Friday, January 29, 2010

Sarah Palin ( 'Diplomat') urges GOP (factions) Merger with 'Tea Partiers'

It seems Sarah Palin is putting some luster on her 'diplomatic' chops by urging other GOP factions to merge with 'the tea party' faction and create a "forge ahead cohesive message". Palin appeared on Fox Entertainment News Greta Van Sustern show yesterday to pump up her part in the upcoming Tea Party Convention.

Responding to Greta's key questions, Palin said she will be the keynote performer at the convention and will return a portion of her 100k speaker take to charities and causes of her selection.

When asked if Palin would attend the convention given that other (nut-case) tea party supporting politicians (U.S. House Representatives Michele Bachmann-Minnisota and Marsha Blackburn-Tennessee) had withdrawn from the convention because it is a 'FOR-PROFIT' event sponsored by a private corporation (Tea Party Nation), Palin said, "you betcha, I'm going to be there, we need to merge Republicans together, that's what I'll say .... be together.....".

We've also learned that the nut-case dentist from Orange County California who heads the 'birther' movement will be in attendance. Pat Robertson has withdrawn because God made an appointment with him....God needs to tell Pat some things so Pat can tell the rest of us what's really going on. (This last sentence is just a bit of humor).

The First National Tea Party Convention will be held next week, February 4-6, in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. (A FOR-PROFIT EVENT).


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some January (2010) Darwin Awards

The first month of the New Year did not change much from the year past when it comes to ignorance, stupidity and arrogance with some of our more celebrated "Darwinites".

We place some selected Darwin Awards on our blog every so often as a light counter balance to some of the seriousness of other articles. This months awards are more in the area of dark humor, however. Without comment, here they are:

-Today, movie actor/Scientologist John Travolta flew his 707 airliner to Haiti in the 'relief' effort, delivering needed 'ready-to-eat' meals AND Scientologist missionaries to 'correct' Haitians voo-doo religious practices with the 'true word' of Scientology in which alien ET's flew to Earth in space ships a few years ago 'to save' human beings.

-Reaching deep into her 'holy roller' roots and her vast scientific knowledge, Sarah Palin is blasting President Obama's national energy policy stating "global warming is a fairy tale".

-Breaking with their tradition of non-controversial and entertaining Super Bowl ads, CBS will be airing a $2+ million 30-second anti-abortion commercial between potato chip and beer ads, saying they are "appealing to their 'base' audience".

Accordingly, these three events share in the January 2010 Darwin Awards.

We can't make this stuff up, folks. Ignorance and arrogance can be fixed. Stupidity is forever.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Republican JD Hayworth challenges John Mc Cain for the U.S. Senate!

In further display of unrest and chaos in the fight for control of the Republican Party, popular ultra conservative tea party talk show host and former Republican U.S. Representative JD Hayworth is challenging long time Republican Senator John Mc Cain for his Arizona U.S. Senate seat.

This past week Hayworth resigned from his talk show and plans an all-out campaign against Mc Cain for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate. It will be a battle royale and certainly THE Primary to watch in coming months. Hayworth has a chance for a big upset here. In the most populated area of the State, Maricopa County, Hayworth runs far ahead of Mc Cain among Republican voters according to recent polls. Mc Cain is in trouble with his fellow Republicans.

Mc Cain, however, is a shrewd politician and should he lose in the 'primary', he could do what Joe Lieberman did in his State 2 years ago when Lieberman lost the Democratic primary. Mc Cain could run as an Independent and probably win. Arizona is a State with predominantly independent voters.

So, the loser in this matter will probably be the Republican Party. And the GOP continues it's in-fighting to the detriment of the party itself.

There will be more........


Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Republican Party and it's 'New Order' Politicians

Right now, the GOP is in turmoil. For some time, their various factions have been in-fighting for party control with no clear winner in sight. Meanwhile, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has attempted to maintain some kind of outward decorum, to no avail.

We have the fading 'neocons' in the forms of The Cheney's, 'swiftboaters' and some Pentagon people, who try to include (in their faction) what they consider 'their sheep' in the form of the religious right.

The religious right (The Pat Robertson contingency and the televangelist crowd), however, has balked at their 'place' in the pecking order and struggle to become a faction of their own.

The fringe faction 'birthers', tea partiers, Sarah Palin and other ignorant types get considerable media attention, but little credibility at the poker table, are fighting to claim some party control.

Then we have 'the conservatives' in the forms of Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan and other waning older talking heads and failed politicians, some of which who have become lobbyists.

The so-called moderate republicans seem to be faltering with their boring, litmus-test folly and have become the "NO" people.

And then there are the conservative media people, the Limbaughs, Becks, Hannitys and others who are not really influencing anything, but try to make others think they do as they fail. They don't sit at any decisional/policy table and have the respect of court jesters at best. These people are labeled by insiders and those in the political fray, simply as entertainers who don't deliver votes one way or another. Essentially, these media people put a faux plastic frosting on an otherwise distastful political cake with too many cooks.

RNC Chair Steele is charged with leading these groups into some kind of coherency, but is failing for a lot reasons. As one insider put it....."it's like herding a bevy of cats". And so the Republican Party remains in turmoil as their factions fight for power and control.

There is a relatively new and growing younger GOP group who fly under the republican banner, but are, in fact, independents with different ideas, visions, moralities, and backgrounds with only tacit interests in the Republican Party itself. These politicians don't seem to have much leadership as a faction, preferring to work from their districts or home territories and finding their compass on a more local level. They don't seem to be joining what was once called 'the establishment'. We'll call them the "New Order Republicans". And it is this group that is capturing the interests of the general public, and currently taking the media spotlight from the Cheneys, Palins, evangelistics and conservative factions of the GOP.

Not in a million years could anyone make this stuff up. It would be unbelievable and rejected by reasonable thinkers if written in a novel.....even science fiction. But this is what's happening in the fierce fight for control of the Republican Party.

Every media outlet and their editorial policy decision makers are clearly aware of what has been said here so far. From the ultra-right to the ultra-left and every where in-between these media people know the facts presented here. Why have they not been clear on their reporting of these things? Regardless of the spin they may need to put on it. Why?

