Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nancy Pelosi/Barbara Boxer/Jim DeMint/Michele Bachman--VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Two Democrats. Two Republicans. Two U.S. Senators. Two U.S. House of Representatives members. VOTE THEM OUT!

Why vote them out?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Barbara Boxer (both from California)are categorized as liberals. South Carolina U.S. Senator Jim DeMint and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann are seen as conservatives. But all have very much in common and work far more closely together than they or the media would have you know.

Their ideologies may vary some, but their principles are almost the same. There is no mistake that their first, foremost and perhaps only political logic is designed for them to stay in office. This is the great commonality they share. It is their number one principle and each one of them understands, accepts and embraces this commonality in each other. This means keeping their puppeteers happy while never minding the best interests of the public or the country.

Pelosi, Boxer, DeMint and Bachmann are 'party over the people' ideologues representing special interests that are not in the best interests (or any interests for that matter) of the people who voted them into office. They are talking heads for their 'party bosses', insurance and oil companies, Wall Street and Banking corporations and unions. They decry legislation with 'earmarks', but each of them have taken earmark-money and returned to their States and Districts to take credit for them. They are all for 'financial campaign reform', but not one has done any thing to bring it about and have worked behind the scenes to derail any thing that would do it. Two are against government regulated health care reform and two are soft on it. But they all take it. They have government paid health insurance that tax payers don't have.

Their TAX PAID government office budgets range between $8 and $12 million a year, each. Nancy Pelosi's is more. As Speaker of the House, Pelosi has a government owned and paid-for air craft literally the size of Air Force One and uses it to fly from D.C. to California almost every weekend and other jaunts.

All of the above is bad enough, but only academic as to why each of these elected politicians need to be voted out of office.

Question 1:

What have Pelosi, Boxer, DeMint and/or Bachmann done, either individually or collectively for you, your family or your community to make it a better place?

Question 2:

What have Pelosi, Boxer, DeMint and Bachmann done, either individually or collectively for themselves and their backers to make their lives a better place?

Go to Wikipedea, click in their names, take a look at any legislation they've produced, see their voting records and their FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS and you will get the answer to both questions 1 and 2.

These 4 politicians have 50+ years of federal public service experience combined. And what have THEY done for the people who voted for them?

Pelosi and Boxer are both products from the Burton Political Machine based in Northern California with tentacles into Southern California and big time into State politics. Both were handpicked a long time ago for their current positions and have been 'good little puppets' ever since. VOTE THEM OUT!

We need alternative candidates. But alternative candidates of substance have been difficult to find. When they are found they face an uphill battle against prevailing political machinery. As an example, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey from Marin and Sonoma Counties in California was selected by the BURTON MACHINE in 1992 for her current position. She was elected and has been in the Congress ever since. Just listen to her speak for one minute and it's clear she rivals George Bush with her inarticulation with an IQ of an amoeba. When a moderate, independent Democrat (Joe Nation) challenged Woolsey in the primary 2 years ago, the Burton machine crushed Nation with the money it takes to win a congressional election. So, a dim-wit remains in office and follows what she is told to do. Lynn Woolsey should be added to the above 'vote them out of office' list along with a host of others. Democrat Senator Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas also comes immediately to mind.

DeMint and Bachmann are equally in the 'puppet' category with their financial backers. Just take a look at their Wikipededia outlines.

The question here is CAN these people be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE. We think they can when the voters are informed. And this means informing ones self about the issues at hand.

If you are not pleased by what's been happening in our congress and in your community then VOTE OUT the incumbents. Even a poor alternative could be better than what we have now.

Do you agree?


Friday, February 26, 2010

8 Health Care Lobbyists in DC for Each Member of Congress! The Best Government Money Can Buy?

Does the US have the 'best government money can buy'? It seems so. According to recent US Senate Lobbyist Disclosure documents, The Center for Public Integrity has publicized that approximately 1750 companies hired 4525 lobbyists for dealing with health care issues alone. This translates to 8 or so lobbyists for each member of the US Congress!

Since we've previously reported about what lobbyists do and how they do it on this blog, we need not say much more, except one can be sure that virtually all of OUR US CONGRESS PEOPLE have their snouts in the trough somewhere.

Not until or unless there is sweeping campaign reform, the people of this nation will not be properly represented. Will this happen anytime soon?

It's not likely.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Darwin Award-Sarah Palin (again) or Lauren Ashley? You Decide!

Lauren Ashley? Who is Lauren Ashley?

It seems Lauren Ashley (if this is her real name) is representing herself as Miss Beverly Hills 2010 and hopes to compete in the Miss America USA Pageant for the title this coming November.

Yesterday, in an appearance on Fox News, Ms. Ashley said, 'it's black and white in the Bible that homosexual killing is the word of God'. Although Ms Ashley appeared a bit 'spent' as a beauty contestant....looking somewhat like a 'pass-around-girl' in The Son's of Anarchy motorcycle gang clubhouse.....she could warble scripture like a yellow breasted mud finch in mating season. Accordingly, she whipped out Leviticus, and quoted on and on until the host told her to shut up.

Smelling a Rat in this Tuna Casserole, The L.A. Times did a quick and dirty fact check on Ms. Ashley and found that Beverly Hills does not have a Miss Beverly Hills 2010 or a Miss Beverly Hills for any other year either. Beverly Hills has no association with Miss America USA and doesn't intend any. The Times also learned that Ms. Ashley resides in Pasadena, which may explain the problem. Pasadena has tainted water, you know.

It seems the wannabe, never was and now never will be Ms. Ashley is a has-been before she ever was, if such makes any sense. She is facing some criminal charges as well as being a fundamentalist homophobic Christian zealot and a liar among her character flaws.

Another issue here is FOX NEWS(?) even putting a nut case on the air without even a cursory check as to who she was. This does not surprise us, but it may come as a shock to some of the possum-pie eating FOX audience who takes all that FOX airs as gospel. And in this case it's OK to kill homosexuals because God said so. We wonder if they will kill any......Way to Go, FOX...........

......meanwhile, our in-resident, multiple Darwin Award winner hypocrite Sarah Palin can not be ignored in vying for THIS Darwin Award. "Death Panel" Sarah has been trashing health care reform from the beginning, decrying it as 'socialized medicine' and a big step toward Socialism in America.

NOW, we learn that grandson/son Tripp, depending on who the birth mother really is, AND daughter Bristol are covered by socialized health care in Alaska through Indian Health Care Services and the Alaska Native American Medical Center. Our source? Court documents made public in the custody dispute between Bristol and putative father of the child, Levi Johnston. The actual documents are represented on Huffington Post and other news media outlets. You can bet they are not available at FOX NEWS.

At the same time Sarah's senior staffer and spokesperson, Meg Stapleton, resigned today from the Palin camp.

Now here's an idea.....with a top job in the Palin camp vacant and a rudderless Lauren Ashley needing work, how about Sarah hiring 'miss beverly hills' as an aide. Make sense to you? It does to us. Sarah. If you can't find ms. ashley in the L.A. County Jail, you can visit any chapter of the Son's of Anarchy motorcycle club and they will will probably have a way you can find her.

