Monday, October 12, 2009

More Quick and Dirty Disconnects ----------

-The Recession is Over!.......or so says the valedictory-government-wall street economic organization that declares and undeclares such things.

'The Recession is Over' has been the lead story on every major electronic media outlet all day. What? It's over? So, OK, the major economic indicators seem to be turning around.....for Wall Street. But hey, PEOPLE.....the 20% of you out of work now and probably tomorrow too.....the 10's of thousands who have foreclosed home mortgages......the millions who have no health care......the several millions who have filed for or will need to file for bankruptcy this year........It's over! Over?

In an afternoon update, the major news outlets also report that 80% of the nations economists say The Recession is OVER! We suspect the other 20% are still out of work.

-Happy Birthday Kirk Cameron! Remember that cute, mouthy kid on the TV sitcom, Growing Pains, 20 or so years ago? Well, Kirk is 39 today. Between then and now quirky Kirk found religion, became a full out tambourine shaking charismatic and has made a fortune with his cottage industry 'in search of' Christian films. One of the newest CON-servatives in the market place. Today Kirk is doing his con-job while serving his increasing net worth while praising God all the way to the bank. Kirk's newest project has he-himself writing a 60-page preface (presenting 'Christian' creationism) to Darwin's Origin of the Species, printing it ('Origin' is in the public domain) and selling it to college students. Sounds like a bad business deal to me, Kirk. Your book should be on the Dollar Store bookshelf along with Sarah's book very soon.

-And Happy Birthday to you too Chris Wallace, ye of the tabloid TV News (?). Which one is it, Chris? 85? 86? About the total number of viewers you mustered for your Sunday foxtrot show. Yes? Are you thinking about retirement?

-Democratic U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein......saw your performance on one of the Sunday talking head shows yesterday.....your rhetoric came across as though you never left the 1960's, Dianne......all that 'groovy/crackerjack' stuff. Worse, however,
is what you were trying to say in support of the war in Afghanistan. But even worse, have been a member of the Military Intelligence Committee for years. You knew of the torture procedures on prisoners of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. You were sworn to secrecy, but your silence on the subject puts you in the position of supporting it and who knows what else. Are you culpable to prosecution of 'war crimes' should such get to the courts? Your weaseling on health care is not helping your cause either, Dianne. And speaking of retirement......have you thought about hanging it up? And who was your make-up artist for that show? Dianne, you looked like a display in a Taxidermist window. He was not your friend and probably a Republican.

-The U.S. Senate Health Care Reform Vote.......tomorrow the Senate committee on health care will vote on Reform and the health Insurance Companies are pulling out all the stops to defeat it. Our old friend Karen Ignagni, President of America's Health Insurance Plans has threatened significant premium hikes should congress pass 'reform', based on her organizations study. Bad stuff, Karen. Your study is junk and everyone knows it. And you know it too. Take a look at the AARP, AMA and GAO reviews. Your last-ditch efforts won't work, Karen. Even if you do employ the 'swift boat' crew to manufacture attack ads. What happened to your high paid lobbyists, Karen? I guess they just didn't grease the palms of the buyable elected officials enough. You think?

-Rush Rush, you want to buy The Rams. However, the NFL Players Union is opposing your presence in any football franchise ..... do you know why, Rush? Maybe it's because you recently stated on your hate program that "slavery had it's merits" among other racist and despicable remarks.........and then again, maybe it's because the NFL does not want any of your slob pontifications about anything you have to say. Do you spit when you talk, Rush?

Cheers to the NFL Players Union.

(Update: 10/14/09: it seems Rush has rushed out of the purchase of the St. Louis Rams.......NFLPU: 7/Rush: 0/game over! Congrats to the NFL Players Union.)

More 'quick and dirty's later........


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