Friday, January 29, 2010

Sarah Palin ( 'Diplomat') urges GOP (factions) Merger with 'Tea Partiers'

It seems Sarah Palin is putting some luster on her 'diplomatic' chops by urging other GOP factions to merge with 'the tea party' faction and create a "forge ahead cohesive message". Palin appeared on Fox Entertainment News Greta Van Sustern show yesterday to pump up her part in the upcoming Tea Party Convention.

Responding to Greta's key questions, Palin said she will be the keynote performer at the convention and will return a portion of her 100k speaker take to charities and causes of her selection.

When asked if Palin would attend the convention given that other (nut-case) tea party supporting politicians (U.S. House Representatives Michele Bachmann-Minnisota and Marsha Blackburn-Tennessee) had withdrawn from the convention because it is a 'FOR-PROFIT' event sponsored by a private corporation (Tea Party Nation), Palin said, "you betcha, I'm going to be there, we need to merge Republicans together, that's what I'll say .... be together.....".

We've also learned that the nut-case dentist from Orange County California who heads the 'birther' movement will be in attendance. Pat Robertson has withdrawn because God made an appointment with him....God needs to tell Pat some things so Pat can tell the rest of us what's really going on. (This last sentence is just a bit of humor).

The First National Tea Party Convention will be held next week, February 4-6, in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. (A FOR-PROFIT EVENT).


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