Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Republican Party and it's 'New Order' Politicians

Right now, the GOP is in turmoil. For some time, their various factions have been in-fighting for party control with no clear winner in sight. Meanwhile, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has attempted to maintain some kind of outward decorum, to no avail.

We have the fading 'neocons' in the forms of The Cheney's, 'swiftboaters' and some Pentagon people, who try to include (in their faction) what they consider 'their sheep' in the form of the religious right.

The religious right (The Pat Robertson contingency and the televangelist crowd), however, has balked at their 'place' in the pecking order and struggle to become a faction of their own.

The fringe faction 'birthers', tea partiers, Sarah Palin and other ignorant types get considerable media attention, but little credibility at the poker table, are fighting to claim some party control.

Then we have 'the conservatives' in the forms of Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan and other waning older talking heads and failed politicians, some of which who have become lobbyists.

The so-called moderate republicans seem to be faltering with their boring, litmus-test folly and have become the "NO" people.

And then there are the conservative media people, the Limbaughs, Becks, Hannitys and others who are not really influencing anything, but try to make others think they do as they fail. They don't sit at any decisional/policy table and have the respect of court jesters at best. These people are labeled by insiders and those in the political fray, simply as entertainers who don't deliver votes one way or another. Essentially, these media people put a faux plastic frosting on an otherwise distastful political cake with too many cooks.

RNC Chair Steele is charged with leading these groups into some kind of coherency, but is failing for a lot reasons. As one insider put it....."it's like herding a bevy of cats". And so the Republican Party remains in turmoil as their factions fight for power and control.

There is a relatively new and growing younger GOP group who fly under the republican banner, but are, in fact, independents with different ideas, visions, moralities, and backgrounds with only tacit interests in the Republican Party itself. These politicians don't seem to have much leadership as a faction, preferring to work from their districts or home territories and finding their compass on a more local level. They don't seem to be joining what was once called 'the establishment'. We'll call them the "New Order Republicans". And it is this group that is capturing the interests of the general public, and currently taking the media spotlight from the Cheneys, Palins, evangelistics and conservative factions of the GOP.

Not in a million years could anyone make this stuff up. It would be unbelievable and rejected by reasonable thinkers if written in a novel.....even science fiction. But this is what's happening in the fierce fight for control of the Republican Party.

Every media outlet and their editorial policy decision makers are clearly aware of what has been said here so far. From the ultra-right to the ultra-left and every where in-between these media people know the facts presented here. Why have they not been clear on their reporting of these things? Regardless of the spin they may need to put on it. Why?

Everything reported here is verified. If you want to do it, just google a couple names presented here, or go to or or wikipedia. This is all easily to put together.

The New Order Republicans:

A new, bright and shinning Star of the GOP is 28 year old Aaron Schocks. Yes. A Jewish, charismatic young man with a stunning track record of accomplishment in his short stint in the Illinois State Legislature who in 2008 won the congressional district (as a Republican) in Pioria, Illinois when Democrat Barack Obama (also from Illinois) was sweeping Democrats into congress on his coattails.

How did this happen? What is it about Aaron Schocks that put him in office?

Aaron Schocks is clear in his message. He works for and represents the people who put him into office and he has no ties to any special interests. His campaign donations come from the people, not corporations. He is conservative fiscally and a social moderate. Aaron Schocks also has '8 by 10 glossy' looks with 6 pack abs who unabashedly displays such. He is also rumored to be gay and dismisses such remarks with a 'no matter' attitude. Aaron Schocks is one of the new faces and a 'new order Republican' who has the buzz and thrust of a developing group of politicians defying the old guard politic, Democrat or Republican.

The established Republican Party system is bewildered by and completely in awe of the Aaron Schocks 'mystique' and success....they don't seem to understand it....the religious right is gagging at the 'Schocks' syndrome and the other factions of the GOP have been left in the dust by his 'new wave', full speed ahead work ethic.

Less than a week ago a little known State Representative from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, a Republican, beat the old guard political establishment and won the U.S. Senate seat vacated upon the death of Ted Kennedy.

In recent previous articles, we've discussed Scott Brown and how he waged his senatorial campaign. Here are a few other facts about it.

The Republican Party had all but conceded Ted Kennedy's seat to any Democrat. Massachusetts is considered the 'bluest-state' in the union and this seat had been 'Democrat' for more than 50 years. Virtual unknown Scott Brown was not taken seriously by either the Democrats or his own party. When he started to show well in his campaign the various Republican Party factions began courting him. Brown did not embrace any of them, told most to stay away and did not accept their money, advice or doctrines. He was clear in his message that he was there to represent The People of His State and not special interests. With most politicians saying the same things, but owned by the special interests, Scott Brown could and did prove he was not. "Represent the People of His State". There's a concept! Scott Brown won!

Virtually all the major media political pundits and talking heads missed the point of Brown's (and some others around the country) stunning win. So there is no mistake, Scott Brown decisively won because he went beyond the established 'rules of partisan political conduct' with his campaign. Brown's win was NOT a victory for the Republican Party. It was a repudiation of both the Democrat and Republican parties from an angry growing INDEPENDENT voter voice.

----to be continued----there is much more to come, Stay tuned.


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