Monday, January 4, 2010

Tiger Woods'- Whereabouts Exposed-A 'Christian' Disconnect'

Tiger Woods' whereabouts have been unknown for sometime now. Speculation had it that he was on a boat, in Jamaica, in California, somewhere in Africa, and on and on. But yesterday, Brit Hume on Fox News Sunday exposed Tiger's location.

Tiger Wood's is in a tent at a spiritual revival meeting 'holy-rolling' with Sarah Palin and, on occasion with Brit, himself, in Sitka, Alaska. Here's how we found this information:

On the January 3, 2010 edition of Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume admonished Tiger Woods to "convert (repent) to Christianity to make a full recovery (from his sins)".

WOW! Brit! Upon hearing your profound and loving 'christian' thoughts, Tiger ran right out to the first Latter Day Saints church to find redemption. But when he found out the Mormons don't 'holy-roll' (they only speak in tongues) (Tiger wanted to do both of these like you and Sarah Palin), he found a bona-fide holy-rolling-speak in tongues tent revival concert in Sitka and has been there ever since casting out those demons.

Meanwhile, Brit, your brand of Christianity in the form of missionaries in Uganda are tacitly supporting the Ugandan government in their legislation to execute homosexuals for their sexual practices. Hummmmm...would Christ have taken such a position? Probably not, unless he bent over at the wrong time in the wrong place. Like the Fox News Center.

And, Brit....has Fox News become the Foxy Christian News? We know you have some kind of deal with Pat Robertson's 700 Club. Since Fox News is synonymous with deceit, lying, duplicity and boastfulness among other annoyances, you by association become an ingredient in that recipe. Just a question, Brit.

Also, Brit, are you aware that Tiger Woods is a Buddhist? Although your admonition to Tiger did not sit well with Buddhists, given their track record, we're sure they will forgive you. Could your brand of Christianity do the same if your remarks were turned back on you?

But you got your point across, Brit. Tiger is in the midst of 'converting' right now. And soon he'll have all those sponsorship's back, get back all that lost money and sing praises to HIM, while thanking you on your show. With Tiger Woods maybe you can draw a substantive guest instead of the washed up political pimps and whores you've been presenting lately.

And, why is it Brit, that the best of Christian behavior is carried out by Buddhists?


P.S. The writer of this article is not Buddhist.

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