Monday, October 12, 2009

The 'CON' in CONservative --- Disconnect

Once upon a time the term and concept "Conservative" meant something of value. Conservative meant something intelligent, well thought out, and logical whether one agreed with a certain conservative idea or ideal or not. Conservative ideology could be intelligently and cognitively argued with fact and critical thinking processes. The term Conservative had respect. Today it does not.

Once upon a time Conservatism had intellectual voices....William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater and others labeled conservative took center stage and held their own with other ideological differences. Today, we have Andrew Sullivan and a handful of others who present intelligent, if not disagreeable arguments. But these are not center stage pundits. They are now relegated to a background zone and something else called 'conservative' has taken their places in the mainstream media and other places.

Today, we have one-trick pony type demagogues of dubious credential mantled with the Conservative Title. In the media, Rush Limbaugh, The Fox News 'foxtrotters', including Glenn Beck come immediately to mind. In politics, Sarah Palin, former V.P. Dick Cheney and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, among others are in the same bag. On the religious front we have Benny Hen, Pat Robertson, and Andrew Schlafly. Certainly, there are many more.

These people and many others almost always carry the term 'conservative' at the front of their names. They are NOT conservative in the traditional sense. They are 'CON'-servative in the new vernacular, however. With emphasis on 'The CON', these people are doing a 'con-job' on the public the likes of which has not been seen since P.T. Barnham was selling snake oil. And to some degree it's working. They have a constituency. Some of these people are pupeted dim-wits. Most are not. Most know exactly what they're doing and why they are doing it. Look at their incomes, holdings, celebrity and bank accounts. Accordingly, most have traded in their integrity and intellectual honesty for disingenuousness and greed for what perceived power they enjoy. These people are not Conservatives. They are corporate figures working only for and to their own good and no others. They have denigrated the term and original concept of 'Conservative' to a dirty word.

Recently, a group of bloggers met and decided to discriminate between what has become a bifurcated definition of 'conservative. Here's my rendition.


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