Everything reported here is verified. If you want to do it, just google a couple names presented here, or go to or or wikipedia. This is all easily to put together.

The New Order Republicans:

A new, bright and shinning Star of the GOP is 28 year old Aaron Schocks. Yes. A Jewish, charismatic young man with a stunning track record of accomplishment in his short stint in the Illinois State Legislature who in 2008 won the congressional district (as a Republican) in Pioria, Illinois when Democrat Barack Obama (also from Illinois) was sweeping Democrats into congress on his coattails.

How did this happen? What is it about Aaron Schocks that put him in office?

Aaron Schocks is clear in his message. He works for and represents the people who put him into office and he has no ties to any special interests. His campaign donations come from the people, not corporations. He is conservative fiscally and a social moderate. Aaron Schocks also has '8 by 10 glossy' looks with 6 pack abs who unabashedly displays such. He is also rumored to be gay and dismisses such remarks with a 'no matter' attitude. Aaron Schocks is one of the new faces and a 'new order Republican' who has the buzz and thrust of a developing group of politicians defying the old guard politic, Democrat or Republican.

The established Republican Party system is bewildered by and completely in awe of the Aaron Schocks 'mystique' and success....they don't seem to understand it....the religious right is gagging at the 'Schocks' syndrome and the other factions of the GOP have been left in the dust by his 'new wave', full speed ahead work ethic.

Less than a week ago a little known State Representative from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, a Republican, beat the old guard political establishment and won the U.S. Senate seat vacated upon the death of Ted Kennedy.

In recent previous articles, we've discussed Scott Brown and how he waged his senatorial campaign. Here are a few other facts about it.

The Republican Party had all but conceded Ted Kennedy's seat to any Democrat. Massachusetts is considered the 'bluest-state' in the union and this seat had been 'Democrat' for more than 50 years. Virtual unknown Scott Brown was not taken seriously by either the Democrats or his own party. When he started to show well in his campaign the various Republican Party factions began courting him. Brown did not embrace any of them, told most to stay away and did not accept their money, advice or doctrines. He was clear in his message that he was there to represent The People of His State and not special interests. With most politicians saying the same things, but owned by the special interests, Scott Brown could and did prove he was not. "Represent the People of His State". There's a concept! Scott Brown won!

Virtually all the major media political pundits and talking heads missed the point of Brown's (and some others around the country) stunning win. So there is no mistake, Scott Brown decisively won because he went beyond the established 'rules of partisan political conduct' with his campaign. Brown's win was NOT a victory for the Republican Party. It was a repudiation of both the Democrat and Republican parties from an angry growing INDEPENDENT voter voice.

----to be continued----there is much more to come, Stay tuned.


The Differences Between Scott Brown and Sarah Palin

The first and fundamental difference between Sarah Palin and Scott Brown is that Brown is intelligent and smart and Palin isn't.

Scott Brown is a celebrity WITH portfolio. Sarah Palin is a celebrity WITHOUT portfolio.

Scott Brown is intellectually honest. Sara Palin does not understand the concept.

Today, Sarah 'twits' and reports on Brown's shiny victory and tries to align herself with this 'republican' winner. Just as there are many varieties of Democrats (Blue Dogs and others), there are many breeds of Republicans. And Sarah is as different from Brown as a 'stink hound' is different from a Great Dane.

These things said, lets look at both 'republicans' stated positions on some issues.

Health Care Reform: Brown is for single payer, public option, government health care much like the existing legislation he supported in his home State. Brown is against the 'watered down' federal legislation now before the U.S. Congress. Palin supports the private health care companies and rejects any government health care involvement.

Abortion: Palin is against abortion and for overturning Roe v. Wade. Brown is for a woman's right to choose, 'pro-choice'.

Same-sex marriage: Brown is against the term "marriage" for same-sex couples, but supports legal unions with identical rights to marriage rights. Palin believes same-sex anything is an abomination to 'god's word.

Fiscal Spending and the Federal Deficit: Brown is a fiscal conservative and wants to reduce the deficit by not expanding government and trimming it back; but does recognize the issues of terror/defense and the economy and costs of these things which may hinder his philosophical fiscal standards. Palin doesn't grasp or understand the issue and attempting to put her convoluted thoughts on this subject is impossible.

So, Sarah's attempt to align herself with the latest Republican superstar doesn't hold up. Especially when other stink-hound republicans are already trashing Brown and the religious right is distancing itself from him.

Sarah's 'twit' as to how Brown ran his campaign, playing it 'low key' without prominent republicans to 'help' him (she said) is something she may need to 'holy-roll' about, or at least talk to Pat Robertson about.

Truth be known is that Scott Brown asked the celebrity-stink hounds to stay away and out of his campaign early on in the process, including Sarah. He also took none of their money.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Obama/Scott Brown Bromance-The Dream Bipartisan Ticket for 2012?

You heard it here FIRST!

Even before President Obama made his political appearances in behalf of failed Democratic Massachusettes senatorial hopeful Martha Coakely, Barack Obama and Scott Brown were in communication. And together they 'clicked' on a personal level. When President Obama made his statements about Brown's pick up truck, such was an 'inside message' of humor to Brown. In Brown's victory speech he returned the humor to the President.

Scott Brown will be inducted into the Senate with breakneck speed given President Obama's push to do so.........

....stay tuned as we develop this blockbuster story........


New GOP Super Star SCOTT BROWN Trashed by Glenn Beck

It didn't take long for the GOP Conservative Right Wing nut cases to distance themselves from and trash the new Republican Rock Star, Scott Brown.

Less than 24 hours after his stunning victory in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Senator-Elect Scott Brown finds himself bombarded by the GOP right wing from it's religious faction to Glenn Beck.

Today on his radio show and again on his Fox Entertainment "News" TV show, Beck trashed Brown's victory speech for jokingly saying his daughters were "available". From this 'lite-moment' statement Beck told his possum-pie eating audience that Brown put his daughters on the "meat rack". Beck ranted on by comparing Brown to Gary Condit and saying "this could end with a dead intern.....this could end with a dead intern"....."I don't trust this guy"!

At the same time, the Internet is saturated with Scott Brown's 1982 nude Cosmo pictures, recent pictures of Brown's daughters in bikini swim wear with sea shells covering their breasts and 'who's the sexiest senator' polls.

