Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bristol Palin Starts Pubic Relations Firm--Disconnect?

Those who regularly follow this blog will be certain this contribution is surely an article for The Onion. It's not. We are reporting this confirmed story as closely to the way we received it as possible. We'll pitch in a dig or two, perhaps. But this is not a parody. Sometimes parody IS truth, and the truth of this story is parody in and of itself.

Headlines like the one above are circulating the Internet and in the print media. We suspect Colbert, Letterman and John Stewart will have a field day with it. Here's the story behind the headline:

In September, 2009, Articles of Incorporation were filed in Alaska for BSMP LLC Public Relations Firm. According to public documents, BSMP provides Lobbying, Public Relations and Political Consulting Services.

BSMP is Bristol Sharon Marie Palin, 19 year old unwed daughter of Sarah Palin, and Tripp's mom. Bristol's vast background and experience in PR makes her a natural for tremendous success. Right now Bristol is a paid Ambassador for Candie's Foundation, a pro-abstinence organization.

Given Bristol's considerable Lobbying expertise we're sure she will have an open door policy with Senators John McCain, Jim DeMint and Joe LIEberman. And those who read this blog know that Bristol is moving up very quickly by going from whore to pimp in less than two years.

And then there will be Bristol's Political Consulting business. We suspect she'll start by running Sarah's 2012 presidential campaign. We also understand that Bristol has already ordered a dozen Barbie doll houses to be used as campaign props at strategic locations around country.

According to Palin's lawyer, in an email to Rachel Maddow, "the code BSMP pertains to several areas, but include PR". The email goes on to say that it is not unusual for a person with several different employers to establish a corporation to where money is placed.


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