Monday, November 9, 2009

Sarah Palin and The Great Coin Conspiracy Disconnect

It seems Looney Toon Sarah Palin from Alaska is at it again.......while addressing a Wisconsin 'right to life' fundraiser banquet on her promotional book tour this week, Sarah has come up with still another Looney Tune.....The Great Coin Conspiracy of 2009!

It seems U.S.coins are being redesigned and Sarah is claiming an anti-christian conspiracy by moving the "in God we trust" phrase to the edge of the coin! "It's a disturbing trend", Sarah screeched to an audience of about 5000 people who paid $30. a head for rubber chicken and to hear rubber mouth Palin.

Do the math. A $150,000. take for 'the right to life' cause and Sarah gets 100k for being there. The 'cause' may have banked around 15k and Sarah got the rest. But, hey, Sarah is a capitalist.

Also during her speech, Sarah reincarnated her 'death panel' diatribe. No comment necessary on this one.

After her speech Sarah was asked to identify the animal depicted on the 'buffalo nickel', and she couldn't do it.

Hey folks, this stuff can't be made up. The scary part is that this is real stuff coming from a real person on the national political scene. Poor Sarah still doesn't know that Africa is not a nation!

Meanwhile, back in the Klondike, Levi, home from his nude photo shoots is using some of his celebrity take to file for custody of his son, Sarah's grandson.

Surely there is more to come............


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