Monday, October 19, 2009

Palin Wins the Toilet Seat Museum Award over Dick Cheney

CON-servative GOP'ers have been buzzing for weeks about the inside-party fight between Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney over who will get the famed and prized Texas Toilet Seat Museum to display their papers and artifacts. It seems Sarah has won!

Texas is home to a number of World Class museums in the Arts, History, Railroad, Aviation and Technology. Texas is also the home of The Toilet Seat Museum in the Alamo Heights section of San Antonio, the only museum of it's kind in the United States.

Until now, only toilets and their seats have been displayed. However, with expansion funds donated by a Pat Robertson foundation, new displays can now be curated under the provision that new displays are in keeping with the museum's theme. Both Former VP Dick Cheney and former VP candidate Sarah Palin fit the criteria to display works of their special and unique movements. And both have been in a furious debate as to which one of them would get the nod to display their stuff.

When Sarah called "DIBBS" on the Toilet Museum, it seemed the Dick just went limp, according to one insider who refused to be identified. Our source was quick to say that Dick is a good sport and when he recovered from the shock of losing the Toilet Museum, he asked Sarah on a 'hunting trip', telling her....."the sooner the better". Sarah replied, "I can move for that, by gosh!"

We'll keep you posted on developments. We understand there is a 3-seater toilet being donated by Saudi family and it's on it's way to the museum as we write. Stay tuned.


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