Friday, October 30, 2009

"news" reporting in the fox "news" reporting tradition.......

Fox "news" reporting is a model unto itself with it's hyperbole, innuendo and disinformation among other techniques........and, of course Glenn Beck's tears...sob,, little is there that can be taken seriously from Fox "news".

Likewise, we thought an article in the Fox "news" reporting tradition might have some interest on the Friday before Halloween.

Have you seen/heard Bill Kristol and Greta (what's her name) lately? Other than both working at the Fox, they may have other things in common. Both have been seen in the company of Chastity (now Chaz) Bono recently and there are questions to be asked.....Have both Bill and Greta had gender reassignment surgery? Chaz/Chastity has. We understand that both Greta and Bill have experienced cosmetic surgery. Or was it just Greta? Or do both wear Halloween masks year round?

If Greta and Bill DID undergo gender reassignment procedures, we would need to question their Fox health care plans. Certainly, the insurance company was stingy with the hormone treatments. Greta sure could use more estrogen and Bill's testosterone levels need to be tested whether or not he had this surgery in the first place. We spoke with our medical correspondents and other medical experts on our team and there could be some medical malpractice to all this. There is also question about what happened to the spare parts derived from these surgeries. Where did they go? What happened to them? Did Bill and Greta swap?

These and other questions need answers for a discriminating, thoughtful Fox "news" audience. So? Lets have some answers!

Trick or Treat!


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