Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Senator-Elect Scott Brown--A Page from the Obama Play Book?

Six or so months ago, Scott Brown was a little known "independent" Republican moderate State Senator from The Common Wealth of Massachusetts. Today he is the Senator-Elect to the U.S. Congress and a name known throughout the country and parts of the free world.

The mainstream media, talking heads and pundits are talking a lot about Scott Brown today. We're hearing "wake-up call to the Democratic Party", "a referendum on President Obama", "the born again GOP", "the political upset of the century", "health care reform is dead", and on and on and on.

The shallowness's of what's being touted is only exceeded by the blind-denial of those making such remarks and shopping it to the public as if they have some kind of 'handle' on what really happened with Scott Brown's win in assuming Ted Kennedy's senate seat. A seat held by Democrats for more than 50 years.

The pundits don't seem 'to get it'. The incumbent politicians don't 'get it' either. The public is angry, frustrated and fed-up with the Washington politic. The public is finding it's compass on how to deal with a government that is out of touch with the people. Both Democrat and Republican. Somehow, Scott Brown does seem to understand what's happening in American politics. Today on GMA, Brown said, "my win isn't a referendum on President Obama, it's much bigger than that".

So, what really happened and why?

First, in it's arrogance, the Democrats ran an arrogant, lazy candidate. Martha Coakley, the incumbent State Attorney General. Just one month ago, She was ahead in the polls by 30% points. This past weekend, Brown was 4% points ahead and yesterday he won by 5% points (52%-47%).

Scott Brown is a very attractive politician. He is articulate and oozes health and vigor (a Kennedy campaign term) and ran an energetic 'Kennedy-esque' campaign with a populist bent (i.e. "this is not a Democrat or Republican (senate) seat, it is 'the peoples' seat"). Brown clearly presented his platform: Terror, Taxes and Health Care.

Scott Brown is closer to Obama political stances (and political technique) than the 'Republican' Washington agenda. Brown is Pro-Choice on abortion, against using the term 'marriage' in same-sex unions while giving same sex couples equal rights in their unions. Brown champions alternative energy exploration with solar power at the top of the list and understands 'global warming' IS a scientific fact. He supports the troop surge in Afghanistan and dismisses the Iraq War as a significant error. Brown is for Health-Care Reform, but against the current packages now before congress. He proposes a single payer-public option form of Health Care, much like the omnibus health care legislation he supported in Massachusetts which is now law. Scott Brown is not a 'bought and sold' politician to the health care insurance industry as so many Washington Republicans and Democrats are.

Scott Brown is not a litmus tested Republican. During his campaign there were no Cheney's or Palin's speaking for him. Scott Brown can better be described as an Independent-Libertarian and touts his 'independent thinking' over political ideology. He calls himself fiscal-conservative, socially conscious.

There is also a curious parallel between Scott Browns' and President Obama's roots and ascension to national prominence. Both came from broken families and both are self-made men, among other things.

An interesting post script in Scott Brown's background is that when he was 22 years old, he posed nude for Cosmo magazine as a 'sexiest American Man' contest winner and went on to do some modeling work and television ad work. He used the income to complete his college education and go to law school.

Scott Brown won his U.S. Senate seat in a volatile time of 'CHANGE' in much the same way President Obama won the presidency. Both men captured the imaginations and generated flickers of hope in the voting population. The fact that one is Republican and the other Democrat is beside the point of what happened in 2008, and what happened yesterday. The real point is 'The People Want Change' an end to the corruption and special interest business as usual attitudes and behaviors of most senators and congress people now 'serving'.

If there is any wake up call to any of this, that call is to the current office holders in Washington, all of them. The sword of change cuts both ways. Left and right. First Obama and now Brown have proved this and paved the way for more to come.

(The above substantive information can be verified on Wikipedia and Scott Brown's website)


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