And Sarah? Please keep up your good work. We need you. Tina Fey's career soared after her impersonation of you, Letterman and others haven't done badly by you either. And we have done well presenting your antics as well. The worse you get, Sarah, the better we become. So, stay 'out there', Sarah!

We are divided here as to who gets this current Darwin you can take your pick. Just make a comment at the end of this blog for one candidate or the other. We'll print the results in a week or so.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

COVENANT MARRIAGE-Legal in 3 States-A New Assault on Democracy?

Who says there is separation between Church and State in these United States? The U.S. Constitution provides for this separation. Why isn't it happening?

How about COVENANT MARRIAGE, now part of the State Law in Louisiana, Arkansas and Arizona with a 4th on the way--Kansas. COVENANT MARRIAGE has been brought to these States by evangelical lobbyists to commemorate the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. The politicians bought it and now there is Law in these States to forward COVENANT MARRIAGE.

COVENANT MARRIAGE is an option to traditional marriage. When a couple applies for a marriage license, they are given the choice between 'the covenant' and the 'traditional' marriage. The COVENANT marriage disallows divorce except when adultery, abandonment, abuse or a lengthy separation can be proven in a court of law. With traditional marriage a couple can divorce for almost any reason such as 'irreconcilable difference' that need no specifics in a petition for divorce.

When a couple chooses COVENANT MARRIAGE the intent is that the couple will remain 'married' 'til death do them part', thereby protecting the sanctity of 'marriage'.

What the proponents of COVENANT MARRIAGE are ignorant of or stupid about is that COVENANT MARRIAGE is a derivative of the Communist Manifesto. In a pure Communist State, marriage is a life commitment with little chance of getting out of it, according to Communist Law. So at a time when these tea bag conservatives or religious fundamentalists, however one wants to label them, is so concerned about what they contrive as 'socialism' in our government, why would this group care to move forward with a communist doctrine?

Still and all, there are some questions about COVENANT MARRIAGE that need to be addressed.

Why does COVENANT MARRIAGE need to be law at all?

In fact, why is legal marriage of any kind necessary?

Almost all government 'Law' is promulgated as a means of Social Control. In a civilized society most would agree laws are necessary.

Religious doctrine or Law is also a means of social control within respective religions. Most religious organizations carry their specific rules of marriage and divorce as they interpret the writings in their 'holy books'.

The COVENANT MARRIAGE laws in effect in Louisiana, Arkansas and Arizona are based on fundamentalist Christian doctrine. So, we might begin to experience other optional marriage-law relative to Islam, Hindu and any other religion who would want some kind of 'equal protection' under the U.S. Constitution, and have those optional 'covenants' read to all couples seeking a marriage license. We could carry this thought further, but the chaos in the U.S. Courts could become enormous when the 'happy couples' decide they don't want to be married anymore and the courts would need to struggle through different covenant marriage laws.

The idea that 50% of all marriages will end in divorce in The U.S. is basically accurate. But lets consider what The Bureau of Census and other statistic keeping public agencies tell us.

The divorce rate for Evangelical Christians was significantly higher than all other groups counted at 34%. Baptists were at 29%. Mainline Protestants (non-evangelicals) registered 25%, and Atheists and Agnostics divorced in 21% of their marriages. The South and particularly the 'Bible Belt' registered the highest national divorce rates while the Northeastern and coastal Western States registered the lowest rates.

Over all, according to the U.S. Census Bureau 41% of first marriages end in divorce. 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages also end in divorce.

We're not sure what the evangelicals want to accomplish by intermingling religious doctrine with secular law. But 3 States have it and it looks like a 4th is on the way to it.

We think COVENANT MARRIAGE is a bad idea in State's Law. What do you think?



Monday, February 22, 2010

New GOP Senator Scott Brown breaks with Party- Votes FOR Jobs Bill

Shortly after republican Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts to replace Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate, we reported that he was essentially an 'independent' who would put his constituency and those who voted him into office FIRST and over his party affiliation. And today he proved it.

Today, before most Senators had arrived on Capitol Hill, Brown was one of the first to vote FOR the JOBS BILL put forward by the Democrats, thereby blocking a Republican filibuster and insuring this Bills passage into law. He also took 5 other GOP Senators with him giving the Republican Capitol Hill hierarchy a stunning blow to their 'just say NO to anything the Democrats put forward' stance of the past year.

The measly media tried to make a big deal out of this event. But Brown simply said he voted for 'the right thing to do for his State and the country'.

Does Scott Brown's vote signal some kind of embrace of the Democratic Party? NO! It does signal what so many Capitol Hill stalwarts have been unconscious about and in denial of for far too long. The majority of the American public is fed up with the 'business as usual' mentality that has permeated Washington in recent years.

When Scott Brown attended the CPAC 2010 meetings last week and given some kind of 'poster child' welcome publicly, sources tell us that some of the 'backroom' meetings between Brown and GOP conservative royalty (which included the Cheney's) cajoled and threatened Brown to 'fall into line' or face financial exclusion and shunning from those in party power. Brown told these 'party leaders' to stick their stuff where the sun doesn't shine, left the conference and went back to work.

We hope that Scott Brown represents a new Washington mentality. Time will tell.

(UPDATE 2/24/2010: Ultra Conservative blogs and Tea Baggers have come unglued given Scott Brown's Jobs Bill vote. Take a look at Drudge and other 'right wings nut' blogs and twitters calling Brown "low-life scum", "hypocrite" and on and on.....We surmise the 'honeymoon is over', if there ever was one in the first place. Scott Brown has repeatedly said he is an 'independent' and not a party ideologue who puts party over the people. What part of this do the neo-conservative factions not understand?).


CPAC 2010: A Brief Recap and Commentary

With CPAC 2010 now history and with the warring factions for control of the GOP unresolved, although we've reported some of the relevant information in previous articles, here is a brief recap and commentary of what happened and what did not happen there.

The speakers and attendees were a virtual who's who of the conservative wing of the Republican party. So, why was Sarah Palin not there? We don't know if she was asked to speak or not. But one source provided that she was asked to participate but asked for her usual 100k speaking fee which was rejected because CPAC does not pay speakers fees. So, why was she not a participant? We don't know. She did get 7% of a straw vote of delegates when she runs for the presidency in 2012.

In really bad taste and form, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife was in attendance and spoke in nebulous terms about preserving the Constitution and returning to 'American' values. She somehow forgot the separation among the branches of government and brushed off thoughts about the appearance of a chief justice wife speaking at a partisan conservative political convention.

Also not in attendance were GOP Senatorial candidates Senator John McCain (Arizona) and Governor Charlie Crist (Florida). Both are in nasty Republican primary races for their party's nominations against ultra-conservative opponents who were in attendance at CPAC 2010.

In a glaring blunder of omission, not one speaker or any of the CPAC 2010 executive committee spoke out against a speaker at a smaller tea bag convention being held at the same time in Washington State. It was reported here and in some media that a tea bag speaker called for the killing of a Democrat U.S. Senator. Given that Tea Baggers are openly courting armed militia organizations from around the country into their organizations, there is cause for concern. The Huffington Post has the full video of the Washington State Tea Bag incident we speak of here.