And the religious right is not amused. There are rumbles they want Brown exorcised from the Republican party with some kind of voo-doo ritual. We suspect that Scott Brown will not be the new poster boy for Pat Robertson's 700 Club.

And that's politics in these United States of America, folks!


Senator-Elect Scott Brown--A Page from the Obama Play Book?

Six or so months ago, Scott Brown was a little known "independent" Republican moderate State Senator from The Common Wealth of Massachusetts. Today he is the Senator-Elect to the U.S. Congress and a name known throughout the country and parts of the free world.

The mainstream media, talking heads and pundits are talking a lot about Scott Brown today. We're hearing "wake-up call to the Democratic Party", "a referendum on President Obama", "the born again GOP", "the political upset of the century", "health care reform is dead", and on and on and on.

The shallowness's of what's being touted is only exceeded by the blind-denial of those making such remarks and shopping it to the public as if they have some kind of 'handle' on what really happened with Scott Brown's win in assuming Ted Kennedy's senate seat. A seat held by Democrats for more than 50 years.

The pundits don't seem 'to get it'. The incumbent politicians don't 'get it' either. The public is angry, frustrated and fed-up with the Washington politic. The public is finding it's compass on how to deal with a government that is out of touch with the people. Both Democrat and Republican. Somehow, Scott Brown does seem to understand what's happening in American politics. Today on GMA, Brown said, "my win isn't a referendum on President Obama, it's much bigger than that".

So, what really happened and why?

First, in it's arrogance, the Democrats ran an arrogant, lazy candidate. Martha Coakley, the incumbent State Attorney General. Just one month ago, She was ahead in the polls by 30% points. This past weekend, Brown was 4% points ahead and yesterday he won by 5% points (52%-47%).

Scott Brown is a very attractive politician. He is articulate and oozes health and vigor (a Kennedy campaign term) and ran an energetic 'Kennedy-esque' campaign with a populist bent (i.e. "this is not a Democrat or Republican (senate) seat, it is 'the peoples' seat"). Brown clearly presented his platform: Terror, Taxes and Health Care.

Scott Brown is closer to Obama political stances (and political technique) than the 'Republican' Washington agenda. Brown is Pro-Choice on abortion, against using the term 'marriage' in same-sex unions while giving same sex couples equal rights in their unions. Brown champions alternative energy exploration with solar power at the top of the list and understands 'global warming' IS a scientific fact. He supports the troop surge in Afghanistan and dismisses the Iraq War as a significant error. Brown is for Health-Care Reform, but against the current packages now before congress. He proposes a single payer-public option form of Health Care, much like the omnibus health care legislation he supported in Massachusetts which is now law. Scott Brown is not a 'bought and sold' politician to the health care insurance industry as so many Washington Republicans and Democrats are.

Scott Brown is not a litmus tested Republican. During his campaign there were no Cheney's or Palin's speaking for him. Scott Brown can better be described as an Independent-Libertarian and touts his 'independent thinking' over political ideology. He calls himself fiscal-conservative, socially conscious.

There is also a curious parallel between Scott Browns' and President Obama's roots and ascension to national prominence. Both came from broken families and both are self-made men, among other things.

An interesting post script in Scott Brown's background is that when he was 22 years old, he posed nude for Cosmo magazine as a 'sexiest American Man' contest winner and went on to do some modeling work and television ad work. He used the income to complete his college education and go to law school.

Scott Brown won his U.S. Senate seat in a volatile time of 'CHANGE' in much the same way President Obama won the presidency. Both men captured the imaginations and generated flickers of hope in the voting population. The fact that one is Republican and the other Democrat is beside the point of what happened in 2008, and what happened yesterday. The real point is 'The People Want Change' an end to the corruption and special interest business as usual attitudes and behaviors of most senators and congress people now 'serving'.

If there is any wake up call to any of this, that call is to the current office holders in Washington, all of them. The sword of change cuts both ways. Left and right. First Obama and now Brown have proved this and paved the way for more to come.

(The above substantive information can be verified on Wikipedia and Scott Brown's website)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Sears MasterCard -- Disconnect

Most of us have charge cards. I do. Several of them. I use them sparingly and pay them off each month. If I know I won't have the money in the bank when the credit statement arrives, I don't buy the product. Since I rarely carry balances, I rarely look at the interest rates on them.

I follow the economic conditions of our country and have been aware that credit card companies (Banks) have been raising their interest rates at breakneck speeds. I've read that some banks have raised their interest rates to well over 30%. Huffington Post recently reported that one bank raised their rates to 70%! Accordingly, the mainstream, once trusted banks have gone into the 'lone shark' business and our government seems to be okay with the fleecing of the citizens.

Case in point: Last month I needed a set of new tires. I've always been treated well at Sears and decided to purchase the tires there. $757.25. I had not used my Sears Card in several years and decided to use it as they were 'special order' tires and placed the order by phone. Several days later the tires were on the car and I'm happy with them.

A few days ago my Sears credit statement arrived. I paid the debt and also looked at the statement with considerable scrutiny. If I was not financially able to pay off 'the card' here's the news---My Sears MasterCard interest rate on unpaid balances are at a 25.24% annual rate representing a .06915% daily rate. The minimum payment amount was $12.00. Given a $759.25 balance and the 25.24% interest rate, a quick and dirty calculation finds the annual interest on the debt at about $191.00, which is almost $16.00 a month thereby adding about $4.00 to the principal balance each month.

Given today's economy and jobless rate, many people find themselves in desparate financial conditions. Many people may only be able to pay the 'minimum' amounts on their credit cards. At the same time some people need to replace certain neccessary items.

Here's an idea. One will probably find better deals on tires, appliances and most needed things at the LOCAL unaffiliated business down the street. One may pay a bit more for the product. Maybe not. One thing for sure is that a better payment plan can be negotiated with the 'locals' outside the mainstream 'lone sharks' from Wall Street. And the overall out of pocket costs will be less in the long run. Try it. You may be surprised.


Monday, January 18, 2010

In California--Meg Whitman? For Governor? Disconnect

Meg Whitman wants to be Governor of California.

