Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Darwin Awards

Last year our weekly Darwin Awards gained some readership attention. Accordingly, we found a number of validated situations, comments and events we felt merited such 'coveted' awards, usually in the political realm, and printed them.

Last month we suspended these 'awards' to take notice of your comments and to do some further research on our subject matter and what WE mean in giving these 'awards'. Essentially, we were looking for more succinct ways to present them in a clean and clear way.

So, we went back to the egg, so to speak. We have 'googled' and 'wikki'd' The Darwins in terms of origins, definitions and validity. We followed a number of links into infinity in order to examine some base to The Darwin Awards. Essentially, there was little substance in the end.

Here's what we found: First, in the past, Darwin Awards have been given to people who died because of their stupidity in some event, thereby cleansing the gene pool for forward movement of our species. These awards were given by a number of unrelated groups and organizations. Several books have been written on the subject matter. There was a movie based on a few of these events, The Darwin Awards.

Next, we learned the Darwin Awards represented a 'chorinating of the gene pool', 'a culling of the herd', and 'unnatural selection', which is in diametric opposition to Darwins 'natural selection' processes in the evolution of our species.

We also learned that many of the presented 'awards' (presented by others) were given to bogus candidates, to events that never happened. Essentially, much of what we've read is nothing more than urban legend and not true.

The Darwin Awards, then, comes down to a 'tongue and cheek' representation of stupidity of one variety or another.

This blog has rarely, if ever, dealt with people who died in the process of being 'darwinites'. In fact, we don't want our Darwin people to go away. We want them to continue in their blatant ignorance and stupidity so we can continue to expose it. We don't want Limbaugh, Palin, DeMint, Bachmann, The Cheney's and others to go away because they are the perfect foils to thinking, intelligent people. We want their sillinesses to remain to our benefit. They are the perfect dummies from the gene pool who make the The Darwin Awards here valid.

Also, this blog has always presented validated information for it's candidates and will continue to do so. Our format is changing, however. Instead of listing candidates and then picking a weekly winner, we will present an award winner when we find them.

We hope you like this new format. If not, let us know.


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