Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NEW POLLS--Only 20% of Voters Identify as Republicans!

These most recent polls are a disaster for the Republican Party! Some say catastrophic.

The Washington Post, Gallup, CBS, Zogby and other polls provide that only 20% of voters identify themselves as Republican, plus or minus 3% of error on average. At the same time President Obama is sailing high in these same polls at 57% overall approval and a whopping 60% with his handling of foreign policy.


Although many readers here disagree with Newt Gingrich, he is perhaps the only responsible, reliable, true conservative (not a CON-servative ) spokesman for whats left of the GOP.

Today, Newt said he accepts these recent polls and openly offered his thoughts to media outlets. Newt said, ".....the party has done it to itself; that the GOP has become a negative party and has offered nothing affirmative in response to a liberal agenda". "The party has failed"; that the party needs an agenda the majority of the voters can buy into....".

Newt fairly well answers the question of 'why' the GOP has lost support with voters. And, he has a plan to restore his party to some viability. But, will it happen? I hope so. At least a two party, maybe a three party system is necessary to a democratic system of government.

Now, a brief commentary as to 'why' the GOP has lost voter support.

In the 2000 presidential election process the Republican party was hijacked by the NeoCon/PNAC doctrinaires through wedge issues such as abortion, tax issues, gay rights, and fundamental religiosity beliefs and thus 'put down' the principles of the GOP. A puppet president was elected and "the PNAC doctrine" went forth. By the time those who had been duped understood the truth and reality of what they had voted into office, those voters crossed the line in 2008, and changed the equation and the future of our country.

That said, look at who now speaks for the remnant Republican party. Just look at it.......Sarah Palin is a joke. The Fox Trotters? No credibility! Rush? The CON-servative who makes the 'mostest from the leastest' ..... and on and on.......before the GOP becomes credible again, the republican party must take control over the nut cases now representing them.

Let us hope Newt Gingrich is capable of bringing a once grand old party back to credibility and viability.

Meanwhile, the GOP is in the toilet and the informed know it.


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