We wonder what the CPAC response would have been had some left-wing nut called for the killing of a conservative U.S. Senator. It could happen. There are as many left-wing nuts as right-wing nuts out there. We would hope more reasonable minds from the Republicans, Democrats and Independents will prevail and put some kind of a bridle on the political lunatics in their parties and in our midst.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

CPAC 2010: Glenn Beck Demands 'PURITY' Among GOP!

In an act of destroying any credibility it may have had, CPAC 2010 organizers invited Glenn Beck, the talk show and Fox entertainment News clown, to address it's conference in the organizations closing hours.

In a meandering (somewhat incoherent) speech Clown Glenn admonished the GOP to demand purity within the GOP.

Without defining exactly what 'purity' meant, we suspect it not mean truth, integrity or intellectual honesty, because Beck doesn't have any of these things. He is just behind Sarah Palin in these categories of deceit and hypocrisy and has been caught many times lying to his audiences about every thing from The World Trade Center destruction to the color of President Obama's skin.

We do suspect Beck meant some kind of litmus test of conservatism in supporting candidates for elective office. Glenn also mentioned that the GOP didn't need a 'big tent' to house GOP factions and we have no speculation on what that meant.

We also suspect Beck's presence was not appreciated by some conference participants as he recently trashed the GOP's new 'show-piece', Scott Brown, by ranting on his 'Fox' show, "I don't trust this guy, I don't trust this guy!". And at the conference spoke disparagingly about Senator John McCain.

And so it goes. The GOP factions are still vying for party control with no clear winner in sight.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

THANK YOU, READERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, readers! We now have 900+ readers a week on our blog. And we've been growing at a rate of close to 100 readers a week!

Please continue your suggestions and comments. Especially those who disagree with some of the things we say here.

Also, from time to time, please click on an ad or two. We're not asking you to buy anything. Just 'click' the ad as it signals our sponsor, GOOGLE, that we've got a following. Also, we have ABSOLUTELY no control over which ads placed on this Clearly we couldn't and wouldn't suggest you purchase any thing from them.

Thank you again for your readership!


CPAC 2010 Straw Poll Results--Ron Paul Wins Big!

Today at CPAC 2010, a straw poll for their 2012 Presidential Candidate delivered a huge victory to Texas Representative Ron Paul. Here are the percentages:

Ron Paul: 31%;
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney: 22%;
Sarah Palin: 7%;
Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty: 6%;
Tied for 5th place were Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee at 4% each.

What does this mean in the grand scheme of GOP politics? Not much. But it does draw some attention to each of these candidates.

First, the warring GOP factions must come together with some leadership. Not having a single leader will lead the party once again to defeat.

Let the games begin!


CPAC 2010: Ann Coulter dusts off Her tired 'John Edwards is Gay' Speech!

We recently caught up with our 
favorite GOP "has-been" at this 
year's CPAC conference, and learned 
very little.....
First we want to ask Ann Coulter if it's true she's dating Rosie O'Donnell. Well? Is it?

We haven't heard a lot from her recently, but today, a haggered appearing Ann Coulter spoke to the CPAC folks in a redo of her 'John Edwards is Gay' 12-minute speech. This is about the 4th time she delivered it (at CPAC alone). Once upon a time her schtick was humorous. But it's grown tired with time, like Ann.

Once a favorite of the CPAC group, Ann's stuff and 'time' in the spotlight has passed her by. Her 'gay' references to just about everyone who doesn't agree with her gives us reason to think 'she doth protest too much' when it comes to sexuality. Is she a closeted Lipstick Lesbian?

Given the embrace of and high profile presence of Young Gay Republicans at CPAC this year and the fact the Cheney's and other high ranking conservatives are supporting the repeal of DADT in the military, poor old Ann just seemed a bit more tired and spent with her old-fashioned rhetoric.

Times change and move on. But poor old Ann has not.

More on CPAC to come.


Friday, February 19, 2010

CPAC 2010! Where were YOU when the BUSH Administration raised OUR National Debt Above $11. 5 Trillion?

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has for several decades been the Mecca for US Conservative royalty to pontificate their rhetoric. And right now it's annual conference is in full flame with the who's who of conservative politics in attendance. It is here that deals are made on the highest levels and American taxpayers somehow have been paying for it for quite a while.

The question here is 'where were these so called fiscally responsible politicians from 2001, to 2008, when the Bush Administration took the country from a surplus of funds into an $11.5 trillion deficit?

Most of them were right there in congress spending tax dollars and borrowing more from foreign governments (China) like 'drunken sailors'.

Conclusion: Either these CPAC people are memory-challenged, hypocrites, liars, or retards. Take your pick.


Prosperity/Love Televangelist Benny Hinn Divorce!

So okay, a divorce in this world is not much to talk about. And the truth is this divorce between Benny Hinn and his wife of 30 or so years is no big deal either. Until it comes to who is going to pay for it.

On January 26, 2010, Suzzane Hinn, Benny's wife, filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences' in the Orange County California Family Court. A BIG surprise to Benny according to his religious camp.

Over the years Benny Boy has built an enormous fortune with his "prosperity and Love" televangelist biblical message from the contributions of poor people who hope to be 'preached' to heaven in the Pat Robertson tradition.

The payout to Suzzanne will be enormous. Maybe $500 million or so? Well don't expect Benny to pay for it.

Very soon he will go on a 'giving crusade' for Christ, Love and Prosperity. Count on it.

Readers here, of course, won't contribute anything. Unfortunately the ignorant will.

So be it. But let us hope that someday these modern day snake oil salesmen in the forms of the Benny Hinns and Pat Robertsons will be a thing of the past.

We hope so.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tea Party Speaker calls for the Killing of Democrat U.S. Senator Patty Murray!

Asotin County Washington. This past Saturday at a Tea Party gathering of about 500 people, a speaker called for the killing of Democrat U.S Senator Patty Murray, by hanging!

Need we say more?

Get a grip, folks.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sarah Palin etal. vs. The Family Guy

Question: When is it alright to call a Retard a 'Retard'?
Answer: When Sarah Palin says it is.

Question: When is it NOT alright to call a Retard a 'Retard'?
Answer: When Sarah Palin says it is.

Somewhere in this great universe of ours, the venerable menopausal Sarah thinks she has been somehow anointed to be the keeper of the word and concept of "retard" and to say who and who is not allowed to use the word in any context.

For example, when Rahm Emmanuel used the term, Sarah rose up in righteous indignation and called for his firing. But a day or so later when Rush 'Limpaw' used the term in the exact same way, our Sarah said it was just fine.

When it comes to Sarah's son or grandson, as the case may be, it has been validly reported that she calls him "The Retard". Examples: "There's going to be a lot of cameras out there, dress 'the retard' in red so he shows out in the pictures".... "The retard needs to be out of sight for this one....".

Now comes a recent FAMILY GUY TV episode in which a Down syndrome teenage girl was the love interest to one of it's primary characters, Chris. In a direct reference to Palin, the girl says: "my father is an accountant and my mother is the former Governor of Alaska".

FAMILY GUY is an over-the-top, push the limits cartoon. A great and funny show. Check out this mentioned episode and the musical skit 'the girl with Down's' is a knock-out piece of work.

Apparently our Sarah didn't think so. Today she wrote on her Facebook account, in response to FAMILY GUY, that THIS episode was another 'kick in the gut'. She then turned the writing over to Bristol, her promiscuous daughter, to continue the tirade and indignation. Blah, blah, blah.

