Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Differences Between Scott Brown and Sarah Palin

The first and fundamental difference between Sarah Palin and Scott Brown is that Brown is intelligent and smart and Palin isn't.

Scott Brown is a celebrity WITH portfolio. Sarah Palin is a celebrity WITHOUT portfolio.

Scott Brown is intellectually honest. Sara Palin does not understand the concept.

Today, Sarah 'twits' and reports on Brown's shiny victory and tries to align herself with this 'republican' winner. Just as there are many varieties of Democrats (Blue Dogs and others), there are many breeds of Republicans. And Sarah is as different from Brown as a 'stink hound' is different from a Great Dane.

These things said, lets look at both 'republicans' stated positions on some issues.

Health Care Reform: Brown is for single payer, public option, government health care much like the existing legislation he supported in his home State. Brown is against the 'watered down' federal legislation now before the U.S. Congress. Palin supports the private health care companies and rejects any government health care involvement.

Abortion: Palin is against abortion and for overturning Roe v. Wade. Brown is for a woman's right to choose, 'pro-choice'.

Same-sex marriage: Brown is against the term "marriage" for same-sex couples, but supports legal unions with identical rights to marriage rights. Palin believes same-sex anything is an abomination to 'god's word.

Fiscal Spending and the Federal Deficit: Brown is a fiscal conservative and wants to reduce the deficit by not expanding government and trimming it back; but does recognize the issues of terror/defense and the economy and costs of these things which may hinder his philosophical fiscal standards. Palin doesn't grasp or understand the issue and attempting to put her convoluted thoughts on this subject is impossible.

So, Sarah's attempt to align herself with the latest Republican superstar doesn't hold up. Especially when other stink-hound republicans are already trashing Brown and the religious right is distancing itself from him.

Sarah's 'twit' as to how Brown ran his campaign, playing it 'low key' without prominent republicans to 'help' him (she said) is something she may need to 'holy-roll' about, or at least talk to Pat Robertson about.

Truth be known is that Scott Brown asked the celebrity-stink hounds to stay away and out of his campaign early on in the process, including Sarah. He also took none of their money.


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