Friday, February 26, 2010

8 Health Care Lobbyists in DC for Each Member of Congress! The Best Government Money Can Buy?

Does the US have the 'best government money can buy'? It seems so. According to recent US Senate Lobbyist Disclosure documents, The Center for Public Integrity has publicized that approximately 1750 companies hired 4525 lobbyists for dealing with health care issues alone. This translates to 8 or so lobbyists for each member of the US Congress!

Since we've previously reported about what lobbyists do and how they do it on this blog, we need not say much more, except one can be sure that virtually all of OUR US CONGRESS PEOPLE have their snouts in the trough somewhere.

Not until or unless there is sweeping campaign reform, the people of this nation will not be properly represented. Will this happen anytime soon?

It's not likely.


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