What the ignorant Palin's did not understand was that FAMILY GUY targeted Bristol, not Trig. And they did it well.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

The U.S Congress Disgrace

In November this year, one-third of the U.S. Senate is up for re-election and all of the House of Representatives face re-election as well. Both the Republicans and Democrats have victory plans and strategies. Here they are:

Republicans: Filibuster everything.

Democrats: Blame the Republicans for everything.

What neither side of the isle seems to "get" is that Americans are angry and fed up with OUR U.S. Congress practicing THEIR business as usual games.

Are there NOT any independent candidates available to the electorate with middle of the road ideals who are not bought by special interests? Candidates who will represent US instead of corporations?

We suspect not. Because it takes big money to run for office and win. And the corporations and unions seem to have that big money for their candidates. Not ours.

But, suppose for just a moment that we can find some candidates of substance. Candidates we can "Internet" and build upon and win.

Right now and for some time our U.S. Congress is a disgrace to the country and to each of us. We can vote. Lets find some independents and vote out as many Democrats and Republicans as we can.



GOP Congressional Candidate Holds 'Machine Gun' Fund Raiser

Now here's a candidate for the 'good ol' boys'.

This weekend North Carolina GOP Congressional candidate Ted D'Annunzio held a machine-gun and 'all you can eat' bar-b-que for a $25. donation.

Supporters gave their donations and then fired machine guns to their hearts content prior to a 'sit-down' bar-b-que dinner. We suspect the 'cuisine' consisted of possum, rattle snake--water moccasin is not in season-- and shitlins.

To the candidates credit, his fundraiser was held in a gun shop with a modified firing range (which is located near an elementary school, but the school was not is session at the time).

Need we say more? Well.....maybe a bit more....we're surprised Sarah Palin didn't think of it first.


TEA Party Leader: "Palin is a turncoat and deciever"

Dale Robertson, head of the Conservative Tea Party movement has trashed Sarah Palin in no uncertain terms. Yesterday he wrote on the Tea Party website that members should be aware that Palin is a "threat to true conservative constitutionalists....a wolf in sheep's clothing and is out to hijack the Tea Party". Robertson went on to say Palin's "neo-con flippant viewpoint of naivete represents a threat to the heart of the Tea Party and that America is not a kool-aide ridden dinosaur".

These and other choice remarks have set the ball in motion for the conservative Republican 'factions' full-out war that was bound to be.

Your turn, Sarah.........

More to come. Stay Tuned.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Marvel Comics Captain America Apologizes for it's Depiction of the Tea Baggers!

What? Captain America apologizes to the Nut Case Tea Baggers? Captain America always tells the truth, so he has nothing for which to apologize. In fact, The Tea Baggers should be apologizing to Captain America and the rest of us for their lies and genuinely obnoxious, noxious behavior.

Bottom line to this 'dust-up' surrounds how Tea Baggers were portrayed in a recent comic book. And the Tea Baggers didn't like seeing themselves as they are...Well.....isn't a comic book the perfect place to portray the Tea Baggers?

Hang in there Captain "A", the GOOD PEOPLE are on your side!



A FATWA is an Islamic Faith ruling concerning Islamic Law issued by an Islamic Scholar.

This time a Fatwa has been issued on airport body scanners because according to some Mufti/Muftis (scholars) have determined these machines "violate and insult" Muslim modesty.

Accordingly, we're issuing a DARWIN AWARD to those Muftis and to any others who live and function in the 'Dark Ages' and/or would allow such a ruling to influence their lives in any way.

May we suggest that those who follow THIS Islamic 'ruling' fly their camels to their intended destinations and not continue to throw their Pat Robertson-like religious rot in our faces.

Also, recognizing Islam's need to convert new people into their ranks, we suggest there are some 'good pickens' with America's easily influenced and led Tea Bagger population. And they're easy to locate. Just attend a Sarah Palin book signing event, by gosh!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

The $$$ FACTS Tea Baggers and other Nut Conservatives DON'T Tell YOU.........

Can anyone fathom how much a trillion dollars is? We all know it's a lot of money. But how much money is it? It's 1,000 Billion dollars! About the same amount the Bush Administration BORROWED from China and Japan to finance the Iraq War. China at about $700 billion and Japan in the $300 billion range.

For the last year or so we've heard the 'tea baggers' and tea bag politicians and candidates chide the Obama Administration for it's increased Federal Deficit. And, YES, there had been an increase in the past year.

The 'tea baggers' and other politicians, mostly Republican (in name only), either don't know the history, or are ignorant of it or are lying to the public. The FACTS of who spent what are easily obtained from a number of reliable, incontrovertible sources. Our FACTS come from the Government Accounting Office (GAO) and the budgetary documents from the Administrations going back to the Carter Presidency. Here they are.

The Carter Administration inherited a trillion or so dollars deficit from the disgraced Nixon/Ford Administrations. Carter's MESS continued with high inflation rates and what could easily be called a failed Presidency.

Reagan won the 1980 election and by 1982 the economy was in even worse condition than when he took office. But by leaving office in 1988 he had increased the Nation Debt by 3 times what he'd inherited. The first Bush Administration increased the National debt by another couple trillion dollars and left office in one term because the economy was once again in the toilet.

Bill Clinton took office in 1992 and left office leaving the Bush 2 Administration with a 700 billion dollar SURPLUS!

In 1994, the Republicans took control of Congress and through 2006 chipped away at government business and financial regulations set in law from the 1930's Roosevelt Administration.

When the Bush 2 Administration took office in 2001 (with a financial surplus), the de-regulation process accellerated, 2 wars were promulgated, and by 2009 when the Obama Administration took office, there was a deficit of 11 trillion dollars!

These are the facts!

Now we have a collapsed economy, a 12 trillion dollar deficit, a loss of trillions of dollars in individual financial worth, a worldwide moral STAIN on our country's reputation and each man, woman and child who are citizens of the USA owe $140,000.00 to pay off the National Debt.

These are the FACTS. A history and truth the Tea Baggers and nut case conservatives don't say anything about while throwing in the wedge issues of a woman's right to choose (abortion) and anything Gay.

Is the American electorate so stupid as to NOT know their history?

I suspect not when it comes to the ballot box.

Why do the Tea Baggers and other conservative nut cases LIE or are so uninformed that only the possum pie eating audience accepts anything they have to provide?

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Americans Want Health Care Reform- NOW! See The polls!

Today The Washington Post-ABC News Poll presented their results from a reliable poll taken over the past few days. This poll mirrors what other reliable polls have recently presented. By an overwhelming majority (66%) AMERICANS WANT HEALTH CARE REFORM! More than 60% now want a 'public option'. Washington is yet to understand this reality.

Recently Anthem-Blue Cross raised their rates in most States any where from 20% to 39%! Some individual payers say their rates have been raised 100%. Such has happened to more than 800,000 California citizens! Kaiser-Permanente recently raised their rates well beyond the inflation rate. In the last quarter of 2009, Anthem Blue Cross posted a profit of 2.4 billion dollars!

