Friday, January 8, 2010

Limp Dick Penetrates Bush in New Book-Disconnect

It's true! Former VP Limp Dick Cheney is trashing and penetrating into former boss G.W. Bush's history as President in his new book of memoirs. Simon and Schuster reportedly paid the Dick 2 million dollars in seed money for it. 'Limp's' book is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2011, but may be moved up a bit according to sources.

So there is no mistake, The Dick is pimping his book right now and is on record NOW with an interesting mix of self flagellation and titillation to prime the pumps to sell his book in a few media outlets for this purpose. After all, he needs to do something for the 2 mil he already has in his pocket.

Unlike former Vice Presidents who remain relatively silent after leaving office, the Dick has been on the attack with his perceived enemies almost constantly. President Obama is a given. But attacking HIS Bush was something not anticipated and we suspect not received with open arms (or legs as the case may be) by the Bush.

Just so readers know, this article is parodied with generous full frontal double entendre and innuendo. But, the thoughts and words attributed to the Dick are verified remarks he recently made while speaking about HIS Bush in HIS book.

It seems the second term of The GW Administration was not like the first, according to Limp Dick. Cheney candidly remarks that in the second term of office Bush 'went soft' on him; that Bush 'moved away from him and hardened against' his advice. (We suppose this means Limpy wasn't making ALL the decisions in the second term.) The Dick went on to say that Bush 'moved conciliatory' thereby bringing impotence to the presidency and the relationship they once enjoyed. In Limp Dick's eye, this meant Bush became weak and lost his political virility. Something The Dick describes as a 'moral weakness', according to another commentator. A confidant and advisor to Cheney recently said that Bush and The Dick were never 'quite friends', which sounds like a sort of 'quasi' friends with benefits union.

In his media 'lead in' to his book, The Dick was not specific about the exact issues to which he was referring. What he said might be described as titillating foreplay of some sort so people will buy his book. We suspect the book will be specific.

Bottom line to this is that Cheney is screwing HIS Bush in broad daylight. And to The Bush's credit, he has remained silent about it. It also means Cheney will also be screwing anyone who buys his book because The Dick has no potent credibility in the first place.


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