Sunday, November 22, 2009


This was the WORLD WIDE headline on November 22, 1963, a headline that reverberated around the globe 46 years ago today. The President of the United States had been killed by assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas.

Today, on the anniversary of this memorable moment in history, not one mainstream media outlet even mentioned the passing of, the anniversary of the death of an iconic President who inspired hope and the values of freedom throughout the world that continue today.

This Sunday's so-called 'talking head' political 'shows' apparently 'forgot' all about JFK's assassination anniversary. At the same time 'the political seniles' in the 'forms without substance' whores Lieberman, Fienstein and others were on the TV screens today jawing under their plastic surgery jobs about health care and other things they have absolutely no clue about on these same 'shows'.


This MEDIA DISGRACE is exactly why this blog and so many others have been created. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA DISGRACES not only our history but also our present.

On other mainstream outlets, the public heard about a vampire movie that made millions of dollars over the weekend, Sarah Palin's book tour and Jon and Kate's mediation talks (Kate refused the flowers Jon sent her, you know). THIS on ABC, CBS and NBC 'News'.

No thinking person would expect any big tribute to a fallen President after 46 years. But, at least a mention of the anniversary of it would have been in order.

Mainstream media? Your shallow and ignorant coverage of what you determine to be 'news' is why you have lost your credibility in delivering your 'commodity'.

To NOT give any acknowledgement to the anniversary of JFK's death is a DISGRACE TO YOUR 'PROFESSION', THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and THE NATION!


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