Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tila Tequila-Dick Cheney-Terrorism Connection-Disconnect

Tila Tequila is at it again, pimping and whoring herself for still more notoriety in the wake of Casey Johnson's death.

It seems the Johnson family asked Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips to collect Casey's dogs and some personal items at Tila's house. Upon this notification Tila said "no" and called 911 as she feared some kind of altercation. When Nicky and Bijou arrived police were present and a verbal altercation commenced after which Hilton and Phillips left with the dogs and some of Casey's personal belongings.

The media reported this tiny incident specifically and perfectly. So, how did this happen?

Before Tila called 911, she called TMZ and the papperatzi and they were present also. They reported it and the major outlets picked it up. Accordingly, the public had this stuff in their faces from the mainstream media all day long. Does the media think we're waiting for the next chapter in this saga? Whether we want it or not it will be impossible to miss because this junk becomes 'lead stories' almost everywhere.

And this is how celebrity happens!

How does Tila relate to former VP Dick Cheney? In order to get media attention he does the same thing she does. Someone calls Fox News or some other dubious news outlet saying The Dick will drop a 'nasty-bomb' on someone or some thing, he goes on a show, does it, and the mainstream media pushes that in our faces.

Both Tila and The Dick function under the same principles. They simply work different corners on the same street.

And what is the 'terrorist' connection?

Some readers here have said they feel 'terrorized' by the trivia and 'no news' thrust in their faces by the major outlets. They say they can't get away from these assaults.

We can't get away from a lot of it. But sometimes we can. Last evening when this computer went on, the lead story from Yahoo 'News' was "Kate Gosslin's New Expensive Hairdo". Absolutely the last straw for me. Since Yahoo News is a computer elective, it was bye-bye Yahoo.


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