Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Conservative Bible Project /Conservapedia is HERE!

If there was a WORLD SERIES of wacko, dip-dung, right-wing nut teams playing it out for 'who's the dumbest of them all' championship, Andrew Schlafly
would be captain of one of the teams and when at bat, hit the ball out of the park every time. Way....way... way.....way out of the park, into and way....way over right field..........and into the twilight zone.

In this case, the ball is the Bible, and according to Andy, the 30+ English Bible translations now in print are liberal, anti-American, anti-Christian, feminist biased distortions to the true intent and meaning of The Bible.

Andrew Schlafly is/was a social studies teacher for Eagle Forum University, in Missouri, where he teaches/taught home schooled high school level children. Schlafly created his website CONSERVAPEDIA some years ago as a teaching tool because he believed his primary source of information, Wikipedia, was too liberal with an anti-American, anti-Christian bias.

The Conservative Bible Project began on November 21,2006, as an extension of Conservapedia and allows contributors to 'rewrite' the Bible under certain conditions found in the Mission Statement, which provides in part....."Liberal bias has become the single biggest distortion in modern Bible translations". The King James version is listed as a 'liberal biased-deficient' translation, but it is suggested that 'King James' be used as a baseline for re-translation because "it's in the public domain". For some reason, Schlafly does not like Luke 23:34 and is removing it from The Conservative Bible among other changes. Schlafly decries college professors and "higher educated people as they can be expected to have liberal and feminist outlooks".

Basically, anyone can participate in The Conservative Bible Project as long as he or she fits what they say into Andy's guidelines. Want to participate? Just goggle Conservapedia and you're there.

As a point of interest, Andrew is the fifth of six children born to Phyliss Schlafly (b. 8-15-24), a well known, well publicized, ultra-conservative anti-feminist activist in the 1960's and 70's, who amassed a fortune while not being correct on a single of her issues. (Sort of the Sarah Palin of her day). Ms. Schlafly also is a founder of Eagle Forum University, Andrew's employer.

Although, Andrew's cause may be steeped in his passion for conservative religiosity, we suspect there could be other motivations......Acorn Andy may not have fallen far from the crimped steel magnolia tree.

This Bible 'rewrite' sounds a lot like a new twist on the old publishing poetry scams of years gone by. Here's the scam......submit your poem to 'The National Poetry Consortium' and a panel of 'experts' will review it and if your poem is selected for publication it will be printed in their new poetry book. If selected, you will need to send $70.00 and you will receive two books with your poem in print. In a 5000 poems book with printing costs at $5.00 per book, do the math. Of course no books are published until printing costs and some profit margin has been received. Imagine 'the take' on the Bible with its 1000's of verses........

For the record, there is nothing we found in our research to suggest anything other than a re-write of the Bible by uneducated sources. But, to any critical thinking person, educated or otherwise, one would consider other possibilities. Yes?

Meanwhile, conservative Bible scholars and legitimatized conservative commentators have trashed and dismissed Andrew Schlafly as a nut case. But such is another story. And Schlafly has eaten into Pat Robertson's 700 Club crowd. Could there be another religious war in the offing? Religious street gangs staking out trailer park territories for their share of grandma's social security check?

What we suggest for Acorn Andy is to 'lighten-up', watch a couple episodes of Californication, have a beer and look at some old Marilyn Monroe calendars.

As an aside, Stephen Colbert called upon his U.S. viewers last night to put him in the Conservapedia Bible as a Biblical Figure. Colbert? An Apostle of Christ? Perhaps Colbert is on to something here. Hey, maybe we all can be Biblical figures of one sort or another.............

-revised October 10, 2009

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