At the same time millions of Americans are paying 100's and 1,000's of dollars a month to these insurance companies and getting little in return. And it just got worse. If someone really gets sick they face cancellation from these (for profit) companies.

The bottom line to all this is that there is no logical reason or need to have health care insurance companies at all. There are better, less expensive alternatives. The U.S. Congress knows this and as the electorate begins to understand it, they know it too.

Why would anyone pay Anthem-Blue Cross 30-40-50% profit for their own misery? Yet, 800,000 people in California and millions of others across the nation have been told they're going to do it, or have no health coverage at all.

Single payer health care is the only manageable, logical choice. This means government controlled Health Care.

Do you agree?


...and just when we thought HEALTH CARE REFORM was Dead, Anthem-Blue Cross raises RATES up to 39%!

Yesterday, health care company Anthem-Blue Cross (California) raised their rates by up to 39%! These sharp and stunning increases affect 100's of thousands of California residents and families.

And we thought Health Care Reform was dead! Not any more.

In the hyper temerity of arrogance and in a decision reminiscent of Wall Street bankers giving themselves billions of dollars in bonuses after tax payer money bailed out their businesses, the health care insurance companies have unilaterally increased their rates by more than 15 times the rate of inflation. And just as public anger permeated Wall Street, so it is with what Anthem-Blue Cross has done in California. If not curtailed by government right now, expect these increases to expand throughout the nation.

These increases in health care costs will not go unnoticed at the ballot box in November. Right now members of congress who obstructed health care reform are running for cover while trying to figure a way to explain themselves to the electorate.

Will the insurance companies stick to their guns on this issue or will they cave-in under public pressure? It's too early to tell. But one thing for sure is that Health Care Reform has new life from the very sources who worked to kill it.

There is also a radical government move that could change the game here. Nationalize the health care insurance industry, stabilize costs and transcend toward a full public health care system.


Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Not All Doom and Gloom-President Obama-The Peoples President!

We've been a bit 'doomy and gloomy' about U.S. politics recently. But there is some hope and some good things to look at as well on the horizon. Don't count America out as THE WORLD POWER just yet.

Within our 3 branches of government one branch offers some hope. The Executive branch. President Obama came to his office at the hands and hope of the small check book donations of millions upon millions of the American people. President Obama is a peoples president and has no attachments to special interests that we can find.

President Obama is not a liberal or an ideologue, much to the chagrin of some of the Democrat controlled congress. Nor is President Obama a conservative. President Obama is a pragmatist with the American people's interests in mind and heart. President Obama also came into office with a bi-partisan agenda that has fallen flat with the "NO" republican faction in congress. To date, there has been no bi-partisanship whatsoever.

Many of us are disappointed with President Obama's first year and performance. At the same time we recognize a bought and paid for Congress and an ideologue-ish, activist Supreme Court.

There is some hope for President Obama and the people, however. In each special election this year a few independent minded Republicans and Democrats have been elected to congress without corporate, union or any special interest financial support.

Case in point: Republican Scott Brown. Brown took Ted Kennedy's vacant seat in the U.S. Senate a few weeks ago. He ran on a bi-partisan agenda with grass roots money without special interest involvement. There is an open bi-partisan from the other side of the isle to the President and he's embracing it. This brings a glimmer of hope in the doom and gloom that seems to be reported all too frequently here and by the mainstream media as well as the cable talking head junk all too prevalently in our faces.

Hopefully, we're getting to better place toward a better world. Political and otherwise.


Sarah Palin For President! (?)---Some Polls

Sarah Palin is certainly 'the (by gosh) darling of the religious right/possum pie eating mentality', bathing in the adulation of the trailer park/Pat Robertson crowd and has unabashedly opened the door to a run for the U.S. Presidency in 2012 after a highly publicized First National Tea Party Convention (A FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATION) in Nashville this past week.

We bloggers certainly hopes she runs as our Sarah is great fodder to a voracious blogesphere.

Unfortunately for Sarah, here are the composite polls taken over the weekend for Klondyke Barbie as a presidential candidate.

-71% of Americans don't want her to run for the presidency.
-61% of Americans believe she is unqualified for the job.
-82% of Americans would not vote for her.

You've come a long way, baby.....but you have a long way to go. But, please keep it up.


The Systemic Rot in the U.S. Congress--Some Statistics

For more than 40 years a 'Systemic Rot' has been growing at the roots of U.S. politics. And in recent years The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have clearly demonstrated and give testimony to just how insidious and infectious this disease is.

Now, the American electorate finally begins to understand it and repudiate it at the ballot box. Recent elections, beginning in 2006, have shown not just a restless public, but rather a dissatisfied, angry public who want alternatives and change to the 'business as usual' which has unfortunately continued as usual. This anger runs deep and is directed at both political partys.

The last time the U.S. Congress passed any significant social legislation was 1965! In that year both Medicare and the Voting Rights Act became law.

What happened? Why is our congress NOT doing the work of the people who voted them into office?

Some where along the way OUR government became a Government by The Special Interests, Unions and Corporations for The Special Interests, Unions and Corporations. The 'people' are second priority in the U.S. Congress if they have any priority at all. If this is not so, why can't a citizen make an appointment to meet with their elected representatives? At the same time the lobbyists of special interests have monthly, weekly and sometimes daily meetings with these same representatives. Why?

The primary (FIRST) purpose for most, if not all these politicians, is once elected to stay in office. This takes money. Lots of it. And the special interests/lobbyists have it and buy off their politicians. Take a look at biggest financial contributors to any politician and we can accurately predict how that politician will vote on just about any legislation. Democrat? Republican? It makes no difference. Most all take the money and feed out of the public trough and we pay for it as the special interests gain more money and power. And we pay for that too. We have a Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum political system. The American public are sick of it on all fronts.

For a long while, in poll after poll after poll and in recent polls, the majority of Americans want a National Health Care Program with A PUBLIC OPTION. The majority of Americans want our troops withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan. The majority of Americans want fiscal responsibility. The majority of Americans want their public servants held to some accountability. The majority of Americans want a clean, clear economic recovery plan.

Why have Americans NOT received what they want from their elected politicians? None of the above things Americans want and deserve have happened or are happening now. Accordingly, Americans are frustrated and angry.

A very recent and carefully accomplished poll from the Wall Street Journal/NBC News reveals how Americans are thinking right now.

-President Obama's approval rating is at 52%.

-Congressional Democrat approval rating is at 38%.

-Congressional Republican approval rating is at 30%.

These are striking repudiating figures, especially for the U.S Congress.

Just a little over 9 months from now one-third of the U.S. Senate and all of the U.S. House of Representatives are up for election. And the American electorate can unleash their frustration and anger upon a congress that does not work for them.

We can VOTE OUT any elected politician who does not represent US. But we must be careful. Voting out Tweedle Dee and replacing him or her with Tweedle Dum just won't do it. Check out their voting records and financial contributors first. We just may find some decent, possibly independent representatives and start to cure the Systemic Rot in our U.S. Congress.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Retard Sarah Palin Demonstrates Her 'Intellectual Honesty' Retardation-3times in 1 Week!

Once again, this past week, Retard Sarah Palin demonstrated her Intellectual Honesty retardation. Here's how it happened.

It seems President Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel called a group of liberal Democrats "f---ing retards" when this party faction said they were going to run advertisements against conservative Democrats. Emmanuel immediately apologized for his statement.

