Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson's (The 700 Club) Disgraceful 'christian' response to the disaster in Haiti--Disconnect

Pat Robertson's patently offensive and delusional remarks today on his 700 Club 'show' about the terrible disaster in Haiti was a demonstration of not only his arrogant ignorance, but also the stupidity and ignorance of those who support him with their hard earned dollars. Pat Robertson is a disgrace to those who would be or call themselves 'christian'!
Speaking  about yesterday's earthquake in Haiti that has killed upwards of 100,000 people and destroyed the infrastructure in the Capitol City, Robertson said, "Haiti is 'cursed with a pact with the Devil'... ......under French rule (some years ago), the Hatians swore they would serve the Devil  if the Devil would free them from French rule. True Story. Done deal."  Robertson went on to imply the Haitians were 'smitten' down by God because of their alliance with the Devil.

First, Robertson's 'story' is NOT TRUE. He lied! The real history of Haiti's freedom from French domination is readily available and easily found and Robertson's 'account' is preposterous. Robertson could not find 'book, chapter or verse'  of any thing he sent out to his world wide audience today. 

Where are the other 'christian' leaders in this despicable folly? Will any one of them step up and call out Pat Robertson in this 'christian' shame?  Where's the Pope? How about the rest of the evangelicals? Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, some of the new electronic multi-millionaire fundamentalist evangelicals, where are you? Will any of you speak up?  Remaining silent is to condone it! But we suspect all will remain silent in this disgrace. 

Pat Robertson is an obscenity to Christianity and today he proved it.

Should anyone want to donate to a Haitian Relief Fund, one could do so by contributing to The American Red Cross. UNICEF and 'Doctors Without Border's are also organizations that can be trusted  to put your contributions toward this cause.  One can also donate to the International Red Cross by going to

Donating through any church organization, especially Pat Robertson's and those like his would be questionable. You would be surprised at the 'administration' fees attached to any of your donations to these organizations, charitable or otherwise.
(Update: January 14, 2010, The White House today issued a statement saying it was 'speechless' about Pat Robertson's remarks.)



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