Monday, February 22, 2010

CPAC 2010: A Brief Recap and Commentary

With CPAC 2010 now history and with the warring factions for control of the GOP unresolved, although we've reported some of the relevant information in previous articles, here is a brief recap and commentary of what happened and what did not happen there.

The speakers and attendees were a virtual who's who of the conservative wing of the Republican party. So, why was Sarah Palin not there? We don't know if she was asked to speak or not. But one source provided that she was asked to participate but asked for her usual 100k speaking fee which was rejected because CPAC does not pay speakers fees. So, why was she not a participant? We don't know. She did get 7% of a straw vote of delegates when she runs for the presidency in 2012.

In really bad taste and form, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife was in attendance and spoke in nebulous terms about preserving the Constitution and returning to 'American' values. She somehow forgot the separation among the branches of government and brushed off thoughts about the appearance of a chief justice wife speaking at a partisan conservative political convention.

Also not in attendance were GOP Senatorial candidates Senator John McCain (Arizona) and Governor Charlie Crist (Florida). Both are in nasty Republican primary races for their party's nominations against ultra-conservative opponents who were in attendance at CPAC 2010.

In a glaring blunder of omission, not one speaker or any of the CPAC 2010 executive committee spoke out against a speaker at a smaller tea bag convention being held at the same time in Washington State. It was reported here and in some media that a tea bag speaker called for the killing of a Democrat U.S. Senator. Given that Tea Baggers are openly courting armed militia organizations from around the country into their organizations, there is cause for concern. The Huffington Post has the full video of the Washington State Tea Bag incident we speak of here.

We wonder what the CPAC response would have been had some left-wing nut called for the killing of a conservative U.S. Senator. It could happen. There are as many left-wing nuts as right-wing nuts out there. We would hope more reasonable minds from the Republicans, Democrats and Independents will prevail and put some kind of a bridle on the political lunatics in their parties and in our midst.


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