Retard Sarah immediately called for Emmanuel's firing from his job because of his "insensitive, demeaning" remark, in a tizzy of 'righteous indignation'.

Meanwhile, conservative talk show host and Retard Palin friend, Retard Rush Limppaw said on his program that no one should be "in trouble for using the word 'retard'", and went on to say all this political correctness is a bunch of crap. Rush then said "Emmauel would be going to a 'retard summit' at the White House soon". Rush also said HE would not apologize for using the word retard and would continue to use it.

When Retard Palin was asked to respond to Retard Rush's remarks about the term Retard, a Palin Retard spokesperson retardedly replied that Retard Palin "rejected all remarks aimed at demeaning another human being". The Retard Palin did not make any specific reference to Retard Rush or call for his firing as she had done so in Emmanuel's situation.

(An update: Shortly after we wrote this article the Retard Palin appeared on TV today and said: "When Rush Limbaugh ['Limp-Paw'] says 'retard' it's okay". So there it is, folks. Retard Sarah's double standard speaks volumes about who and what she is about. This wannabee RETARD presidential candidate is fit fodder for any really good 'tea party' possum pie eating RETARD. GO RETARDS.)

So, Retard Palin gets a triple Retard badge in the Intellectual Honesty Retardation department with her retarded righteous indignation remarks.

1. Intellectual Honesty would demand that if using the term 'retard' should bring firing Emmanuel from his job, then Retard Rush should also be fired from his job.

2. In Retard Sarah's remarks that she rejected ALL remarks aimed at demeaning another human being, the Retard Sarah has been making demeaning Retarded remarks about any one who disagrees with her and not once called any one out on yelling and/or writing 'nigger' about our President among other demeaning remarks. She's had plenty of opportunity to do it. Accordingly, Retard Sarah gets a second Intellectual Honesty Retard badge.

3. Retard Sarah gets her third Intellectual Honesty Retardation badge because she constantly refers to her Retard son or grandson(depending one's belief about which Palin female is the birth mother), Trig, as "THE RETARD" according to two reliable, validated sources.

.....and we rest our Retarded Case.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Carly Fiorina-The Films "FROGS"/"Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"-----Commonalities

Among the vast and diverse products coming from the Great State of California, lots of movies, good, bad and in-between are made. At the same time, lots of politicians, not so good, bad and in-between are also made.

California is in the process of making another iconic politician. Carly Fiorina. Carly wants to unseat Barbara Boxer as California's junior U.S. Senator. But first she must win the primary. She is the underdog for the Republican nomination. Her biggest competition comes from Tom Campbell, a middle of the road Republican without a lot of money.

Carly has a lot of money. She received a major payout when she was dumped out of HP as CEO a few years back and so far has used $19 million of it in her run for the U.S. Senate. And Carly is using some of this money in some very bizarre political advertisements.

So? Where's the correlation and commonalities to the old classic films "FROGS" and "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE" to Carly Fiorina?

The 1972 film "FROGS" has the best 'tag line' of all time: 'Today the pond, tomorrow the world'. And this seems to be the same 'tag line' to Carly Fiorina's campaign for the U.S. Senate. "FROGS" tells the story of man eating killer frogs that, after significant doses of radiation, grow large and want to conquer the world. Take a look at some of Carly's political ads and this point is made.

In the 1950's "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE" classic film, Bette Davis plays the title role of Baby Jane Hudson, a child movie star who has not aged well and is slowly going crazy which is exhibited by her escalating bizarre behavior and grotesque appearance. Carly's campaign techniques have certainly become quite odd of late and she has a similar grotesque physiognomy to old Baby Jane. She is gross-out photogenic, however. Take one look at a recent picture of Carly Fiorina and our case rests.

NOW, Carly has unleashed perhaps the most bizarre political ad in recent years in her attempt to trash Tom Campbell. And it has become an internet sensation. It's a mini-movie (about 3 minutes) with sheep, clouds, sheep in a field, sheep on a pedestal and sheep in the clouds with men dressed as sheep in wolves clothing with devil eyes, all in a psychedelic presentation. Baby Jane and those irradiated giant frogs would have loved it and understood it. Carly does too. Check it out on You Tube. It's already had more than 500,000 hits. (FCINO: Fiscal Conservative in Name Only).

"Today the pond, Tomorrow the world"

Only in California!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scott Brown is Sworn into the U.S. Senate--Will there be any Changes?

The newest elected U.S. Senator was sworn in today in the nations Capitol. The news media, mainstream and otherwise, is shouting the Democrats have lost their 'filibuster proof' Senate.

Congratulations Scott Brown!

There has been a lot written about this turn of events and the talking heads and pundits have been digging the grave of the Democrat party because Scott Brown is number 41. The 41st Republican Senator who ostensibly breaks up the so-called Democrat controlled Senate.

What has not been said by those who feed us 'their' news is that the Democrats never did have a filibuster proof Senate.

Just as the Republican Party has their RINO's (Republican In Name Only) in the Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arlen Spectre traditions, the Democrat Party has their DINO's (Democrats In Name Only) in those called 'blue dog' Democrats. Dino's should not be confused with dinosaurs although a case could be made about the similarities between blue dog Democrats and dinosaurs.

The blue dogs have been voting on the Republican side for a long time and continued to do so when the Democrats had their so-called majority. So, the idea that much has changed with Scott Brown's seating in the U.S. Senate is bogus. And given Scott Brown's platform and voting record as a State legislator in Massachusetts, the Democrats may have gained an ally in certain issues such as abortion matters, Gays serving in the military and Gay marriage along with the critical issues surrounding health care reform. The Democrat agenda, in fact, may have been pushed forward a bit with Scott Brown.

Blue dog Democrats have been saying "NO" to health care reform since the beginning of the debates. This is not surprising when one looks at their biggest financial contributors. Yes! The insurance companies through their lobbyists buy and pay for blue dogs and have gotten their moneys worth again and again.

So, what has changed with Scott Brown joining the U.S. Senate?

Not much.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Mega Bon-Fire Smoke Clouding Sarah Palin's Background

The vetting process for Sarah Palin as the 2008 Republican VP candidate is well documented and known as cursory at best. Some say it was "junk" and in no way met any reasonable standard for such a high office.

When the Republican ticket lost the election we decided to return to our business as usual....pointing out the deficiencies existing in our current governmental processes and looking into the disconnects of once trusted institutions .

However, when Sarah Palin seemed she was not going away from the 'mainstream' political landscape and then resigned as Governor of Alaska, and then decided to extrapolate truth to falsehood, we decided to take another look at her. Not just at what she is doing now, but where she came from, and who she is as a person. We decided to look into her background using a "law enforcement" backgrounding model. After 8 months of investigation we can report some very interesting things. We can verify some of what we say here and some things we can not verify. We will report that which is verifiable and that which is not as we write. We will report what some people told us. The bottom line to all of it is there is significant FIRE and SMOKE to who and what Sarah Palin is and to what she is about.

