Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lobbyists and Politicians/Pimps and Whores--2010! The year Ahead......

January 4, 2010! Here it is. The start of a new week in D.C. at the start of a New Year. It's an election year. Let the Political Games Begin!

No one has a crystal ball to look into the future of the antics in Washington D.C. But looking at the recent past there are some sure bets the rancid old stuff of the past will continue into the new year. Given this is an election year, we can expect more of it. That is, unless the electorate gives the pimps and whores a shock or two at the ballot box.

There is a lot pondered and written about some of the usual changes seen in off-year elections. Usually, the 'in' party looses seats. But don't be too quick to think such will happen. Polls show the general public is not happy with 'The Dems'. But the same polls show the electorate is even more dissatisfied with The GOP. At the same time, the fight for control of the GOP rages on and the Republican party is in a shamble. So?

Right now Michael Steele, the Chair of the Republican party is walking a tightrope. He must balance the traditional Republicans with the right wing/litmus test/tea party types that seem to be gaining some kind of political steam at the moment.

Take a look at it. Some Republican primaries are in full swing right now. One candidate for the House house has challenged his opponent to prove he's not gay. In Florida the popular Republican Governor Charlie Crist is fighting the Republican right for candidacy for the U.S. Senate against a litmus tested 'pure republican' giving him 'swift boat' bombardment. At the same time litmus tested nut case Michele Bachmann is fighting for her House seat against a more moderate republican. And this beat goes on across the country.

Michael Steele sure has his work cut out for him. And by the way, Steele can thank President Obama for his current job. You don't think Steele, a black man, would have his title if the President was white, do you? If so, you're whistling 'Dixie' in Bangor, Maine.

This dissertation is not a 'nasty gram' to the Republicans. Meanwhile, the corrupt Daley and Burton political machines are at work in Illinois and California, giving us their 'litmus tested' whore inferior candidates who will doubtless be re-elected in November 2010.

There is more to come here. Get ready for some very politically incorrect sentiments with what comes next.


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