Tuesday, February 9, 2010

...and just when we thought HEALTH CARE REFORM was Dead, Anthem-Blue Cross raises RATES up to 39%!

Yesterday, health care company Anthem-Blue Cross (California) raised their rates by up to 39%! These sharp and stunning increases affect 100's of thousands of California residents and families.

And we thought Health Care Reform was dead! Not any more.

In the hyper temerity of arrogance and in a decision reminiscent of Wall Street bankers giving themselves billions of dollars in bonuses after tax payer money bailed out their businesses, the health care insurance companies have unilaterally increased their rates by more than 15 times the rate of inflation. And just as public anger permeated Wall Street, so it is with what Anthem-Blue Cross has done in California. If not curtailed by government right now, expect these increases to expand throughout the nation.

These increases in health care costs will not go unnoticed at the ballot box in November. Right now members of congress who obstructed health care reform are running for cover while trying to figure a way to explain themselves to the electorate.

Will the insurance companies stick to their guns on this issue or will they cave-in under public pressure? It's too early to tell. But one thing for sure is that Health Care Reform has new life from the very sources who worked to kill it.

There is also a radical government move that could change the game here. Nationalize the health care insurance industry, stabilize costs and transcend toward a full public health care system.


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