Monday, January 25, 2010

Republican JD Hayworth challenges John Mc Cain for the U.S. Senate!

In further display of unrest and chaos in the fight for control of the Republican Party, popular ultra conservative tea party talk show host and former Republican U.S. Representative JD Hayworth is challenging long time Republican Senator John Mc Cain for his Arizona U.S. Senate seat.

This past week Hayworth resigned from his talk show and plans an all-out campaign against Mc Cain for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate. It will be a battle royale and certainly THE Primary to watch in coming months. Hayworth has a chance for a big upset here. In the most populated area of the State, Maricopa County, Hayworth runs far ahead of Mc Cain among Republican voters according to recent polls. Mc Cain is in trouble with his fellow Republicans.

Mc Cain, however, is a shrewd politician and should he lose in the 'primary', he could do what Joe Lieberman did in his State 2 years ago when Lieberman lost the Democratic primary. Mc Cain could run as an Independent and probably win. Arizona is a State with predominantly independent voters.

So, the loser in this matter will probably be the Republican Party. And the GOP continues it's in-fighting to the detriment of the party itself.

There will be more........


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