Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Keep the Bears Wild in Alaska-Take in Your Garbage-Impregnate a on....

No. This is not an Onion article. But it might be, however, given proper distribution and marketing.

The headline above is a bumper sticker seen today on a truck with Alaska license plates. It struck us with some humor and we're not sure why. We're not sure it makes any sense. Then again, good humor sometimes makes no sense at all. So?

Is this Alaskan humor that we in in the contiguous U.S of A don't get? Maybe.

Bears are important to our environment. Especially wild ones, we suppose. Does not taking in ones garbage make bears less wild? Does available garbage domesticate wild bears in some way? We don't live in bear country here, so we don't know the answers to these basic questions. We do know bears can be nasty beasts when confronted, though.

And what about the impregnate a Palin remark? What do wild bears have to do with Sarah Palin and that brood? Is there some kind of 'inside' Alaska joke going on here? If so, please let us in on it.

We do know the Palin women are fertile little wenches. Levi Johnson found that out in a 'bim-bam thank you ma'am' quickie with Bristol. And Sarah herself has grunted out a number of critters too. And the Palin women are not so bad looking in a cheap 'out land' kind of way. But how does this connect to keeping bears wild in Alaska?

We may never know. But we did appreciate the imaginative, if not coherrent bumper sticker today.


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