From San Diego to the Oregon border and every place in California from East to West, Californians have been pummeled with Meg Whitman ads in every form of media on a daily basis for months now.

Who is Meg Whitman? She was President and CEO of EBay from 1998 to 2008. She also lists toy maker Hasbro and Procter and Gamble on her resume which somehow qualifies her as California's governor. She has no governmental experience. Her ads provide the same old campaign rhetoric, however.......more jobs, tax reduction, better schools, holding government 'accountable' and blah, blah, blah.......

Meg is financing her own campaign and has put 20 million of her own dollars into her election fund. Meg is 53 years old, married to a respected Cardiologist whose last name she does not use (she uses her maiden name for her public 'persona' and as a political candidate). She and has 2 adult sons. Meg is a 'Trent Lott' type Republican with some odd takes on abortion and social justice. None of her campaign thoughts have been backed up by any concrete plans.

Meg is not without corruption, scandal and possible criminal behavior. Within the last few years public records show she received shares in public stock offerings managed by Goldman Sachs and earned 1.78 million dollars in a short period of time through a process known on Wall Street as 'spinning'.

Spinning is getting 'inside', low cost deals on an IPO before the stock is offered to the public. After the IPO is on the market and stock prices have gone up, the insider sells and makes a quick profit. Meg made almost 2 million dollars using this process from reported documentation. What is not known is how much money she really made in what has not been publicly reported. Didn't Martha Stewart go to prison for similar activities?

So, there is no mistake, Meg Whitman is no Sarah Palin. Meg is smart and rich. And now she wants to be California's Governor.

Can Meg Whitman buy the California Governor's Office?


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sarah Palin Joins Fox 'News' as an Analyst = Darwin Award

This past week former GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin joined  the Fox News team as an analyst. "Like a moose caught in the headlights", was Comedy Central's  newscaster John Stewart's assessment of her first performance.

Recognizing there is a tiny group of people afflicted with 'Palin-itus' (stupid people), truth, fact and reality here will have little meaning. They will drink Fox News and Sarah's 'kool-aid' to the bitter end. But to reasonable people here are some facts.

We confirmed through Snopes and and found the following: As a VP Candidate, Sarah didn't know there were two Koreas; Sarah believed Africa was a nation without a clue it is a continent; She thought the 2008 Democrat candidates name was Joe O'Biden; and, she based her foriegn policy credentials on the statement that she could see Russia from her front porch in Alaska. 

Not confirmed is the report that  Sarah believes Pat Robertson's obsenity about the Haitian people making a pact with the Devil in 1791, thereby causing the 2010 earthquake that has killed 10's of thousands of people.

And so, Sarah Palin again recieves our Darwin Award.

Until next time.......

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Pope Pontificates-The Vatican Trashes Avatar The Movie-Disconnect

Pope Benedict XVI has a long record of warning his 1+ billion 'believers' against the evils of replacing the Catholic Christian God with Nature. He pontificates 'there is a danger in turning Nature into a new divinity'. He never says what that danger might be, however. The Pope also postulates that  'environmentalism' could turn into a 'neo-paganism', without further speculation.

Now, the Vatican News media, in Fox News tradition, follows up with nasty and critical remarks about the blockbuster film Avatar by saying the movie preaches that 'Nature is no longer a creation to defend, but a Divinity to worship', says Vatican radio. Vatican news papers echo these comments.

So, what's wrong with the idea of Nature as God?  What's so bad about polytheism?  Other cultures in times past have embraced these ideas before. And the human condition then was not much different from what it is today. If we need a god or gods to begin with, what's the problem? Coming from Christian sources, the answers to these questions are obvious. But in a broader sense, there doesn't seem to be much difference among any of them. They're all looking for bigger bank accounts and social control. Catholicism?  Fundamentalist Christianity? Islam? Others? Take your pick. It all seems to amount to the specific product consumers buy when they're in the market to hand over their individual mental/emotional freedom, futures  and thought processes to some outside entity.

Okay! The Vatican has presented a movie review and they didn't like it. No problem with that. However, when the Pope and his media resources speak out, they speak out in the context of their particular brand of religion and belief system and somehow this needs to be addressed in the same matter-of-fact manner in which the Pope and the Vatican  present their dogma.

First, I don't know if there is a God or not. And neither does the Pope or the Vatican or anyone else. A belief about anything does not make it so. Certainly there is no hard evidence one way or the other about God. What does come under the heading of emperical evidence, however, provides that if there is an all knowing 'God' who designed the universe and everything else tangible to human beings, THAT God is not something that looks like and functions like the Pope.

Also, the Pope may want to respond to Pat Robertson's false statements about this past week's tragedy in Haiti. But then again, Robertson's brand of god is somewhat different than the Pope's. Sort of like the difference between Coke and Pepsi. Slightly different formulas, same tastes and results.

The philosopher Voltaire once said ".........and God created Man in his image and Man returned the favor".


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson's (The 700 Club) Disgraceful 'christian' response to the disaster in Haiti--Disconnect

Pat Robertson's patently offensive and delusional remarks today on his 700 Club 'show' about the terrible disaster in Haiti was a demonstration of not only his arrogant ignorance, but also the stupidity and ignorance of those who support him with their hard earned dollars. Pat Robertson is a disgrace to those who would be or call themselves 'christian'!
Speaking  about yesterday's earthquake in Haiti that has killed upwards of 100,000 people and destroyed the infrastructure in the Capitol City, Robertson said, "Haiti is 'cursed with a pact with the Devil'... ......under French rule (some years ago), the Hatians swore they would serve the Devil  if the Devil would free them from French rule. True Story. Done deal."  Robertson went on to imply the Haitians were 'smitten' down by God because of their alliance with the Devil.

First, Robertson's 'story' is NOT TRUE. He lied! The real history of Haiti's freedom from French domination is readily available and easily found and Robertson's 'account' is preposterous. Robertson could not find 'book, chapter or verse'  of any thing he sent out to his world wide audience today. 

Where are the other 'christian' leaders in this despicable folly? Will any one of them step up and call out Pat Robertson in this 'christian' shame?  Where's the Pope? How about the rest of the evangelicals? Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, some of the new electronic multi-millionaire fundamentalist evangelicals, where are you? Will any of you speak up?  Remaining silent is to condone it! But we suspect all will remain silent in this disgrace. 

