Monday, January 4, 2010

Kwanzaa/Ramadan/Gay Pride/Cinco de Mayo and other Offensive Products of Our 'Celebrate Diversity' Culture

Once upon a time our culture was a 'one for all-all for one' mentality. A 'move forward' culture with goals and hopes and real successes with a bent toward individual rights and rights of privacy. There was a time of good and decent will toward one another. A time when we respected one anothers 'private' rights, their space, peace and quiet and understood when those rights were compromised. Generally, it was a 'live and let live' society overall and people were basically happy campers as they worked to make a better life for themselves and those they cared about.

For example, in our recent history, recall the soul of a nation coming together during the first World War? There was near universal camaraderie during the Great Depression. We had full out national solidification of purpose during the second World War. Even the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/o1, the people came together as one.

Unfortunately, the solidification of the people because of the 9/11 attack lasted about 15 minutes. So? What happened?

A long time before that 2001 terrorist attack a diverse society was developing into cult like groups. We were no longer experiencing tolerance or acceptance in and of those with which we disagreed. Hate became OK. The respect once afforded to all became minuscule to the few. And those who gave it are considered weak. A new slogan grew from these new attitudes. CELEBRATE DIVERSITY!

Celebrate Diversity? What does that slogan really mean?

It means 'in your face', disruptive, disrespectfulness that interferes with and marginalizes the rest of OUR peace and solitude and dampens our hopes and innate encouragements toward a better world. Celebrating Diversity is a hindrance to a free society bordering on acceptable anarchy. Some of the most recent examples are the so-called 'tea partiers' which are nothing more than legal organized/ gang activities to shut down free speech and education at public gatherings.

Take a look at some of the nations local gang-mob activity. Experience a 'last Friday of the month ride your bike to work' event in San Francisco and you will see anarchy first hand and be caught up in it along with property damage and possible physical harm in the mix. Drive on any urban or sub-urban street across America and you will experience the sound shattering rude noises of someones thunderous music coming from their cars, usually foul language rap or ethnic Mexican music. These are people who can afford these expensive loud contraptions while driving to the super market to buy food with food stamps. And on any given street you will have occasion to be interrupted in anything you are doing with the patented super sound of a Harley Hog with some wannabe Captain America freak hanging onto the handle bars.

And what have our government elected officials done (on any levels) for most of us in dealing with these assaults? Instead of leading, they've taken sides. So, 'celebrating diversity' continues on a course toward the demise of a once great culture becoming a new definition of a third world.

Lets take a look at just a few macro and micro groups and organizations celebrating THEIR diversity.

First, I would hope anyone could and would celebrate and practice their religions and faiths privately and in their appropriate ways. But when Kwanzaa, an African American religious celebration of very short history and Ramadan, an Islamic month of fasting and on and on wherein Muslims, moderate, traditional, extremist and otherwise throw their DIVERSITY at me and the rest of our faces by closing streets, and committing crime in the process, OUR right to freedom of movement and peace is obstructed. Add to these the Christian group, Focus on the family and other nutsola Christian organizations who show up at military funerals for our fallen soldiers with their fecal material of disruption and they get their 'celebration of diversity' in the process while the rest of are stopped in our tracks to 'appreciate' it. Never mind the families of the fallen, their hurt and pain of loss. 'Diversity' rules, especially when it comes to religion.

And then we have Gay Pride! We have Gay Day, Gay Weeks and Gay Months among other disruptive 'celebrations' and protests. I don't care who sleeps with who or what within their consenting privacy's. Many of us do become angered and put upon and disrespected when these groups close streets and bridges we count on to get from one place to another. These situations take and impose upon OUR time and space with their 'in your face' activities. But hey, these organizations are just celebrating THEIR diversity.

Also, there is Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican celebration of some kind about liberation of sorts. In Mexico! So why do we have these loud disgusting 'parties' contaminating OUR tax payed parks and other public places which WE have provided? With their pinatas, mariachi music and boom boxes thumping and the squalid messes left behind, why is it allowed? Just try to enjoy a 'no-admission fee ' public park on May 5, or any other sunny day in California, Colorado, Texas or Arizona and this point becomes clear. Once again, it's Celebrating (in your face) Diversity.

And how about Racial Profiling. Black people have been screaming about racial profiling for years. Local, State and Federal Governments have taken their considered appropriate politically correct responses to this issue and there is no acceptable racial profiling as we celebrate our diversity. But the truth is we have our African Americans, black people and ghetto niggez in the mix. Ghetto niggez with no compass, moral or otherwise, with no interest or capability to improve themselves. Speaking in the one syllable Ebonics, they swaggerly celebrate their diversity in below the butt pants and WE pay for it with OUR tax dollars. The statistical reality has it that the black population accounts for about 10% of the U.S. population while at the same time this population accounts for about 40% of the prison population. These people are not political prisoners. They are convicted felons of heinous crimes. Usually violent crimes. Racial profiling? Duh!

Certainly, we could write much more about this subject matter. And perhaps we will again. But our point is surely made here about Celebrating Diversity and the nasty disgust attendant to it. So what can be done to turn this mess around? Clearly, individual respectful mutual behavior would count. But we need more. We need leaders who LEAD without taking sides toward the majority of Diverse Celebrants who vote them into office. Unfortunately I can't name a single politician, local, State or Federal who can lead. Can you?

And, we need to take a look at US. You and me. We have a recent history of electing handicapped, minority and special needs presidents. Our last president was retarded. Clinton was penis challenged with a sex addiction compounded by rosatia and Big Mac hamburgers. H.W. Bush was people and integrity challenged, and Reagan was an Alzheimer's victim while in office! We have recently elected a half minority president. Half white, half black. It seems we only went half way. Maybe next time we can elect a real Uncle Remus and get it over and done. So, WE, you and I have voted for Diversity. Does this mean we have had a part in creating The Celebrate Diversity conundrum?


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