7 dwarf minds in the tabloid media are vomiting their bile to their tiny possum-pie eating audiences, and of course the timid main stream media is reporting it. And, of course, such dribble will not be reported here. Instead, and as usual, we will report the colossal hypocrisies and arrogant 'disconnects' demonstrated by squealing, dying voices in a growing cesspool of rotting political corpses.

While at his usual Friday morning weigh-in at the truck scale, upon hearing the news of President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win, Rush rushed to the defense of The Taliban, Al Quieda and other terrorists groups by saying, "I agree with the Taliban and Iran". Other wing-nut tackey-lackeys echoed similar statements with Glenn Beck tearfully making his statements while blowing his nose on the American Flag.

Hey guys, are YOU not the people who chirp about 'mom and apple pie' while wrapping yourselves in the American Flag? You know, Big Time patriots? Then why are you trashing America? The Nobel Peace Prize for a sitting American president is a positive recognition of our country. Why do you trash it? Last week each one of you chortled about President Obama's Big Loss over the American loss, you said. Now the flag you wrap yourselves in has Limbaugh's dirty (terrorist supporting) finger prints on it along with Glenn Beck's tears and snot.

Now we have a winning president and our country and people win in the process by association. But you (Limburger/teary Glenn) don't win anything through your negative sound bite quips. The only thing you do is to hasten the demise of your cause which is for America to fail as long as Barack Obama is President of these United States.

How many of President Obama's detractors even looked at how the Nobel Peace Prize recipient is selected? The Rules, set by benefactor Alfred Nobel. I suspect none. Liberal film maker Michael Moore writes: "Congratulations President Obama! Now earn it". Had M.M. just tacit knowledge of the subject matter he would know how ignorant his statement is. President Obama HAS EARNED his most prestigious prize.

And for the record, who are you (both tabloid and so-called 'liberal' media) or anyone else to question the Nobel Prize Panel? To ask questions about what President Obama has done to deserve the Peace Prize. In a free society anyone has the right to question.....SO.......try this: On a World Stage and before his election, President Obama built and spread THE SPIRIT of PEACE in and to every corner of the World. And he continues to generate hope, respect and maintain this inspiration like no human has in generations. The Nobel Peace Prize honors this unusual fete.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Conservative Bible Project /Conservapedia is HERE!

If there was a WORLD SERIES of wacko, dip-dung, right-wing nut teams playing it out for 'who's the dumbest of them all' championship, Andrew Schlafly
would be captain of one of the teams and when at bat, hit the ball out of the park every time. Way....way... way.....way out of the park, into and way....way over right field..........and into the twilight zone.

In this case, the ball is the Bible, and according to Andy, the 30+ English Bible translations now in print are liberal, anti-American, anti-Christian, feminist biased distortions to the true intent and meaning of The Bible.

Andrew Schlafly is/was a social studies teacher for Eagle Forum University, in Missouri, where he teaches/taught home schooled high school level children. Schlafly created his website CONSERVAPEDIA some years ago as a teaching tool because he believed his primary source of information, Wikipedia, was too liberal with an anti-American, anti-Christian bias.

The Conservative Bible Project began on November 21,2006, as an extension of Conservapedia and allows contributors to 'rewrite' the Bible under certain conditions found in the Mission Statement, which provides in part....."Liberal bias has become the single biggest distortion in modern Bible translations". The King James version is listed as a 'liberal biased-deficient' translation, but it is suggested that 'King James' be used as a baseline for re-translation because "it's in the public domain". For some reason, Schlafly does not like Luke 23:34 and is removing it from The Conservative Bible among other changes. Schlafly decries college professors and "higher educated people as they can be expected to have liberal and feminist outlooks".

Basically, anyone can participate in The Conservative Bible Project as long as he or she fits what they say into Andy's guidelines. Want to participate? Just goggle Conservapedia and you're there.

As a point of interest, Andrew is the fifth of six children born to Phyliss Schlafly (b. 8-15-24), a well known, well publicized, ultra-conservative anti-feminist activist in the 1960's and 70's, who amassed a fortune while not being correct on a single of her issues. (Sort of the Sarah Palin of her day). Ms. Schlafly also is a founder of Eagle Forum University, Andrew's employer.