Given what we learned about Sarah Palin, attempting to dissect what we found and put any intelligent substance to what she is about is virtually impossible. There is a fundamental incoherency about her. Physically, as well as intellectually, Sarah Palin darts about 'her world' with a kind of 'air-head ditzyness'. But she's not these things at her core. And there does seem to be a kind of core-self in her persona with a nebulous quality to it. The best assessment we had as to what she is about is that 'Sarah does not know what she's about, YET'. This comes from a source close to her. Accordingly, anything we might say about 'what she is about' would be speculation without evidence.

Sarah Palin appears to have a certain 'Alice in Wonderland' approach to almost everything she does. From her faith in God to her family to her public life to her 'hate' propaganda, 'this Alice' also believes what she is doing is 'right'. And like that iconic 'Alice', Sarah Palin BELIEVES what she thinks without regard to any evidence to the contrary. A sociopath? Some say so. But we'll leave these 'ponderments' to the medical people.

The rest of this article will not be speculative, but information we can attach to some evidence. Albeit some information we have and will present is unsubstantiated. It is information, however, gathered from a number of credible sources.

Sarah Palin is a current figure on the political landscape shrouded in smoke and a few mirrors. Mostly smoke. Lots of it.

Our background search was long and followed many strings of information we gathered. A lot of it went no where. It was something like following strands of spaghetti on a plate with some of the pasta breaking at curious places.

We don't know if the Republican vetting process went very far into Sarah's immediate family. But we did. And we found some interesting things. But most of it was shrouded in a smokiness giving a lack of clarity usually found in such investigations.

For example, we learned that Sarah, Todd and their children are not close to the Heath family. Sarah's parents and siblings. They rarely communicate according to those close to both the Palins and the Heaths. The Heath's would not speak with us and the Palin's refused any and all direct communications with us. There seems to be good reason why. But will leave this to another writing.

Rather than write this in full investigative format, we will put our findings in an abbreviated 'dart' form and then make full commentary in later blogs.

-Sarah Louise Palin, nee Heath, was born in Sandpoint, Idaho on February 11, 1964, to Charles Heath, a school secretary, and Sarah Heath, nee Sheeran, a grade school science teacher and track coach. Sarah is the third of 4 children. As an infant, Sarah moved to Alaska with her parents. Sources told us the Heath's moved to Alaska because of substantive rumors that both parents were homosexual (covered for each other) and had engaged in such behaviors to the degree that townspeople were calling for their resignations and some kind of criminal prosecution. We could not verify these rumors; however, the Heaths did leave town quickly in the midst of a small scandal brewing in Sandpoint which was verified.

-Both parents were Roman Catholic, but upon arriving in Alaska joined the Pentecostal Assembly of God Church where Sarah Palin got her religious foundation. Sarah Palin left the Pentecostals in 2002, and sometimes attends a non-denominational fundamentalist Christian church. Parishioners there say she rarely attends services.

- After graduating high school in Wasilla, Alaska, Sarah continued her education at Hawaii Pacific University in Hawaii. It is a FACT that after a short time she flunked out. She then enrolled in North Idaho (Junior) College, and then went on to the non-acredited (at that time) Matatusk-Sustina College in Wasilla. Sarah became Miss Wasilla in a beauty contest and went on to place third in the Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant. Later she received her B.S. Degree in Communications with emphasis in Journalism from The University of Idaho. A review of records there and interviews with a number of people suggest that Sarah may have 'slept' her way to the degree she received. Sarah had a dubious 'reputation' according to sources. She was not a top student while there.

-In 1988, Sarah eloped with high school sweetheart and high school drop-out, commercial fisherman Todd Palin and gave birth to her first child about 5 months later. This is a FACT. Do the math. We had to clear away a lot of smoke on this one. But, yes, Sarah was pregnant with her first born, Track. There is even question that Todd is Track's father which is speculation. In her marriage to Todd, Sarah has given birth to 4 or 5 children depending on the sources one accepts. Sarah claims her 5th child, Trig, is hers. But there is significant dispute here. Trig may be daughter Bristol's first child. In our investigation we found that Bristol was somewhat of a "slut" as some put it to us. Bristol was not known as a 'nice' girl in her hometown and as one source put it, "a hoe".

-Neither Sarah nor Todd are known for their parenting skills or involvement with their children. In all our interviews (ALL) with people who had knowledge and direct contact with the Palins and their children, every one to a number provided that Palin parenting was virtually non-existant. "Those kids grew up on their own" as one souce said. Levi Johnson, the father of Bristol's first or second child depending on ones point of view through the heavy smoke, has said both Sarah and Todd were practically never there when it came to 'the kids'; that each kid fended for themselves; that Sarah never made dinners and that the parents just 'weren't at home'. Levi lived in the Palin home for a period of time WITH BRISTOL to an accepting Todd and Sarah.

-Insofar as oldest son Track is concerned, he is now 21 and serving in the U.S. Military in Iraq, with Sarah's highly publicized send-off a year or so ago. Here's a matter of FACT and RECORD about Track. Track was a petty criminal and all around mess-up in Alaska. After numerous run-ins with the law, Track was given the choice of joining the military or going to prison for a considerable amount of time by a Superior Court Judge in Alaska. Track chose the military. Sarah put the 'flag and apple pie' on her transgressing son which is also a matter of public record. No supposition with this one. Conclusion: The Palins stink as parents from their products so far.

-Sarah has called her 5th child (?), Trig, the "retard' according to very, VERY reliable sources. There is also question if Sarah is the real birth mother. Some believe Trig is Bristol's first child by who knows who. But the evidence is circumstantial and not clear as to who the birth mother is. There are pictures of Bristol near the time of Trig's birth and she sure looks pregnant in those pictures. There are also pictures of Sarah in the same time frame, looking svelt with a 24 inch waist. When Trig was born Sarah went to an undisclosed hospital and returned to work two days later saying she had given birth to her 5th child.

(This is a work in progress. There is more to come. Stay tuned)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Fomenting Hatred for Obama-The Onus goes to GOP Factions and The Religious Right

For some while now the religious right and some GOP factions as well as some specific politicians and political celebrities (including far right talk show hosts and FOX 'Entertainment' News) have been hammering their HATE diatribe toward the American President Barack Obama. Hate is Hate no matter how one flips the coin and today pollster Daily Kos/Research drives home this incontrovertible point.

There is an ugly, viral social cancer in the midst of our country. A cancer that invades the ignorant and stupid of our population. It's the HATE virus. The same virus Hitler spread several generations ago. HATE is alive and well in America as represented in this recent poll. Without further comment here are the findings:

The results here are based on a population of random interviews with 2000 people who identify themselves as Republicans. Other identifications such as 'tea party' nation and independents were not included in these reported results. This sample of voters was also skewed toward the deep south (42%) with small samples of Republicans from other areas in the country.

-39% of those who identify themselves as Republicans believe President Obama should be impeached (no reason given).

-36% believe President Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

-31% believe President Obama is a racist who hates white people.

-63% believe President Obama is a socialist.

-24% believe President Obama wants the 'terrorists' to win the war on terror.

-53% believe Sarah Palin is more qualified to be the U.S. President than President Obama.

If these figures are not a testimony to HATE, what are they? And how did such a population get that way?

From the pulpits of the Southern Baptist churches and the pulpits of other fundamentalist 'Christian' religiousities this HATE is preached week after week after week to the 'sheep' who gave up thinking for themselves a long time ago. These sheep walk out of their churches with HATE in their hearts. Way to go 'Christians'.

