Friday, October 2, 2009

GET SICK/DIE QUICK--GOP Health Care Plan Unveiled

We finally have a GOP Health Care Reform Plan: GET SICK/DIE QUICK!

Given their across the board negativity toward changes in Health Care, for months the GOP has been repeatedly asked to present their Health Care Reform Plan. Nothing specific ever emerged, so we put our think-tank together to determine exactly what (if any) plan could be garnered from all the rhetoric, pontifications and advertisements fed to the public.

Our 'think-tank' consisted of 25 political science professors from a number of colleges and universities throughout the country and represented all designations on the political continuum, from ultra-conservative to ultra-liberal. The one thing all think-tank participants have in common is intellectual honesty.

Our think-tank poured through videos of speeches, town meeting presentations, radio and TV ads, op-eds, and congressional committee documents. From this information an equation of sorts was formulated. And from the equation, the GOP Health Care Reform Plan became clear. Here are the findings:

--58.3% of the GOP information was flat-out lies and fabrication of diversionistic wedge issues (i.e. 'death panels', abortion issues).

--36.8% was misinformation (i.e. using selective information to lead the public toward a desired, but erroneous conclusion. This percentage also included embedded demagoguery type statements).

--4.8999% was information that leaned toward neutrality, but did not contribute to any productive resolution of the issue (i.e. "....we do need some changes", type statements).

--the remaining .0001% of the coherent GOP information gave us the clear answer to what the GOP Health Care Plan is: GET SICK/DIE QUICK!

Thank you think-tank for a job well done.


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