Pat Robertson is an obscenity to Christianity and today he proved it.

Should anyone want to donate to a Haitian Relief Fund, one could do so by contributing to The American Red Cross. UNICEF and 'Doctors Without Border's are also organizations that can be trusted  to put your contributions toward this cause.  One can also donate to the International Red Cross by going to

Donating through any church organization, especially Pat Robertson's and those like his would be questionable. You would be surprised at the 'administration' fees attached to any of your donations to these organizations, charitable or otherwise.
(Update: January 14, 2010, The White House today issued a statement saying it was 'speechless' about Pat Robertson's remarks.)



Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tila Tequila-Dick Cheney-Terrorism Connection-Disconnect

Tila Tequila is at it again, pimping and whoring herself for still more notoriety in the wake of Casey Johnson's death.

It seems the Johnson family asked Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips to collect Casey's dogs and some personal items at Tila's house. Upon this notification Tila said "no" and called 911 as she feared some kind of altercation. When Nicky and Bijou arrived police were present and a verbal altercation commenced after which Hilton and Phillips left with the dogs and some of Casey's personal belongings.

The media reported this tiny incident specifically and perfectly. So, how did this happen?

Before Tila called 911, she called TMZ and the papperatzi and they were present also. They reported it and the major outlets picked it up. Accordingly, the public had this stuff in their faces from the mainstream media all day long. Does the media think we're waiting for the next chapter in this saga? Whether we want it or not it will be impossible to miss because this junk becomes 'lead stories' almost everywhere.

And this is how celebrity happens!

How does Tila relate to former VP Dick Cheney? In order to get media attention he does the same thing she does. Someone calls Fox News or some other dubious news outlet saying The Dick will drop a 'nasty-bomb' on someone or some thing, he goes on a show, does it, and the mainstream media pushes that in our faces.

Both Tila and The Dick function under the same principles. They simply work different corners on the same street.

And what is the 'terrorist' connection?

Some readers here have said they feel 'terrorized' by the trivia and 'no news' thrust in their faces by the major outlets. They say they can't get away from these assaults.

We can't get away from a lot of it. But sometimes we can. Last evening when this computer went on, the lead story from Yahoo 'News' was "Kate Gosslin's New Expensive Hairdo". Absolutely the last straw for me. Since Yahoo News is a computer elective, it was bye-bye Yahoo.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Limp Dick Penetrates Bush in New Book-Disconnect

It's true! Former VP Limp Dick Cheney is trashing and penetrating into former boss G.W. Bush's history as President in his new book of memoirs. Simon and Schuster reportedly paid the Dick 2 million dollars in seed money for it. 'Limp's' book is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2011, but may be moved up a bit according to sources.

So there is no mistake, The Dick is pimping his book right now and is on record NOW with an interesting mix of self flagellation and titillation to prime the pumps to sell his book in a few media outlets for this purpose. After all, he needs to do something for the 2 mil he already has in his pocket.

Unlike former Vice Presidents who remain relatively silent after leaving office, the Dick has been on the attack with his perceived enemies almost constantly. President Obama is a given. But attacking HIS Bush was something not anticipated and we suspect not received with open arms (or legs as the case may be) by the Bush.

Just so readers know, this article is parodied with generous full frontal double entendre and innuendo. But, the thoughts and words attributed to the Dick are verified remarks he recently made while speaking about HIS Bush in HIS book.

It seems the second term of The GW Administration was not like the first, according to Limp Dick. Cheney candidly remarks that in the second term of office Bush 'went soft' on him; that Bush 'moved away from him and hardened against' his advice. (We suppose this means Limpy wasn't making ALL the decisions in the second term.) The Dick went on to say that Bush 'moved conciliatory' thereby bringing impotence to the presidency and the relationship they once enjoyed. In Limp Dick's eye, this meant Bush became weak and lost his political virility. Something The Dick describes as a 'moral weakness', according to another commentator. A confidant and advisor to Cheney recently said that Bush and The Dick were never 'quite friends', which sounds like a sort of 'quasi' friends with benefits union.

In his media 'lead in' to his book, The Dick was not specific about the exact issues to which he was referring. What he said might be described as titillating foreplay of some sort so people will buy his book. We suspect the book will be specific.

Bottom line to this is that Cheney is screwing HIS Bush in broad daylight. And to The Bush's credit, he has remained silent about it. It also means Cheney will also be screwing anyone who buys his book because The Dick has no potent credibility in the first place.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Joe LIE-berman Approval Ratings in the Toilet--His Disconnect

Recent valid polls show that showboat Joe LIE-berman's approval ratings are in the toilet with his own constituency in his own State. Essentially, after all the numbers are tallied, his approval rating is 25% with a negative 67% rating among Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

The LIE would probably respond by saying these polls reflect his 'maverick' stances in the Senate.

No, Joe. These polls reflect obstructionism, the embarrassment you bring to your State and the fact the insurance companies have given you millions of dollars and have collected on their investment by your votes in their favor.

You are a whore, Joe. Pure and simple. And the voters in your tiny State have discovered it.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Casey Johnson Dies-Twit Tila Tequila Twitters- The Darwin Awards are Back!

Several days ago major news outlets reported the untimely death of Casey Johnson, 30, heiress to the Johnson and Johnson fortune. Apparently, she was found dead in her SoCal home of natural causes.

At the same time our contaminated, insensitive mainstream media pushed into our faces the 'news' that someone with the unlikely name of Tila Tequila flippantly twittered that her "wify Casey" died and she (Tila) was mourning and invited others to mourn with her. It was full-frontal 'in our faces' obscenity. Unavoidable in the print media and on the Internet.

Until these media deifications we'd never heard of Casey Johnson or Tila Tequila either.

It seems Tila is another of the media meat-rack celebrities without portfolio in the Levi Johnston tradition. She is a celebrity for being a celebrity. No talent. No nothing, except she hob-nobs with the poor-little-rich girl set in the forms of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and supposedly Casey Johnson.

