Friday, October 9, 2009


Congratulations Mr. President on winning the Nobel Peace Prize! You have brought Honor and Respect back to the U.S.A. The people of this country and the people of the free world commend you for your work toward peace and equality where there is none and your work to follow in the Spirit of Peace and Freedom you share with ALL people.

Where else in the news have you seen 'congratulations' such as these? It seems the media, so far, is hell-bent on reporting the negativity of 'the few' instead of the positive messages and feelings the vast majority of people are conveying.

Of course the 3 little right wing pigs and the 7 dwarf minds in the tabloid media are vomiting their bile to their tiny possum-pie eating audiences, and of course the timid main stream media is reporting it. And, of course, such dribble will not be reported here. Instead, and as usual, we will report the colossal hypocrisies and arrogant 'disconnects' demonstrated by squealing, dying voices in a growing cesspool of rotting political corpses.

While at his usual Friday morning weigh-in at the truck scale, upon hearing the news of President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win, Rush rushed to the defense of The Taliban, Al Quieda and other terrorists groups by saying, "I agree with the Taliban and Iran". Other wing-nut tackey-lackeys echoed similar statements with Glenn Beck tearfully making his statements while blowing his nose on the American Flag.

Hey guys, are YOU not the people who chirp about 'mom and apple pie' while wrapping yourselves in the American Flag? You know, Big Time patriots? Then why are you trashing America? The Nobel Peace Prize for a sitting American president is a positive recognition of our country. Why do you trash it? Last week each one of you chortled about President Obama's Big Loss over the American loss, you said. Now the flag you wrap yourselves in has Limbaugh's dirty (terrorist supporting) finger prints on it along with Glenn Beck's tears and snot.

Now we have a winning president and our country and people win in the process by association. But you (Limburger/teary Glenn) don't win anything through your negative sound bite quips. The only thing you do is to hasten the demise of your cause which is for America to fail as long as Barack Obama is President of these United States.

How many of President Obama's detractors even looked at how the Nobel Peace Prize recipient is selected? The Rules, set by benefactor Alfred Nobel. I suspect none. Liberal film maker Michael Moore writes: "Congratulations President Obama! Now earn it". Had M.M. just tacit knowledge of the subject matter he would know how ignorant his statement is. President Obama HAS EARNED his most prestigious prize.

And for the record, who are you (both tabloid and so-called 'liberal' media) or anyone else to question the Nobel Prize Panel? To ask questions about what President Obama has done to deserve the Peace Prize. In a free society anyone has the right to question.....SO.......try this: On a World Stage and before his election, President Obama built and spread THE SPIRIT of PEACE in and to every corner of the World. And he continues to generate hope, respect and maintain this inspiration like no human has in generations. The Nobel Peace Prize honors this unusual fete.


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