Thursday, November 5, 2009

Glenn Beck Hospitalized!

Yesterday, after his radio talk show, Glenn Beck said he was not feeling well and was rushed to an undisclosed hospital for what spokesmen say was an emergency appendectomy. "He's resting comfortably and will back at work soon", said Beck's spokespeople..........

Good try guys, but since Glenn has had several previously reported appendectomy's over the years any reasonable, critical thinker might wonder what really happened. According to unreliable hospital sources here's the scenario:

Glenn Beck was admitted to the hospital at 4:20 PM EST, complaining of stomach pain......doctors, ignorant of Beck's history diagnosed appendicitis and scheduled immediate surgery. Given new surgical techniques, the procedure would be microscopic with entry through the anus. To the medics surprise Becks anus was located in Becks mouth. No wonder he pops all those breath mints.

Moving forward, medics excised what they thought was an appendix. However, the specimen looked to be an embryo in the image of fellow foxtrotter, scientologist Greta Van Susteren. An immediate DNA test was administered and the findings were astounding......Glenn Beck was carrying Greta's baby!

Needless to say, Greta and Glenn's audience would not be happy with what amounted to an (alien) abortion. Naturally, this news will be suppressed and of course the embryo destroyed. But, there is more...........

Glenn's medical insurance denied payment saying his condition was pre-existing. So, Glenn will be ponying up 150k from his own deep pockets to keep all this under wraps.

Did I miss something here? Or did L. Ron Hubbard's space cadets somehow meet Rosemary's Baby using our incomparable Glenn as the vessel a'la Mary and Joesph. We would bet the stem cells in THAT embryo carry a wallop.


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