A brief 'wikki' search finds Tila Tequila to be a midget-like girl with a rather ugly face and big tits. She is clearly uneducated and comes across as dumb as a stump. So, why does any media even report anything about her?

On the other side of the media hype is that a beautiful young woman is dead and a family is grieving. And in this tragedy the expected privacy attendant to such things is destroyed by a 'trash' mainstream media and a twit getting some publicity to further her own selfish agenda. There's quite a disconnect to all this.

And so the Darwin Awards are back!

Although Tila Tequila is a close runner-up to this award, the mainstream media gets the nod this time around because of their dirty behavior and treatment of a tragic death.


The Darwin Awards

Last year our weekly Darwin Awards gained some readership attention. Accordingly, we found a number of validated situations, comments and events we felt merited such 'coveted' awards, usually in the political realm, and printed them.

Last month we suspended these 'awards' to take notice of your comments and to do some further research on our subject matter and what WE mean in giving these 'awards'. Essentially, we were looking for more succinct ways to present them in a clean and clear way.

So, we went back to the egg, so to speak. We have 'googled' and 'wikki'd' The Darwins in terms of origins, definitions and validity. We followed a number of links into infinity in order to examine some base to The Darwin Awards. Essentially, there was little substance in the end.

Here's what we found: First, in the past, Darwin Awards have been given to people who died because of their stupidity in some event, thereby cleansing the gene pool for forward movement of our species. These awards were given by a number of unrelated groups and organizations. Several books have been written on the subject matter. There was a movie based on a few of these events, The Darwin Awards.

Next, we learned the Darwin Awards represented a 'chorinating of the gene pool', 'a culling of the herd', and 'unnatural selection', which is in diametric opposition to Darwins 'natural selection' processes in the evolution of our species.

We also learned that many of the presented 'awards' (presented by others) were given to bogus candidates, to events that never happened. Essentially, much of what we've read is nothing more than urban legend and not true.

The Darwin Awards, then, comes down to a 'tongue and cheek' representation of stupidity of one variety or another.

This blog has rarely, if ever, dealt with people who died in the process of being 'darwinites'. In fact, we don't want our Darwin people to go away. We want them to continue in their blatant ignorance and stupidity so we can continue to expose it. We don't want Limbaugh, Palin, DeMint, Bachmann, The Cheney's and others to go away because they are the perfect foils to thinking, intelligent people. We want their sillinesses to remain to our benefit. They are the perfect dummies from the gene pool who make the The Darwin Awards here valid.

Also, this blog has always presented validated information for it's candidates and will continue to do so. Our format is changing, however. Instead of listing candidates and then picking a weekly winner, we will present an award winner when we find them.

We hope you like this new format. If not, let us know.


Keep the Bears Wild in Alaska-Take in Your Garbage-Impregnate a on....

No. This is not an Onion article. But it might be, however, given proper distribution and marketing.

The headline above is a bumper sticker seen today on a truck with Alaska license plates. It struck us with some humor and we're not sure why. We're not sure it makes any sense. Then again, good humor sometimes makes no sense at all. So?

Is this Alaskan humor that we in in the contiguous U.S of A don't get? Maybe.

Bears are important to our environment. Especially wild ones, we suppose. Does not taking in ones garbage make bears less wild? Does available garbage domesticate wild bears in some way? We don't live in bear country here, so we don't know the answers to these basic questions. We do know bears can be nasty beasts when confronted, though.

And what about the impregnate a Palin remark? What do wild bears have to do with Sarah Palin and that brood? Is there some kind of 'inside' Alaska joke going on here? If so, please let us in on it.

We do know the Palin women are fertile little wenches. Levi Johnson found that out in a 'bim-bam thank you ma'am' quickie with Bristol. And Sarah herself has grunted out a number of critters too. And the Palin women are not so bad looking in a cheap 'out land' kind of way. But how does this connect to keeping bears wild in Alaska?

We may never know. But we did appreciate the imaginative, if not coherrent bumper sticker today.


A Transgendered Political Appointee and the Religious Right -Disconnect

President Obama recently appointed Amanda Simpson to a high level government post as Senior Technical Advisor to the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security. Ms. Simpson assumes her post bringing the highest and most respected credentials possible for the job she will be doing.

So? What's the problem? None, given Amanda Simpson's respected experience and background which includes being a celebrated test pilot. But there is a vacuous firestorm of protests over Amanda's appointment. Why?

It seems Amanda Simpson, 49, was born male and about 10 years ago underwent the full process of gender reassignment and is now a female. And the religious right and conservative pundits are squealing like gored pigs in their tiny-minded ignorant mud pit. But what do they have to scream about? Nothing, really, except for the fact that Amanda Simpson is transgendered.

So, what are the religious nuts saying? Certainly nothing about her credentials to do the job. No. The mere fact that Amanda is transgendered is their only criticism AND concern. So these noises they make are completely without substance. Just screams of blasphemy against God. Of course they are only preaching to the choir as most of us don't care if a person puts on socks or panty hose before they go to work.

This is a high level job in our government regarding SECURITY. Don't we want the best people for the jobs to do it? Certainly Amanda Simpson is one of them.

Of course Amanda Simpson is no Darwin Award winner Michelle Bachmann. God is Good! God is Great! Praise The Lord!

And this may be enough to give Rush Limbaugh another heart attack and create more tears for Glenn Beck.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bristol Palin Starts Pubic Relations Firm--Disconnect?

Those who regularly follow this blog will be certain this contribution is surely an article for The Onion. It's not. We are reporting this confirmed story as closely to the way we received it as possible. We'll pitch in a dig or two, perhaps. But this is not a parody. Sometimes parody IS truth, and the truth of this story is parody in and of itself.

Headlines like the one above are circulating the Internet and in the print media. We suspect Colbert, Letterman and John Stewart will have a field day with it. Here's the story behind the headline:

In September, 2009, Articles of Incorporation were filed in Alaska for BSMP LLC Public Relations Firm. According to public documents, BSMP provides Lobbying, Public Relations and Political Consulting Services.

BSMP is Bristol Sharon Marie Palin, 19 year old unwed daughter of Sarah Palin, and Tripp's mom. Bristol's vast background and experience in PR makes her a natural for tremendous success. Right now Bristol is a paid Ambassador for Candie's Foundation, a pro-abstinence organization.

