Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Casey Johnson Dies-Twit Tila Tequila Twitters- The Darwin Awards are Back!

Several days ago major news outlets reported the untimely death of Casey Johnson, 30, heiress to the Johnson and Johnson fortune. Apparently, she was found dead in her SoCal home of natural causes.

At the same time our contaminated, insensitive mainstream media pushed into our faces the 'news' that someone with the unlikely name of Tila Tequila flippantly twittered that her "wify Casey" died and she (Tila) was mourning and invited others to mourn with her. It was full-frontal 'in our faces' obscenity. Unavoidable in the print media and on the Internet.

Until these media deifications we'd never heard of Casey Johnson or Tila Tequila either.

It seems Tila is another of the media meat-rack celebrities without portfolio in the Levi Johnston tradition. She is a celebrity for being a celebrity. No talent. No nothing, except she hob-nobs with the poor-little-rich girl set in the forms of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and supposedly Casey Johnson.

A brief 'wikki' search finds Tila Tequila to be a midget-like girl with a rather ugly face and big tits. She is clearly uneducated and comes across as dumb as a stump. So, why does any media even report anything about her?

On the other side of the media hype is that a beautiful young woman is dead and a family is grieving. And in this tragedy the expected privacy attendant to such things is destroyed by a 'trash' mainstream media and a twit getting some publicity to further her own selfish agenda. There's quite a disconnect to all this.

And so the Darwin Awards are back!

Although Tila Tequila is a close runner-up to this award, the mainstream media gets the nod this time around because of their dirty behavior and treatment of a tragic death.


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