Monday, November 16, 2009

Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean-- Secret Democratic Operatives?

Given recent mainstream media reporting, thinking people might get the idea that Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean could very well be secret Democrat Party operatives while working the "celebrity without portfolio" circuit.

As the public grew tired of the antics of pop culture icons Paris Hilton, Linsay Lohan, Brittany Spears and others, new 'meat' was needed for carnivorous voyeurs to devour. So, now we have soul-sisters Sarah and Carrie taking center stage in the media-mud tank. And the Palin/Prejean Teams are milking it for as much as they can get for as long as they can get it.

Both Sarah and Carrie are at the mainstream media saturation point. Still, the media continues following them and seemingly the people love feeding on their carcasses. Both women must like it; or, at least they like the money that comes with it because they continue to do it.

But, could there be something else going on here. Something very different and insidious. Could it be that Sarah and Carrie are secret high level Democratic Party operatives? This question is asked because one BIG issue is standing out for all to see. With the exception of Barack Obama, Palin and Prejean have done more to embolden and increase the numbers of the Democratic Party than anyone or anything else, while at the same time systematically driving the Republican Party toward oblivion. For example, in September 2009, several respected pollsters found that less than 20% of voting citizens identify themselves as Republican, down 15 points from a year earlier.

Some recent facts and observations:

Sarah's book, Going Rogue has been met with not mixed, but across the board disdainful, negative reviews. Even from very conservative right wing quarters, Sarah's 'biography' has been called "fabrication", "total fiction" ...... "She's a joke" as one conservative critic put it. Associated Press 'Fact Checked' Sarah's accounts of the what she writes and finds gross misrepresentations of what she says. Even the tabloid FOX NEWS discounts her recollection of how her campaign as a Vice Presidential candidate was stated in her book.

Sarah dismisses all of the criticism by commenting that the vitriol is based on what she calls "opposition research" and does not support any of her contentions she wrote in her book with any substantive response.

Sarah continues her 'book tour' in rural areas of the country and always appears with a banner behind her blasting out 'COUNTRY FIRST' and in all presentations invokes 'God' and 'The Lord' and almost always accepts any 'nice things' that may be said about her on behalf of 'our troops serving in the military'.

All of this is vomit to any thinking person. But our Sarah seems to get away with it in the possum-pie eating/bible belt territories she frequents as she takes their money. This is a new sort of revival tent of salvation meetings of years past that went away when Marjoe busted the genre 50 years ago. It is a new mousetrap that brings in the bucks.

Country First? What is first in 'Sarah world' is SARAH. Not much else matters. If Sarah was so interested in 'the country' she would have better knowledge of it.

God? The Lord? Hey, this plays well in religious nut fundamentalist territory and even if Sarah's fans must do without medicine and/or food they will buy Sarah's book even if they can't read. Maybe one of the 'gran chiren' will read it to them.

But, is there more? Is Sarah also a Democratic operative?

Meanwhile, the queen of media these past few weeks, Carrie Prejean, is sticking to her guns as well. And big 'guns' they are since her implants.

It seems Carrie has taken Sarah's blueprint for media attention and taken it to a new depth while increasing her bank account along the way.

'God' and 'The Lord' seem to be big sellers with a certain small, but well paying population and Carrie seems to have found that financial formulaic magic.

Carrie burst onto the national scene when she won the Miss California title from an organization not associated with the Miss America pageant, but from a commercial project headed by Donald Trump. In her 'Q&A', Carrie wrapped herself in the flag, ate some apple pie and spoke of her 'christian values', instilled by her 'christian' family. Her answers became a subject of controversy when she disparaged the gay community. Seeing a niche audience to sell their products, Carrie won the contest. To better 'sell' products, pageant business officials suggested breast implants for 'miss california' to which Carrie complied. However, after being uncooperative with pageant hierarchy, she was fired and officials didn't pay for the breast surgery. Carrie sued, but settled out of court after her pornographic sex video surfaced. At the time Carrie said that 'the tape' was the biggest mistake of her life, happening a long time ago.....totally against her 'christian' values and apologized to her christian fans who hold the same values she has. (Fans???)

Since this time, Carrie has gone on to media stardom.

But wait! Today, unveiled 7 subsequent and new Carrie Sex tapes plus countless pornographic nude photos. Apparently Carrie didn't learn from 'the biggest mistake of her life' and has seemingly, or unseemly as the case may be, made a cottage industry of porn with herself as it's star. We will suppose the Bible will approve of Carrie's 'christian values' as she pointed out very recently that the Bible allows for breast augmentation. Of course no one has asked Carrie for book, chapter and verse for her dismissal of any criticism from her 'fans'.

So, we see our 'soul-sisters', Big Hat-No Cattle Sarah and Big Tits-No brain Carrie playing to the same audience that has left the fundamentalist religious Republican base for other pastures because even they got the hypocritical message here.

But, the question remains......are Sarah and Carrie surreptitious Democratic Party operatives? If so, then we'll need to track the money......because certainly money would be involved because these girls understand what a dollar can do. If not, these two women have done more to destroy the Republican Party than any others in the history of our once great country and two party system.


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