From the media, the limbaughs, becks and others foment HATE from their bully-pulpits of misinformation and falsehoods.

We also have the palin types, the de mints and other politicians who bank on HATE for some kind of constituency. And they get it in some form. They also get rich in the process.

Meanwhile this possum-pie eating audience continues to HATE with no where to place that hate but toward those they're told to HATE. Never mind that these sheep send their children to the corporate wars to be killed at the behest of the Cheney-Rove political model and certainly, accept their losses as 'Gods Will'.

The real problem with all this is that HATE seems to be the flavor of the day with a percentage of the American electorate. Can anything be done about it?

You tell me.


Derrell Steinberg-President Pro Tem, California State Senate--Feet of Clay

Democrat Darrell Steinberg is President of the California State Senate and has been making the publicity rounds on radio, TV and any other place he can get an audience. Steinberg wants to be California's next elected Attorney General. To garner support for his candidacy, Steinberg is also praising the California legislature for doing a good job in dealing with what seems to be California's insoluble budget mess. And what a mess it is!

We had occasion to be part of a Steinberg presentation recently wherein he spoke about how the Democrat dominated California legislature was charting it's way through the worst deficit in the history of the nations most populous State against those dastardly "NO" Republicans. Most of his rhetoric focused on changing state workers benefits and retirement systems, chipping away at the Jarvis-Gann Prop. 13 initiative and raising taxes on the citizens. At no time did Steinberg mention or even refer to taxing the oil companies with a mineral severance tax.

Why is it that California is the only State in the Union without a mineral severance tax? We have blogged this subject before in some detail (see California Needs a Gas and Oil Severance Tax-July 30, 2009). Although such a tax would not solve California's budget woes, it would go a long way in helping to do so, bringing in several billions of dollars each year. So why have our politicians, Democrat or Republican, taken this severance tax off the radar screen and off the table?

There is only one reason. Enough Democrat and Republican politicians have been paid sufficiently to NOT consider a mineral severance tax in California to the detriment of the voters who put them in office. Apparently Derrell Steinberg is one of them.

Is it a time for change? Is it time to elect representatives who represent the people? Now there's a concept!


Monday, February 1, 2010

The Sarah Palin /SarahPAC Disconnect

Congratulations go to those who contributed to Sarah Palin's SarahPAC political fund raising website. Once again financial contributors were duped into working against their interests with their dollars. How does it feel to be ripped off?

Here are the facts: In the last 6 months of 2009, SarahPac received $1.4 million in contributions bringing the 2009 total to $2.1 million for the year. The money went to buying her own book, Going Rogue (63k plus 8k for special/colorful book marks), contributions to the campaigns of incumbent politicians (tea partier nut cases U.S Senator DeMint(ed), U.S. Reps Michele Bachman and Blackman) and Kentucky Senatorial hopeful Rand Paul (about 60k total). Sarah and company kept the rest in Pat Robertson tradition.



Some 'WHY IS IT VOTERS VOTE AGAINST THEIR BASIC INTERESTS' Questions to be Examined Here in coming Articles

We have been aware of and in awe for sometime of the fact that some voters vote against their best and fundamental interests when selecting their representatives in local, State and Federal Government positions.

These planned, sequential articles will only represent incontrovertible fact, not speculation, and present those facts and ask why anyone could and does support those office holders and would-be office holders who continue their obligations to special corporate/union interests, those who wrote the last big checks and in the process set aside and don't represent the voters who put them into office in the first place.

Here are some of these questions to be examined in future articles from this blogger and some guest writers:

-Why is it that religious 'right' voters vote for candidates who send their children into harms way to be be killed in wholesale lots for corporate interests and profit?

-Why is it from 1994 through 2006 the electorate allowed a Republican Congress to deregulate corporate controls to the extent that a worldwide disintegration of treasure was experienced? A loss of one-third of the worlds and your worth?

-Why is it a Democratic controlled Congress from 2006 to the present has not affirmatively responded to the critical needs of an economy in big trouble?

-Why is it certain religious organizations involved in political issues have not lost their tax exempt status when functioning in the political arena?

-Why is it some senior citizens protest and vote against the concepts and values of medicare in the so-called tea party movement?

-On the State level, why is it the democratic controlled cash strapped California legislature has not implemented a mineral severance tax on oil when every other State in the Union has done so?

Those who don't know or disregard history has a destiny to 'relive' that history. So?

-Why are US taxpayers footing the bill in Afghanistan with life and treasure when Pakistan, India and China have more at stake in that region?

-After Afghanistan was decimated from the air in 2001, why is it the US put 'boots on the ground' there?

-Why is it the US invaded Iraq and put 'boots on the ground' there?

These and other questions will be examined soon. So, stay tuned and please contribute your thoughts as you see fit to these issues.

For a very long time voters have returned 'their' representatives to these dicision making offices and we wonder why such happens when the result is against the people who voted.

Is it not time for a change? A personal reality check? Some education to truth and fact? Some intellectual honesty and integrity?


The Norton Anti Virus Virus (AKA The Norton Consumer Ripoff) = Disconnect

Do you have a Norton Anti-Virus program? Once upon a time we did. And we recently got ripped off by the once 'trusted' folks at Norton. Here's the story.

Several years ago when we purchased this computer the Norton Anti-Virus protection program was installed in it as a perk. When that 'free' subscription ran out we did not re-subscribe to it as we have other virus protections. Still, we got and continue to get Norton 'pop-ups' urging the purchase of their product and we always decline. This has been going on for almost 2 years.

On December 30, 2009, there was a debit to my VISA credit card from Norton in the amount of $44.99 for the purchase of a NORTON VIRUS PROTECTION plan. A purchase that was not wanted, purchased or authorized in any way. It just appeared on the statement.

After more than an hour of MY TIME was spent trying to undo something I did not want or purchase, speaking to a customer 'service' rep with a difficult accent in India, I may have corrected the situation, but won't know until my next Visa statement arrives in about 3 weeks.

So, what happened? How did this happen? We don't really know. But we suspect the vendor of the computer (the bankrupt Circuit City) either sold or somehow shared our credit card number with Norton, who in turn decided to rip this consumer off. Maybe Visa had a hand in it too. We don't know. But there is one thing for sure, we were not the only consumer ripped off in this scam. We suspect 100's of thousands have experienced the same thing. We wonder how many other unsuspecting consumers have not looked at their credit card statements closely and simply paid the fee.

To us and other reasonable people, we see this incident as fraud. A theft. A criminal activity. From a legal point of view it's probably not these things, but some legally permissible activity given regulations or the lack thereof with such things. But a 'ripoff' just the same. And there just may be a 'class action lawsuit' cause with this scenario.

So, where is OUR consumer protection? Where are the government regulations? Where are our government representatives with this kind of stuff?

On a broader basis, we all need to beware of those politicians running for office on a "take our country back" platform. What this really means is de-regulation of the kind of circumstances identified here, or no regulation at all to these practices. It also means taking our country back to and for the organizations who paid for those politicians to be in office in the first place. So, look out!

The bottom line message here, however, is to examine your credit card statements and take action when you have been ripped off like us.