Given Bristol's considerable Lobbying expertise we're sure she will have an open door policy with Senators John McCain, Jim DeMint and Joe LIEberman. And those who read this blog know that Bristol is moving up very quickly by going from whore to pimp in less than two years.

And then there will be Bristol's Political Consulting business. We suspect she'll start by running Sarah's 2012 presidential campaign. We also understand that Bristol has already ordered a dozen Barbie doll houses to be used as campaign props at strategic locations around country.

According to Palin's lawyer, in an email to Rachel Maddow, "the code BSMP pertains to several areas, but include PR". The email goes on to say that it is not unusual for a person with several different employers to establish a corporation to where money is placed.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Kwanzaa/Ramadan/Gay Pride/Cinco de Mayo and other Offensive Products of Our 'Celebrate Diversity' Culture

Once upon a time our culture was a 'one for all-all for one' mentality. A 'move forward' culture with goals and hopes and real successes with a bent toward individual rights and rights of privacy. There was a time of good and decent will toward one another. A time when we respected one anothers 'private' rights, their space, peace and quiet and understood when those rights were compromised. Generally, it was a 'live and let live' society overall and people were basically happy campers as they worked to make a better life for themselves and those they cared about.

For example, in our recent history, recall the soul of a nation coming together during the first World War? There was near universal camaraderie during the Great Depression. We had full out national solidification of purpose during the second World War. Even the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/o1, the people came together as one.

Unfortunately, the solidification of the people because of the 9/11 attack lasted about 15 minutes. So? What happened?

A long time before that 2001 terrorist attack a diverse society was developing into cult like groups. We were no longer experiencing tolerance or acceptance in and of those with which we disagreed. Hate became OK. The respect once afforded to all became minuscule to the few. And those who gave it are considered weak. A new slogan grew from these new attitudes. CELEBRATE DIVERSITY!

Celebrate Diversity? What does that slogan really mean?

It means 'in your face', disruptive, disrespectfulness that interferes with and marginalizes the rest of OUR peace and solitude and dampens our hopes and innate encouragements toward a better world. Celebrating Diversity is a hindrance to a free society bordering on acceptable anarchy. Some of the most recent examples are the so-called 'tea partiers' which are nothing more than legal organized/ gang activities to shut down free speech and education at public gatherings.

Take a look at some of the nations local gang-mob activity. Experience a 'last Friday of the month ride your bike to work' event in San Francisco and you will see anarchy first hand and be caught up in it along with property damage and possible physical harm in the mix. Drive on any urban or sub-urban street across America and you will experience the sound shattering rude noises of someones thunderous music coming from their cars, usually foul language rap or ethnic Mexican music. These are people who can afford these expensive loud contraptions while driving to the super market to buy food with food stamps. And on any given street you will have occasion to be interrupted in anything you are doing with the patented super sound of a Harley Hog with some wannabe Captain America freak hanging onto the handle bars.

And what have our government elected officials done (on any levels) for most of us in dealing with these assaults? Instead of leading, they've taken sides. So, 'celebrating diversity' continues on a course toward the demise of a once great culture becoming a new definition of a third world.

Lets take a look at just a few macro and micro groups and organizations celebrating THEIR diversity.

First, I would hope anyone could and would celebrate and practice their religions and faiths privately and in their appropriate ways. But when Kwanzaa, an African American religious celebration of very short history and Ramadan, an Islamic month of fasting and on and on wherein Muslims, moderate, traditional, extremist and otherwise throw their DIVERSITY at me and the rest of our faces by closing streets, and committing crime in the process, OUR right to freedom of movement and peace is obstructed. Add to these the Christian group, Focus on the family and other nutsola Christian organizations who show up at military funerals for our fallen soldiers with their fecal material of disruption and they get their 'celebration of diversity' in the process while the rest of are stopped in our tracks to 'appreciate' it. Never mind the families of the fallen, their hurt and pain of loss. 'Diversity' rules, especially when it comes to religion.

And then we have Gay Pride! We have Gay Day, Gay Weeks and Gay Months among other disruptive 'celebrations' and protests. I don't care who sleeps with who or what within their consenting privacy's. Many of us do become angered and put upon and disrespected when these groups close streets and bridges we count on to get from one place to another. These situations take and impose upon OUR time and space with their 'in your face' activities. But hey, these organizations are just celebrating THEIR diversity.

Also, there is Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican celebration of some kind about liberation of sorts. In Mexico! So why do we have these loud disgusting 'parties' contaminating OUR tax payed parks and other public places which WE have provided? With their pinatas, mariachi music and boom boxes thumping and the squalid messes left behind, why is it allowed? Just try to enjoy a 'no-admission fee ' public park on May 5, or any other sunny day in California, Colorado, Texas or Arizona and this point becomes clear. Once again, it's Celebrating (in your face) Diversity.

And how about Racial Profiling. Black people have been screaming about racial profiling for years. Local, State and Federal Governments have taken their considered appropriate politically correct responses to this issue and there is no acceptable racial profiling as we celebrate our diversity. But the truth is we have our African Americans, black people and ghetto niggez in the mix. Ghetto niggez with no compass, moral or otherwise, with no interest or capability to improve themselves. Speaking in the one syllable Ebonics, they swaggerly celebrate their diversity in below the butt pants and WE pay for it with OUR tax dollars. The statistical reality has it that the black population accounts for about 10% of the U.S. population while at the same time this population accounts for about 40% of the prison population. These people are not political prisoners. They are convicted felons of heinous crimes. Usually violent crimes. Racial profiling? Duh!

Certainly, we could write much more about this subject matter. And perhaps we will again. But our point is surely made here about Celebrating Diversity and the nasty disgust attendant to it. So what can be done to turn this mess around? Clearly, individual respectful mutual behavior would count. But we need more. We need leaders who LEAD without taking sides toward the majority of Diverse Celebrants who vote them into office. Unfortunately I can't name a single politician, local, State or Federal who can lead. Can you?

