Friday, January 1, 2010

Democrat or Republican?/Pepsi or Coke?

Whether it's buying a soft drink or buying into a political party, both are the same. Each category looks the same. They smell and taste the same. And do the same things.

What consumers buy, Pepsi or Coke, comes down to the marketing, distribution and display of the product and the all important 'bottom-line' financial profit. Likewise, our politicians and their political parties 'market' themselves just like Pepsi and Coke do with that all important bottom line at the end of the rainbow. And WE voters have bought both for years!

Voters have tended to vote for the brand without reading the labels. Political strategists may stick a sign or two on their product such as 'pro-life' or 'a woman's right to choose', but the packaged ingredients remain the same. Sometimes strategists will try to put a sign on the opposition such as 'Muslim' or 'gay'. It is interesting how many of these signs influence voters, but not surprising as political parties count on the ignorance and stupidity of a percentage of the voting population. They know that most voters aren't reading the ingredients on the labels.

When Coke and Pepsi changed from sugar to corn syrup to sweeten their products, no one noticed until the population put on some weight. Lots of it. Corn syrup is cheaper than sugar but also much higher in calorie content. Few read the ingredients of either product. Consumers bought the brand. It seems American voters buy 'the brand' without caring much about what and who they're really voting for.

In the political category, is it not time for a change? A real change? A change to politicians who will vote for the public they represent instead of the financial backers who bought them? We can do it! We can vote 'independent', put our own candidates up for election. Candidates with the ingredients on their labels we want and need.

It is time for a massive political change on all levels of our government. We can do it! Lets do it!



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