Tuesday, October 6, 2009

.....from a guest blogger........Young @ Heart (2007) on DVD (a reconnect film)

Sometimes we all need something that "reconnects" us to one another. Accordingly, I'm adding this review of a film from a guest blogger who presents some of that 'reconnection' through a compelling documentary.


Here's one for the older folks......and maybe for the younger ones too.

Young @ HEART, with emphasis on the HEART, is a documentary about a chorus of mostly octogenarians from Massachusetts who sing the songs of Coldplay, The Clash, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan among others in concerts to amazed audiences throughout the world. Their unusual song book and unusually poignant style is particularly heartwarming and uplifting.

Stephen Walker's documentary follows this ensemble of senior citizens from the rehearsals of their latest show to it's opening night. In the process, they 'try out' their new takes on 'rock' music in an adult correctional facility to a thunderous acceptance with a touching, unpredictable and uplifting aftermath.

Unfortunately, also in the process, two chorus members die and a third dies shortly after the debut of their 2008 concert series. So, this film has a depressing characteristic.

All in all, Young @ Heart is a compelling, uplifting work and will hold your attention from the start to the closing credits.

3 Scoots

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