And, we need to take a look at US. You and me. We have a recent history of electing handicapped, minority and special needs presidents. Our last president was retarded. Clinton was penis challenged with a sex addiction compounded by rosatia and Big Mac hamburgers. H.W. Bush was people and integrity challenged, and Reagan was an Alzheimer's victim while in office! We have recently elected a half minority president. Half white, half black. It seems we only went half way. Maybe next time we can elect a real Uncle Remus and get it over and done. So, WE, you and I have voted for Diversity. Does this mean we have had a part in creating The Celebrate Diversity conundrum?


Tiger Woods'- Whereabouts Exposed-A 'Christian' Disconnect'

Tiger Woods' whereabouts have been unknown for sometime now. Speculation had it that he was on a boat, in Jamaica, in California, somewhere in Africa, and on and on. But yesterday, Brit Hume on Fox News Sunday exposed Tiger's location.

Tiger Wood's is in a tent at a spiritual revival meeting 'holy-rolling' with Sarah Palin and, on occasion with Brit, himself, in Sitka, Alaska. Here's how we found this information:

On the January 3, 2010 edition of Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume admonished Tiger Woods to "convert (repent) to Christianity to make a full recovery (from his sins)".

WOW! Brit! Upon hearing your profound and loving 'christian' thoughts, Tiger ran right out to the first Latter Day Saints church to find redemption. But when he found out the Mormons don't 'holy-roll' (they only speak in tongues) (Tiger wanted to do both of these like you and Sarah Palin), he found a bona-fide holy-rolling-speak in tongues tent revival concert in Sitka and has been there ever since casting out those demons.

Meanwhile, Brit, your brand of Christianity in the form of missionaries in Uganda are tacitly supporting the Ugandan government in their legislation to execute homosexuals for their sexual practices. Hummmmm...would Christ have taken such a position? Probably not, unless he bent over at the wrong time in the wrong place. Like the Fox News Center.

And, Brit....has Fox News become the Foxy Christian News? We know you have some kind of deal with Pat Robertson's 700 Club. Since Fox News is synonymous with deceit, lying, duplicity and boastfulness among other annoyances, you by association become an ingredient in that recipe. Just a question, Brit.

Also, Brit, are you aware that Tiger Woods is a Buddhist? Although your admonition to Tiger did not sit well with Buddhists, given their track record, we're sure they will forgive you. Could your brand of Christianity do the same if your remarks were turned back on you?

But you got your point across, Brit. Tiger is in the midst of 'converting' right now. And soon he'll have all those sponsorship's back, get back all that lost money and sing praises to HIM, while thanking you on your show. With Tiger Woods maybe you can draw a substantive guest instead of the washed up political pimps and whores you've been presenting lately.

And, why is it Brit, that the best of Christian behavior is carried out by Buddhists?


P.S. The writer of this article is not Buddhist.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lobbyists and Politicians/Pimps and Whores--2010! The year Ahead......

January 4, 2010! Here it is. The start of a new week in D.C. at the start of a New Year. It's an election year. Let the Political Games Begin!

No one has a crystal ball to look into the future of the antics in Washington D.C. But looking at the recent past there are some sure bets the rancid old stuff of the past will continue into the new year. Given this is an election year, we can expect more of it. That is, unless the electorate gives the pimps and whores a shock or two at the ballot box.

There is a lot pondered and written about some of the usual changes seen in off-year elections. Usually, the 'in' party looses seats. But don't be too quick to think such will happen. Polls show the general public is not happy with 'The Dems'. But the same polls show the electorate is even more dissatisfied with The GOP. At the same time, the fight for control of the GOP rages on and the Republican party is in a shamble. So?

Right now Michael Steele, the Chair of the Republican party is walking a tightrope. He must balance the traditional Republicans with the right wing/litmus test/tea party types that seem to be gaining some kind of political steam at the moment.

Take a look at it. Some Republican primaries are in full swing right now. One candidate for the House house has challenged his opponent to prove he's not gay. In Florida the popular Republican Governor Charlie Crist is fighting the Republican right for candidacy for the U.S. Senate against a litmus tested 'pure republican' giving him 'swift boat' bombardment. At the same time litmus tested nut case Michele Bachmann is fighting for her House seat against a more moderate republican. And this beat goes on across the country.

Michael Steele sure has his work cut out for him. And by the way, Steele can thank President Obama for his current job. You don't think Steele, a black man, would have his title if the President was white, do you? If so, you're whistling 'Dixie' in Bangor, Maine.

This dissertation is not a 'nasty gram' to the Republicans. Meanwhile, the corrupt Daley and Burton political machines are at work in Illinois and California, giving us their 'litmus tested' whore inferior candidates who will doubtless be re-elected in November 2010.

There is more to come here. Get ready for some very politically incorrect sentiments with what comes next.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Democrat or Republican?/Pepsi or Coke?

Whether it's buying a soft drink or buying into a political party, both are the same. Each category looks the same. They smell and taste the same. And do the same things.

What consumers buy, Pepsi or Coke, comes down to the marketing, distribution and display of the product and the all important 'bottom-line' financial profit. Likewise, our politicians and their political parties 'market' themselves just like Pepsi and Coke do with that all important bottom line at the end of the rainbow. And WE voters have bought both for years!

Voters have tended to vote for the brand without reading the labels. Political strategists may stick a sign or two on their product such as 'pro-life' or 'a woman's right to choose', but the packaged ingredients remain the same. Sometimes strategists will try to put a sign on the opposition such as 'Muslim' or 'gay'. It is interesting how many of these signs influence voters, but not surprising as political parties count on the ignorance and stupidity of a percentage of the voting population. They know that most voters aren't reading the ingredients on the labels.

When Coke and Pepsi changed from sugar to corn syrup to sweeten their products, no one noticed until the population put on some weight. Lots of it. Corn syrup is cheaper than sugar but also much higher in calorie content. Few read the ingredients of either product. Consumers bought the brand. It seems American voters buy 'the brand' without caring much about what and who they're really voting for.

In the political category, is it not time for a change? A real change? A change to politicians who will vote for the public they represent instead of the financial backers who bought them? We can do it! We can vote 'independent', put our own candidates up for election. Candidates with the ingredients on their labels we want and need.

It is time for a massive political change on all levels of our government. We can do it! Lets do it!