Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New GOP Super Star SCOTT BROWN Trashed by Glenn Beck

It didn't take long for the GOP Conservative Right Wing nut cases to distance themselves from and trash the new Republican Rock Star, Scott Brown.

Less than 24 hours after his stunning victory in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Senator-Elect Scott Brown finds himself bombarded by the GOP right wing from it's religious faction to Glenn Beck.

Today on his radio show and again on his Fox Entertainment "News" TV show, Beck trashed Brown's victory speech for jokingly saying his daughters were "available". From this 'lite-moment' statement Beck told his possum-pie eating audience that Brown put his daughters on the "meat rack". Beck ranted on by comparing Brown to Gary Condit and saying "this could end with a dead intern.....this could end with a dead intern"....."I don't trust this guy"!

At the same time, the Internet is saturated with Scott Brown's 1982 nude Cosmo pictures, recent pictures of Brown's daughters in bikini swim wear with sea shells covering their breasts and 'who's the sexiest senator' polls.

And the religious right is not amused. There are rumbles they want Brown exorcised from the Republican party with some kind of voo-doo ritual. We suspect that Scott Brown will not be the new poster boy for Pat Robertson's 700 Club.

And that's politics in these United States of America, folks!


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