Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Transgendered Political Appointee and the Religious Right -Disconnect

President Obama recently appointed Amanda Simpson to a high level government post as Senior Technical Advisor to the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security. Ms. Simpson assumes her post bringing the highest and most respected credentials possible for the job she will be doing.

So? What's the problem? None, given Amanda Simpson's respected experience and background which includes being a celebrated test pilot. But there is a vacuous firestorm of protests over Amanda's appointment. Why?

It seems Amanda Simpson, 49, was born male and about 10 years ago underwent the full process of gender reassignment and is now a female. And the religious right and conservative pundits are squealing like gored pigs in their tiny-minded ignorant mud pit. But what do they have to scream about? Nothing, really, except for the fact that Amanda Simpson is transgendered.

So, what are the religious nuts saying? Certainly nothing about her credentials to do the job. No. The mere fact that Amanda is transgendered is their only criticism AND concern. So these noises they make are completely without substance. Just screams of blasphemy against God. Of course they are only preaching to the choir as most of us don't care if a person puts on socks or panty hose before they go to work.

This is a high level job in our government regarding SECURITY. Don't we want the best people for the jobs to do it? Certainly Amanda Simpson is one of them.

Of course Amanda Simpson is no Darwin Award winner Michelle Bachmann. God is Good! God is Great! Praise The Lord!

And this may be enough to give Rush Limbaugh another heart attack and create more tears for Glenn Beck.


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