Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekly Darwin 'dumbest of them all' awards for the week ending November 14, 2009

So many entries this week..... so little time to put them all into print. Certainly all these award contestants make any critical thinking person question evolution. Here they are:

-Bathing with Sarah Palin in the 'dumbest of them all' spotlight this week is media saturated Carrie Prejean, the dethroned 'christian' Miss California who lost her title earlier this year for lack of cooperation with pageant sponsors, and after denouncing the idea of gay marriage based on her faith while her self made 'X-rated' sex video floated in cyber world, then sued pageant officials to pay for her 'tit job' and touting her 'work for the Lord', says this week, "the Bible allows for breast implants and my hairdresser is gay".

-In an understatement, perennial contestant Sarah Palin saying, "many Americans don't take me seriously".

-Levi Johnston, the father of Sarah's grandson, in an appearance at the 'Fleshbot Awards', saying his nude photo shoot for 'Playgirl' "went well, I posed with a hockey stick".

-Pamela Anderson and other environmentalists expressing outrage about an high end Russian auto maker, Dartz Car Co., offering an option on their Pombron Diamond Edition SUV (selling at $1.45 mil.) of leather seats made from whale penis.

-Los Angeles resident Christopher Loomis, 39, who found himself in jail this week after dressing up in a Spider Man costume, congregating with 3 other 'spidys' and punching out street pedestrians.

-The Peruvian construction worker who's been ingesting coins, nails and other metal objects for over a year. 2 pounds of metal were removed from his stomach this past week. He is now convalescing in a mental institution.

-'Is Our Children Learning' (about the former U.S. misunderestimated President Bush) author Paul Begala, who on his blog this week wrote that Rush Limbaugh escaped draft into the Viet Nam war because Rush had a boil on his butt and then went on to describe Limbaugh's butt.

-Jon Gosselin saying, "Kate and I will have Christmas together".

-Singer Fergie saying, "I'm bisexual" and my husband Josh is well endowed". Fergie appears in the new Rob Marshall film 'NINE' which opens next week.

....and now, this weeks winner!

Second most senior member of the Republican National Committee, Blake Hall of Idaho, was fired from his Deputy Prosecutor job after his criminal conviction for stalking his ex-girlfriend and is doing 15 days in jail. It seems Blake dumped used condoms on his girlfriends lawn on at least 10 occasions after following her home. Hall has also resigned his position with the RNC.

More to come next week.


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