Although, Andrew's cause may be steeped in his passion for conservative religiosity, we suspect there could be other motivations......Acorn Andy may not have fallen far from the crimped steel magnolia tree.

This Bible 'rewrite' sounds a lot like a new twist on the old publishing poetry scams of years gone by. Here's the scam......submit your poem to 'The National Poetry Consortium' and a panel of 'experts' will review it and if your poem is selected for publication it will be printed in their new poetry book. If selected, you will need to send $70.00 and you will receive two books with your poem in print. In a 5000 poems book with printing costs at $5.00 per book, do the math. Of course no books are published until printing costs and some profit margin has been received. Imagine 'the take' on the Bible with its 1000's of verses........

For the record, there is nothing we found in our research to suggest anything other than a re-write of the Bible by uneducated sources. But, to any critical thinking person, educated or otherwise, one would consider other possibilities. Yes?

Meanwhile, conservative Bible scholars and legitimatized conservative commentators have trashed and dismissed Andrew Schlafly as a nut case. But such is another story. And Schlafly has eaten into Pat Robertson's 700 Club crowd. Could there be another religious war in the offing? Religious street gangs staking out trailer park territories for their share of grandma's social security check?

What we suggest for Acorn Andy is to 'lighten-up', watch a couple episodes of Californication, have a beer and look at some old Marilyn Monroe calendars.

As an aside, Stephen Colbert called upon his U.S. viewers last night to put him in the Conservapedia Bible as a Biblical Figure. Colbert? An Apostle of Christ? Perhaps Colbert is on to something here. Hey, maybe we all can be Biblical figures of one sort or another.............

-revised October 10, 2009

.....from a guest blogger........Young @ Heart (2007) on DVD (a reconnect film)

Sometimes we all need something that "reconnects" us to one another. Accordingly, I'm adding this review of a film from a guest blogger who presents some of that 'reconnection' through a compelling documentary.


Here's one for the older folks......and maybe for the younger ones too.

Young @ HEART, with emphasis on the HEART, is a documentary about a chorus of mostly octogenarians from Massachusetts who sing the songs of Coldplay, The Clash, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan among others in concerts to amazed audiences throughout the world. Their unusual song book and unusually poignant style is particularly heartwarming and uplifting.

Stephen Walker's documentary follows this ensemble of senior citizens from the rehearsals of their latest show to it's opening night. In the process, they 'try out' their new takes on 'rock' music in an adult correctional facility to a thunderous acceptance with a touching, unpredictable and uplifting aftermath.

Unfortunately, also in the process, two chorus members die and a third dies shortly after the debut of their 2008 concert series. So, this film has a depressing characteristic.

All in all, Young @ Heart is a compelling, uplifting work and will hold your attention from the start to the closing credits.

3 Scoots

Friday, October 2, 2009

GET SICK/DIE QUICK--GOP Health Care Plan Unveiled

We finally have a GOP Health Care Reform Plan: GET SICK/DIE QUICK!

Given their across the board negativity toward changes in Health Care, for months the GOP has been repeatedly asked to present their Health Care Reform Plan. Nothing specific ever emerged, so we put our think-tank together to determine exactly what (if any) plan could be garnered from all the rhetoric, pontifications and advertisements fed to the public.

Our 'think-tank' consisted of 25 political science professors from a number of colleges and universities throughout the country and represented all designations on the political continuum, from ultra-conservative to ultra-liberal. The one thing all think-tank participants have in common is intellectual honesty.

Our think-tank poured through videos of speeches, town meeting presentations, radio and TV ads, op-eds, and congressional committee documents. From this information an equation of sorts was formulated. And from the equation, the GOP Health Care Reform Plan became clear. Here are the findings:

--58.3% of the GOP information was flat-out lies and fabrication of diversionistic wedge issues (i.e. 'death panels', abortion issues).

--36.8% was misinformation (i.e. using selective information to lead the public toward a desired, but erroneous conclusion. This percentage also included embedded demagoguery type statements).

--4.8999% was information that leaned toward neutrality, but did not contribute to any productive resolution of the issue (i.e. "....we do need some changes", type statements).

--the remaining .0001% of the coherent GOP information gave us the clear answer to what the GOP Health Care Plan is: GET SICK/DIE QUICK!

Thank you think-tank for a job well done.